Jasmine Locke
Jasmine Locke
Portrayed By Alex Kingston
Gender Female
Age 32
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases None
Place of Birth London, England
Current Location New York City
Occupation Teacher
Known Relatives Father - Edward Locke, Mother - Jessica Locke
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Gravity Manipulation, Gravity Blasts, Flight


Jasmine was born into a british family who were quite well known in government circles due to her father being an ambassador to the United Kingdom from the United States and her mother was the kind of woman that lived off the proceeds of his work hosting parties for the other wives, gossiping and generally being up to no good.

Even before she was born, her father was not a kind man, he was always obssessed with power, fame and most importantly the fact that mutants should not be allowed to be kept alive on the planet, the world was made with humans in mind and anything else is an ambination. In his early twenties, he started a movement called 'In Humans - We Trust' where he would take his small band of followers and hassess any known mutants at the time. Although he caused trouble and was suspected of grevious acts, no charges were ever made against him, so when he decided that the best way to further his goals would be to go into politics, he thought that this would be the best path. So he worked his way up through the ranks, charming people left and right and became a trusted individual where he eventually became an ambassador.

When he was made ambassador, he was assigned the role of keeping tabs of mutants in the United Kingdom where he would report back to the government on the latest happenings. This was made possible by some high ranking officals who knew of her fathers past and wanted to spread their influence overseas.

For Jasmine, when she was born, her family life was good, she was spoilt like any girl would be, and her father was very proud of her. She enjoyed being in the UK and travelled all over visiting the historical sites and generally being a good little girl. Throughout her childhood, she amused herself playing and making friends. Her main passion was music and art and she would spend hours on her travels or even in her room playing the guitar or drawing what she saw. This was her thing and she enjoyed it.

Her education was standard and nothing was out of the ordinary until she was 14 and brought home a boy to meet her parents, unknown to her, Jason (the name of the boy) was a mutant. Her father knew from his dealings at his work and tried to tell his daughter that the boy was no good. He was using all the normal ways of dealing with the issue, telling her that he was a bad influence, came from a shabby home, etc. However, the moment all changed when she said that she loved him. That was it, something in her father's mind snapped and he grabbed a belt and started to beat his daughter. Her mother started screaming telling her husband to stop. He wouldn't, the only time he did stop was when his daughter balled up her fists and moved them in the general direction of her father. This action caused a blast to come out of her hands and strike her father square in the chest knocking him across the room.

Jasmine looked at her hands and started to stand up, her father was dazed but not to the point where he realised who his daughter was, and in no polite words told her to get out, she was a shame to the family and he would not have a mutant in the house (it wasn't as PC as that, but you get the gist).

Her mother decided to stand up to her husband at this point and told him that no daughter of hers would be made homeless in a country that was really not her own. So they made a compremise and decided to send her away to boarding school. Being influential, she got into a good private boarding school and she tried to make a life for herself there. She didn't use her powers as she did not understand them.

Pretty soon after she arrived, she recieved a letter from a school called the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She didn't think that she was that gifted but it highlighted that she had been accepted into the program and that a representative would be coming to fetch her in a couple of days. She was excited and her father was even more thrilled; an out of sight, out of mind affair. Her mother had started drinking so she started to have a 'whatever' attitude. It was far more important to keep up appearances with the people that she hung out with.

So Jasmine started attending the school and she was amazed by it, for the first time in ages, she felt safe and welcomed.

She attended classes and continued with her music and art. However, her favourite classes were the science based subjects and she started to get an interest in engineering espically after she saw the Blackbird for the first time, she loved how it looked and decided right there and then, that producing an aircraft like that was what she wanted to do. She was hooked.

As well as the academic subjects, she also progressed in her usage of her powers through mental training, physical training and general study as she felt that the more she understood about the basis of her powers, then the more creative that she could be when applying them. She learnt how to fly, she trained hard under the mutants who were stronger than her to improve her strength and body. She also fine tuned her powers to the point where she could affect the gravitional field of objects up to a range of 500 metres.

Another interest that she picked up while at the school was the art of Capoeira, she was out at the park once weekend due to her being allowed off campus when she saw the 'roda' (the ring that is formed around the particpants) and she saw the graceful nature of the martial art. So she approached them and enquired about learning. From that day on, she was keen to learn and she attended every single class that she could. This along with her other interests is something that she still practises and she got fluent in Porteguese as the classes would be conducted in that language to keep it authentic and the fact that 'Primo' was Brazilian and wanted to teach others his language.

So she graduated from the school and attended University where she did a degree in Aerospace Engineering and graduated with honours. Instead of going back to the mansion, she decided that she wanted to gain some experience in the real world and decided to work for an engineering firm designing concept aircrafts. This was a good job for a while and it lasted for 8 years but after a while she decided that she wanted to give other students the kind of chance that she had. Therefore, she went back to University and did a course that enabled her to take teaching credits so that she could legally be allowed to teach kids. In terms of her powers, she kept training but she did it in a manner that would not cause to much attention to herself.

So now she's at the point in her life where she's on the cusp of a new job, her life is decent with no major troubles. She speaks with her mother a few times a year but her mother has got to the point where she's an empty shell. She sees her father on the news when it's some big political news item but she's never spoke to him since that day.


  • Hails from London, England
  • Her father is head of a FoH style organisation called 'In Humans - We Trust
  • Has a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Teaching


Jasmine can be strict when imparting knowledge, she expects people to take things seriously and cannot stand foolishness. While she can be jovial and fun, there is a time and place for it.

Her major motivation in life is to be happy and to make other people happy and if she's part of that, then it's good for her. She also likes learning new things as well as imparting that knowledge to others. That is why she thinks that being a teacher will be good for her. She wants to make sure that other students do not have to go through what she did.

She likes people with good leadership skills and can almost see these people as good parental figures.





GRAVITY MANIPULATION: Jasmine has the power of controlling the gravitational fields on objects via the use of gravitons and anti-gravitons. She can increase or decrease the local gravity field thus making an object be attracted to the Earth as if it was on the planet Jupiter (x2.5g of Earth's) or if you were on the Moon for example. Her powers can totally negate the gravity field around an object or she can increase it up to a factor of 5. The range of this power is generally line of sight. If she can see it then she can affect its gravitational field.

GRAVITY BLAST: By concentrating her energy into a tight focus, she can produce a blast that sends out a concussive force that can knock people unconscious. It does drain her quite a bit to the point where she has to rest for 24 hours before she can use that power again. The range that she can fire it is 300 metres. The effect of this blast is a continuous beam that is produced from her hands to the target. She has to use both hands to produce the blast otherwise the effect does not work. The beam can also pin an opponent against an object due to the increased gravitational force.

GRAVITY FLIGHT: Jasmine powers allow her to utilize the earth gravitational field and the gravitons contained within. She can fly up to speeds of 100mph as this is her limit so far. Her ceiling height is 10,000 feet which she can maintain for about 3 hours before having to rest.



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