Jem "Pyromania" Savalion
Jem Miracle Savalion
Portrayed By Alyson Michalka
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 10th
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases J
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Location Xavier School
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Rian McCaully(Adopted Father), Jason Savalion(Adopted Father), Shane Savalion(Adopted Brother)
Significant Other Ashley
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Psychic Bioplasma, Flight/Planing
First Appearance Youthful Impulse

Soon as the fire is runnin' wild, I will surrender to Fahrenheit, and I don't wanna apologize. It's getting hot, hot, and I'm burnin' up!


As the Aetheron larva drifted like scattered like dandelion seeds, one happened upon the planet Earth some years ago, Many would have noticed the falling 'star', but only two humans had. A domestic partnership, celebrating their decision to adopt a second child, under the stars in the woods somewhere in Massachusetts. Only… the decent wasn't that simple, for… as fate would have it, there was another unlikely and unexpected collision. An airplane on a night flight over Massachusetts smashed right on time into the falling form of energy. The being was exposed to the life-forms known as human beings for an instant before its collision caused the vehicle to explode into a fiery heap; a mutant at that. The couple witnessed the whole event and the rotten luck which befell the plane, sending the wreckage crashing down near their location.

They rushed over a few miles to check it out, and when they got there, after calling for help, they checked anywhere they could for survivors, finding only one. It was a infant, naked and completely unscathed by luck alone. There, crying and confused, reaching out for the very first human beings she had encountered.

Rian McCauly and Jason Savalion had no idea that this child was what the very thing that had caused the crash, and was now an adapted form of an Aetheron, as opposed to a sole survivor of the plane’s occupants. The authorities and rescue teams arrived assist, and the child was checked over, having not received so much as a scratch. The couple was regarded as heroes, and no other survivors were found that night, so the infant was considered an orphan with no name.

Rian and Jason requested the adoption of the child which no one could find any record of, and with their heroic circumstances in couple with their ability to support a child, they were granted her, whom they named Jem Miracle. Raising her in their little suburban home with their other adopted son, Shane, who was 2 and a half years her elder(by the best they could tell, Jem’s true birthday is unknown to her parents)

Rian was a medical doctor, and Jason worked as an executive for one of the top cell phone companies in the US, so the family lived well enough, and always had a lot of love to go around amongst each other. Jem grew to love both of her father’s very much, but she latched onto her younger brother like glue, following him just about anywhere he went, unafraid to do things that normal girls would run screaming from.

This isn’t to say that Jem wasn’t girly, as she still had her dollies and her tea parties and such, but if her brother came with a handful of worms and dirt, she had no problem switching gears to get up and help him do whatever he wanted to do with them, which made it very hard for him to freak her out, so he generally just stopped trying and went with the flow. She was always outgoing and generally fun, from the very beginning.

Rian’s love for more Terpsichorian activities became her passion as well, and her father’s greatest encouragement for her to pursue. Even her father’s particular passions in life rubbed off on her, including his genres of music, movies and books. She took up ice skating when she was very young, which became one of the bigger focuses in her life, along with her gymnastic training which would pay off with her figure skating later on. She really had no idea how ironic it would become later.

School was rather important to her parents, naturally, though it wasn’t really that big of a deal to Jem. Sure, she didn’t really mess around too much, got decent grades, but she didn’t take to it with as much enthusiasm as her parents would have liked her to. On looks along, she would always rank in with the popular kids, and when it came to her personality, she could very well get along with anyone, and usually did.

Jem got together with her figure skating partner at the age of 9 years old, a boy by the name of Valentin Norikov who was obviously Russian. The two of them trained together, and would grow as a team in which they would compete and build a rather sound starting career as a figure skating duo.

She was about 12 years old when her brother manifested his mutant ability. It was a rather difficult time for the family as a whole. Not so much the acceptance, because Rian and Jason didn’t have a problem accepting things that were different than the norm, but just trying to adjust and help Shane through a tough time. Just before he went off to Xavier’s School to assist with his power, as he was recruited.

Jem never viewed her brother any less than she did. I fact, she was a little envious and had hoped, even though they weren’t blood related, that it ran in the family. Since the day Shane manifested, Jem wanted powers all her very own, finding worship in the various super heroes and even the powered villains that turned up in the media.

Three years later, at the age of 15, Jem was on the ice, practicing she and Valentin’s latest routine, which was proving to be a bit difficult in its full execution. Valentin was tired, she was a little impatient, and things simply weren’t coming together right. The tensions were high, and when Valentin got upset with Jem for missing a queue, which caused him to almost drop her. An argument started, and before she knew it, Jem burst into a crimson colored flame that surrounded her whole body, without doing harm to her.

Valentin suffered a few minor burns, nothing life threatening, but it certainly wasn’t a good experience for him. For her, it was a bit more exciting, as she got her biggest wish at the time. It put a bit more stress on her parents of course, but like all things, it took some getting used to. Her next big hope was that she would be taken to the same place as her brother sometime soon, which didn’t really happen till a few years later, in which time she was a bit on her own. Normally an adapted Aetheron wouldn't develop abilities if it had adapted to just be a normal human, but because it adapted to an X-gene carrying human, it developed a mutant gene of it's own in it's species, making her a mutant among her own kind.

So she focused on other things, and it seemed that her new found power gave her a type of confidence, new aspects to her personality. She became much more fiery than usual, a bit more carefree about the ways of the world. She was in it to enjoy life, and make her own fun wherever she touched. She went on to make many friends, break many hearts, and generally not let anyone bring her down from the place she had risen. She even continued her ice skating after a long talk with Valentin, which they decided after a year or so of adjustment, once she showed a degree of control, they would continue their partner training.

In the time before her manifestation, she would meet with her brother, talk to him about what was going on with school, and listen to all of the cool things that he had going on with him. It was totally something that she wanted to be apart of. While she wasn't his blood sister, he still spoke to staff about possibly bringing her in when and if she mutated. When she finally manifested, it wasn't exactly showing that she was a mutant, but she seemed to be developing in much the same way. The school was reluctant, which is why the waited a few years to watch her before deciding to welcome her in and help her as she would only be viewed as a mutant by everyone else as opposed to this unknown factor(as it wasn't quite established that she was of alien origin). Besides, she was happy going on believing she was a mutant, so why tell her otherwise if it wasn't necessary?

So she was bound for the Xavier school, starting her senior year.


Jem is the aspect of two elements. One of which of course is fire, the other is known as Aether. It corresponds to the concept of akasha in Hindu philosophy which relates to the omnipresent "brahman" which is permanent and permeates and sustains the material form of the universe. It is related to the word meaning "to burn, to shine".

She has a great deal of physical energy alternating with a great need for quiet and rest, convergent (rational, left brain, sound judgment) and divergent (intuitive, right brain, visionary) thinking, both extroverted and introverted, needing people and solitude equally, humble and proud, both painfully self-doubting and wildly self-confident, defies gender stereotypes, and is likely to have not only the strengths of their own gender but those of the other as well.

Trying to control Jem - can be like trying to tame an out-of-control burning forest, as she is determined to play out her fiery, passionate life. She is the raging forest fire… wild, untamed, and unable to be controlled. She is consuming and rebellious(to a degree). Those who think they will be able to tame those burning flames, Jem will either warm and spark with flattery, or will devour everything her personality touches, metaphorically speaking.

Jem lives life through natural highs and lows. Her personality and moods rise and fall in temperature on a regular basis. She never knows from one day to the next if she will have enough fuel to brighten her own day, let alone someone else’s. But it never stops her from trying. As a natural survivor, she can recycle enough energy just for herself. Kind words, laughter and gratitude are all the fuel that she needs to keep life bright and happy. If others have nothing to offer, she will be forced to look elsewhere for fuel.

When Jem is heavily consumed by others needs and interests, she can become extremely exhausted, trying to fulfill them. She lives for love and life, and respects everything around her. She is a spiritual soul, and is always curious and open-minded, and she tends to give up all control and trust the direction of the wind, which allows her to spread her “fire” in a direction that it is needed. While she does seem to think she is invincible, she isn’t, and she simply cannot exist on her own. Generally when dealing with her, it is best to understand that when she is bright or overbearing, like the flames that exists in her, that she is doing what comes naturally to her.

She also tends to command plenty of space and respect. You need to earn permission to get to REALLY know her, because their usually too busy with life, and not wasting much time getting deep and emotional. Life is just too big and exciting… and life is meant to be enjoyed. She does not go to bed early - as she is afraid that she will miss something exciting.


Jem has the ability to produce and secrete a bio-plasma compound from her skin that she is psychically linked to. She can direct the plasma to cover her entire body, which starts out as a semisolid and as soon as it makes contact with the oxygen in the air, it is forced into a state of fusion reaction, bursting into an intense energy plasma and fire, which does not cause harm to her. This fire can range in a wide variety of colors, depending on her emotional state(certain emotions cause the coloration of the burning plasma to differ). She can manipulate this plasma and flame within her line of sight in such a way as to shape it into shapes. Things such as balls, rings, cages, cones, and the like are easy enough, but complex constructs such as a humanoid figure(without detailed features) would take much more concentration, and would tire her out more quickly than something simple. She can only manipulate flames created from her own power, not flames of an outside source. She can also intensify or decrease the flames she produces in much the same way. The normal intensity of this fire is dependent of the amount of oxygen in the area. Areas with a higher concentration of oxygen will result in hotter flames, but under normal conditions, the fire is ranges about 2500F in temperature, hot enough to melt steel, and hot enough to sufficiently vaporize projectiles, including but not limited to bullets. This plasma and flame can be extinguished by water, flame retardant foam, vacuum environments, etc;


Certain factors which can extinguish flames normally can extinguish Jem’s flames just as easily. Normally she can reignite herself when this happens, except when her skin is doused with water. If she secretes her bio-plasma to her skin and it mixes with the outside source of H2o, once it then makes contact with the oxygen, it turns into a highly volatile acid compound that causes third degree burns to her and possibly further unless the substance is cleared from her skin. As such, she is very conscious about the condition of her skin before she ignites, and is reluctant to use her ability in the presence of water such as rain or large bodies of it. This doesn’t make her dislike it, in fact, she still loves to swim. She is just very mindful of her conditions, as opposed to acting on impulse.

Skills and Talents

Since she was 8, Jem has trained as a figure skater, with a professional trainer, partner, and solo routines. She competed in several competitions throughout her ice skating career, ranging in various placements throughout the years. She is vastly near Olympic level, and is likewise as skilled on rollerblades as well.


  • Not much yet.


  • "Cold as fire, hot as ice! If you've ever been to Heaven, I'm twice as nice!"


  • Fact: Jem has no filter for her mouth. She says what she thinks and rarely beats around the bush. You have been warned.
  • Fact: Blushing in Jem's presence makes you a target for trouble and wild schemes. You have been warned.
  • Fact: Jem was named after the popular 80's cartoon. Her father thought it was a 'fabulous' name. While she seems to let the Jem jokes slide, she does tend to make people feel stupid for making them. You have been warned.
  • Fact: Jem is an incorrigible flirt. It's just who she is. See facts 1 and 2. Because of fact 1 she is known to cause fact 2 to happen. And then it's all over. You have been warned.



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