Jennifer "She-Hulk" Walters
Jennifer Walters
Portrayed By Brigitte Neilson
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age 33
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases She-Hulk
Place of Birth ???
Current Location New York City
Occupation Lawyer, Reserve Avenger
Known Relatives Bruce Banner, The Hulk
Significant Other ???
Identity Public
Known Abilities Able to shift between a normal human and a green giantess. Greatly enhanced strength, stamina, and durability while as the She-Hulk.
First Appearance ???

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Born to Elaine and Morris Walters, Jennifer grew up as an only child in Southern California. The closest thing she had to a brother was Bruce Banner, her cousin, whom she'd spend all day reading with. Her father was a Sheriff for the LAPD for as long as she could remember, and his upbringing did more to develop her strong sense of morality than anything else, which is why when she went to college she studied law. However, her decision to practice criminal defense created a large rift between her and her father, one that would last many years.

One of her first big cases as a defense lawyer would also prove to be the one that managed to change her life forever. She was defending a hood named Monkton who had supposedly murdered the bodyguards of the local crime syndicates boss, Nick Trask. Since she's good at what she does, and was getting a little too close to an acquittal and thusly revealing Trask's double-cross and conspiracy, Trask put a hit out on her. Fortunately, her cousin Bruce (the Hulk) was visiting while the hit took place. She was shot in the back, but Bruce managed to chase off the hit men before they could finish the job. However, Jennifer had lost a lot of blood, so her cousin performed an emergency blood transfusion to stabilize her until he could get her to the hospital.

Jennifer didn't get much time to rest when Trask struck again, attempting to murder her while in hospital. This didn't go so well for the hit men since the blood transfusion from Bruce also transferred the gamma radiation fueled powers, turning her into a giant, green, superhumanly strong woman. However, unlike her cousin, she retained all her mental faculties while big and green.

At first she only changed to the She-Hulk when angered, but soon found out that she could voluntarily trigger the change. As she became more accustomed to being the She-Hulk, she started to become more and more comfortable with being in that form, and less and less comfortable as Jennifer. Eventually she decided that she'd rather be She-Hulk than Jennifer, and decided to stay in that form unless she absolutely had to change back.

Here's the point where I talk about the time she spent with the Fantastic Four and her solo career. I'm not going to. I've spent way too much time writing this silly app, and spent way too much time on her origins and what she's doing recently to get to the point where she's on the MUSH to really spend much time here without sounding encyclopedic. Well, more encyclopedic than I'm already sounding. So here's what happened: She joined the Fantastic Four and hilarity ensued. She had a solo career and much weirdness and more hilarity ensued. Then she joined the Avengers and even MORE hilarity ensued.

Recently, She-Hulk has taking something of a hiatus from superheroing. She had something of a blow to the system after a particularly nasty incident in Bone, Idaho. For the past couple of years, She-Hulk has noticed fluctuations in her powers, at it wasn't until a particularly nasty mission with the Avengers did she finally find out that being in such close contact with Jack of Hearts was causing her metabolism to absorb the gamma radiation he was putting out, which caused her to swing more and more towards the Savage She-Hulk, until during one particularly stressful mission, his influence caused her to swing entirely Savage.

Jennifer was very freaked out by this, only having lost this kind of control once before early in her career, and even then, not to the point where she nearly killed her own teammates. Frightened by what she could become at this point she wandered off alone, to do a little soul searching, in very much the same way her cousin has. If anything, this episode really gave her a new appreciation the kind of difficulties Bruce must face on a day to day basis.

Then came Bone, Idaho. She'd come here retracing the steps of the Hulk, to try to find some answers on her own, when the Avengers came to take her back. It wasn't until the Scarlet Witch started messing about that she finally lost it and turned Savage once more, and through more a series of errors than anything else, she managed to cause destruction on a Hulk level, nearly destroying the entire town. Fortunately, there weren't any casualties before the Avengers, and namely, Jack of Hearts helped stabilize her metabolism once again and revert her to her old She-Hulk self.

However, the event wounded her psychologically more than it could ever do physically. The guilt of the Bone Incident called into question what she was doing with her life. While there could be no denying that she still enjoyed being She-Hulk and being a superhero, it was everything else that she felt was lacking. She'd let She-Hulk define who she was, and as the years went by, the definition of who she was outside of being a super hero became fuzzy. Once she started regressing and acting more like a teenager than an adult, the Avengers held a kind of intervention and kicked her out of the mansion.

Depressed, she moved back to California for a while to get her head back together, when an opportunity like no other presented itself to her. The law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway came to offer Jennifer Walters a partnership in the newly formed Superhuman Law division. Not She-Hulk. Jennifer. At first reluctant to be her weaker self, she grudgingly accepted the position, moving back to New York to start her life over again as a full-time lawyer, and a part-time Avenge


Jennifer has the ability to change herself into the She-Hulk, much like her cousin. However, unlike her cousin, she's able to transform at will. Her She-Hulk form amplifies her human form's prowess substantially in many different areas:

Strength: First and foremost, She-Hulk is very, very strong. Currently, Jennifer has kind of let herself go, so she can only bench around 60 or so tons. When she's in peak physical condition, this can easily shoot up to 100 tons or so.

Resilience: She-Hulk's skin makes a tank's armor plating look like tissue paper. She's been able to withstand extreme heat and cold, vacuums and pressures, as well as trifling things like an artillery shell. Additionally, while she's the She-Hulk, she's able to resist most toxins and diseases.

Regeneration: While it's tough to actually damage her, it is possible. However, she does have something of a healing factor. While it's not in the same league as Wolverine's or Deadpools, it is substantial, able to stop bleeding from the most serious of injuries within a matter of minutes. However, she doesn't possess the ability to regenerate organs or limbs or the like.

Stamina: She-Hulk's stamina is augmented just like the rest of her physical abilities. She's able to exert herself much, much longer than a normal human, able to fight full bore for hours on end without tiring. At her current state, she'll only be able to go for about 10 or 12 hours without tiring, but with some physical conditioning, she could last a full day without having to rest.

Gamma Absorption: Jennifer's altered physiology makes her so that's she's something like a sponge for gamma-radiation, absorbing it whenever she's in the presence of it. Smaller and lower doses of the radiation she's able to metabolize normally, but prolonged exposure tend to cause fluctuations in her control and larger exposures tend to make her more Hulk-like: stronger, more durable, less intelligent. There have been times when she's overdosed on the radiation and has turned into , quite literally, the Savage She-Hulk.


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