Jeremy "Rewind" Inada
Jeremy Inada
Portrayed By Die of Dir En Grey
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 30, 1992
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Rewind
Place of Birth Beavercreek, Ohio
Current Location New York City
Occupation None
Known Relatives Yoshimi/Sue Inada (Mother), Kazuhiko/Raymond Inada (Father), Henry Inada (Older brother), Meghan Inada (Younger Sister)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Post Cognition
First Appearance Trying to Help

Hey, I need a couple of bucks for a train ticket back home, you think you can help?


You know how you see those bums on the street with their sob stories about losing a job, or even a teenager claiming they can’t get home and need money for a train or bus ticket and you always wonder if they’re being honest or just need drug money? Well, that’s me. For the last year I’ve been reduced to begging and stealing to get enough money to eat for my next fix. I wasn’t always a drug addict its just heroine made it so much easier to deal with everything. Let me start at the beginning.

My name is Jeremy. I come from a family that was normal, and they prided on normal. My mother and father were both successful in their jobs, had three kids who were ‘perfect’. At least we were raised to be perfect, had a set schedule everyday and anything less than an A in school wasn’t good enough for my parents. We couldn’t step outside of ‘the rules’ because we’d face the wrath of our father. It was just the way life and for me, it was normal. I didn’t do anything to step out of line; my friends were all just as straight as my family. When I was in fourth grade I took up the violin because that’s what my parents wanted me to play. In High School I was always taking advanced classes. My older brother and younger sister were just as obedient as me, doing what we were told and putting all our effort into education and doing things that ‘looked good for college’.

If you saw me two years ago, you’d never guess I was the same person. Honor Roll, hell National Honour Society, Second Violinist in the school Orchestra, straight A’s and was on the Track and Field team. My whole life was my parents preparing my siblings and me for college. Let me take a moment and just say something about my brother and sister, we always got along. We had a few fights but my parents were quick to stop them. They’re both good, smart people and I miss them and love the two of them, but let’s just say they’re ‘normal’.

Things got weird when I was around fifteen, only two years ago. To me it feels like much longer, but yeah, two years ago was when my mutation started kicking in. It was weird; I was just sitting at my desk in my room when all of a sudden I started to ‘see’ things. It came as an odd flash, everything that had happened at my desk just suddenly was in my head and I knew and understood it all in a weird way. The overload caused me to passed out and I just figured I had dreamed it all. But, similar things kept happening once in a while. I just figured I was stressing out with High School.

About eight months after these flashes kept happening, and the fact they were becoming more and more frequent, I decided to research it. I mean my schoolwork was suffering, I couldn’t concentrate and my Mother and Father were not to happy about my recent struggles, and they made it known. So after spending some time on Google and reading different medical sites there was one conclusion I could come to: I was a mutant. It took me another month to build up the courage to tell my parents but my courage was wasted. I found out something that surprised me, something I was never expecting.

There was nothing special about that day, it was my brother, sister and me being left home alone while my parents were going to one of their weekly meetings for a local book club. At least, that’s always what they told us. As my mother kissed my cheek to say good-bye, I saw something I wasn’t expecting. The last few years of her life just flashed through my head. She never noticed something was off and left. Me, I was left in a daze my parents weren’t going to a book club meeting they belonged to a local sect of something called The Friends of Humanity. Mutant Haters, and they were pretty serious about it. I didn’t see much, only about the last two years of her life, but the stuff they did scared me. Her business trip a month ago, wasn’t a business trip. It was a FoH rally and she helped kill a mutant girl. She was about twelve years old!

Over the next few days I tried to avoid my parents, which wasn’t easy. I didn’t say much to my siblings but I didn’t know what to do. I was scared; I didn’t know where to go. I mean I was in Ohio, my parents and siblings were my only family, my Grandparents all passed away and I found it hard to trust anyone. My parents were mutant haters, what about the few friends I had at school? I loved my brother and sister too much to let them know. I was just about to come to my decision to run away. I mean my episodes were getting worse and I was having more and more trouble hiding them. I was biding my time and getting things together and trying to get enough money together to try to figure something out. I mean it’s not like there were any mutant reach out centers.

I had just made my decision that I would try to go to a runaway shelter when I had the worse episode yet. I don’t know exactly how it happened by when I touched my father I saw everything from the last twenty some odd years of his life. All the horrible things he did as a member of the Friends of Humanity and also the fact that him and my mother knew, they knew what I was and I was to be their next demonstration in ‘what we do with mutants’. Needless to say I freaked out. To be honest, that night is a blur but my parents and I did argue. I ended up leaving the house with a backpack with some clothing and a black eye among other injuries. I don’t remember if my parents kicked me out or if I ran away but I had just enough money to get on a bus and get a ticket for the first bus out of the area: New York City.

I didn’t care where I was going, just that I got away. I tried to contact my brother and sister after I left but they refused to speak to me, for the first time in my life I was alone. To say that this was the worse is a lie. My powers, it kept getting worse and worse. I couldn’t shut it off, I just kept ‘seeing’ the past. Between my powers being unbearable, I don’t remember much of the trip. I just know that I ended up on the streets of New York City.

I somehow made it to a runaway shelter with some made up story about my parents. With my bruises and swollen eye it wasn’t easy to make a story up about how my parents regularly beat me. What was I going to say, oh I’m a mutant, my parents are evil and were going to kill me? I learned not to trust people after that. At the runaway shelter the visions wouldn’t stop and people kept wondering what was wrong with me. After a few months, finally someone convinced me to tell them what was wrong and they said no matter what it was they had the ‘cure’. I finally confided in them about being a mutant and not being able to control it. His cure was simple, drugs. Heroin to be exact.

By this time I was sixteen and I had never done drugs in my life. Hell I never drank or even smoked a cigarette but I was willing to try anything. It was the most wonderful thing, the past of everything seemed to fade and it was just easier to deal with. It wasn’t long till I found I wanted more and quickly I was addicted. The problem was I had no money and I started stealing to get money for my next fix. I was stealing from other runaways and after a month I was caught and kicked out. Again I had nowhere to go, no money and my powers would haunt me if I didn’t get another fix. The occasional cigarette or drink would help but it wouldn’t help the cravings for the next fix for long.

About last year I’ve been just doing what I can to survive and to be able to get my next fix. It’s the only thing that keeps the visions away. Sure clothes help but I don’t have the money to buy anything without holes. Besides, I need money for heroine. Over the last year I’ve learned to steal, lie, beg, anything to get money. I’ve done things I’m not exactly proud of but right now, I’ll do anything to get the money to stop the pain. So that’s my story, I’ve just become another drug-addicted beggar on the streets of New York City.

Theme Song

Three Days Grace - Someone Who Cares
Dir En Grey - Diabolos
K'Choice - Not An Addict
Shinedown - .45
Rentrer En Soi - Binetsuka de shajitsu shita shinso wa atesaki fumei no tegami to naru


Post Cognition: Jeremy has the ability to see the past of anything he touches. He has to make skin contact, via one of his hands, an arm brushing something, ect, to be able to see the past. He can view up to 25 years prior. If he were to touch a bench he would see who sat there, what events happened at that bench and what people saw while sitting at that bench. If he were to make skin contact with a person he'd be able to view the last 25 years of their life. It always goes from most recent to the furthest in the past and he has to maintain skin contact to see further and further into the past. To see all 25 years itll take up to 5 minutes of skin contact (or 1 minute per 5 years). It comes in quick flashes in to Jeremy's mind and once its all there he can take a few minutes to process everything he saw. His mutation makes it capable for his mind to understand the past he sees in such rapid fashion.

The problem is Jeremy cant control his power and he cant do anything to stop the flashes from coming to him when he touches something. Clothing can prevent this as it provides a barrier between him and the object hes touching, though when he puts a shirt on for the first time he can see every wearer before him to how it was made provided it was in the last 25 years.


February 9, 2010 Jeremy tells Kaji that he needs help with someone. Finding Trust
February 10, 2010 Jeremy searches out Andres for help with his addiction Only Place to Turn
February 17, 2010 Jeremy meets up with Kaji again and tells him how things are looking up. Moving Forward


  • "I said it!"


  • Jeremy has become adept at pick pocketing and stealing
  • Jeremy used to be a straight A student and a member of the National Honour Roll Society
  • Jeremy is adept at surviving in the streets of NYC.
  • Jeremy can speak basic Japanese and Spanish.
  • Jeremy can play the violin and used to be on his High School's track and field team.


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