Jerica Mayfair
Portrayed By Fanny Valette
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 30, 1984
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Denver, CO
Current Location Denver, CO?
Occupation ???
Known Relatives Rebecca Mayfair (mother), David Mayfair (father), Jericho Parker-Mayfair (brother), Jordan Mayfair (brother), Jet Mayfair (brother)
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

Why do these strange things keep happening? I just don't get it.


Jerica is the only girl in the Mayfair siblings. She's always had to deal with being both a middle child and a girl amongst boys, giving her a bit of a tomboyish air at times. While it's unknown if she has a power or not, she was kidnapped by Nanny and Orphanmaker, thus leading her siblings to believe that she just might be a mutant.


  • ((At this time, Jerica is an NPC. If you would like to play her, please talk to Jericho on game for pertinent information))


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


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