Dr. Jericho "Buff" Parker-Mayfair
Jericho Parker-Mayfair
Portrayed By Zeb Atlas
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 12, 1977
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Dr. Parker-Mayfair, Jeri, Buff
Place of Birth Denver, CO
Current Location Salem Center, New York
Occupation Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Health and Nutrition Teacher
Known Relatives Janice Mayfair (Mother), David Mayfair (Father), Jerica Mayfair (Sister), Jet Mayfair (Brother), Jordan Mayfair (Brother), Christopher Parker-Mayfair (Husband), Edward Parker-Mayfair (Adopted Son), Jared Stone (biological son)
Significant Other Christopher
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Superhuman Strength, Hyper Running, Limited Invulnerability, Power-Share, Power-Knowledge
First Appearance in log Snowball Fight

"Calling Dr. Mayfair-Parker! Dr. Mayfair-Parker to the guidance office!"

*sigh* "They can never get it right."


The early life was fairly basic for Jericho. A family of four children and both parents who stayed together. Of course, his father was a typical southern father, who wanted his boys to grow up to be 'real men' and taught them the 'proper' way to act as one. Unfortunately, that stuck too well in Jeri's head. His life until high school was nothing exceptional… just plain average.

After his fourteenth birthday, things began to change for Jericho. A basketball player in his spare time, he noticed one day that the ball was bouncing a little harder than it should. His body had begun to change, and not in the ways he was expecting. His muscles started enhancing themselves, growing firmer and tighter as well as sticking out a little bit more than average. He began trying things and realized that his strength was amazingly beyond the norm.

The unfortunate part, is that unlike many with such strength, the control of it was not instinctual. He had to practice heavily and fairly constantly in order to keep himself from making huge mistakes. A few were made, but many attributed it to just the standard growing strangeness that many teenagers go through. However, feeling outside of everything he began to separate himself from the others in his class.

This seperation allowed him to observe and view people from a different angle, which gave him the drive to better understand them. During his senior year, he told his family that he had decided on his course of studies for college. He wanted to be a psychiatrist. For the most part, he kept his powers a secret, doing his best to hide in plain sight, since he wasn't an obvious one, even if he did look like a bodybuilder, to an extent.

College went by slowly, but Jeri made good grades. He began to realize more about himself there, coming to terms with his mutancy as well as other things he didn't know. It took years of hard work, both for school and work to help pay for it, but finally, he did graduate with a doctorate in psychiatry, doing both regular classes and summer, to speed things up.

After graduation, his parents gave him a huge gift, an all expense paid trip through Africa. With his doctorate in psychiatry, he thought this would be an excellent chance to see a different culture and understand how they deal with things. It was one of the best things they could have done… or so he thought…

While taking a photo safari, there was an attack on his group. The attack was meant, apparently, to grab him and another person there. A group of mutants wearing body suits and lead by a man who was barking orders to them had both Jericho and one other man on the tour captured and transported to an island nation of the coast of the continent. The island's name was Genosha.

Trapped and unable to find a way out, Jericho was forced into the humiliation that all future mutates suffered. First, he was stripped of his powers by the mutant Wipeout. Second, his head was shaved and he was placed in a numbered body suit, #9977. Then, he began talking with a man known as the Genegineer. There was some kind of trouble brewing and Jeri's conversion treatment was delayed for more important mutants… a Scottish girl and an African woman. He had never heard of either.

All hell broke loose on the island and many of the mutates were freed, though most were left with very little mind with which to call themselves. Jeri, however, still had his mind. Hitching a ride with a teleporter that was heading back to the states, Jeri made it back home, but was unable to explain things to his friends and family without telling them about himself. Preferring not to, he simply chose to avoid his family.

Settling in a small town, he accepted the job of guidance counselor and occasional music teacher substitute at their high school. He had to adjust himself to being normal again. With Wipeout's death, he was unable to regain his powers (As far as he knows. In all actuality, the Genegineer had altered Storm's genetics to be able to restore those who lost their powers to Wipeout with a simple touch of the hand). He worked there, coming to terms with his loss and helping those that weren't a part of the norm to fit in with the rest of the school, until he was offered another job.

A recruiter from Xavier's institute showed him the brochure for the school, not hiding the reason for his interest in Jeri. Jeri explained that he no longer had any abilities, but was more than willing to work with the students. After all, it was his primary focus for his doctorate. The representative also explained that they had the best genetics knowledge through their system and there was the possibility of regaining his powers. With all of that, how could Jeri refuse? Work and a possibility of returning to his normalcy? It was exactly what he needed. At the end of the school year, he packed his bags and headed out.



July 30 Jeri helps a new student discover their mutation. Music and Power


Those near and dear... or not at all.


  • Jericho REALLY LOVES CRANBERRY. Just ask Christopher.
  • Jeri is left-handed.
  • Jeri has one brother who just LOVES to make life hell for him. He has no idea why.
  • Jeri spent time as a Genoshan slave, en route to becoming a Mutate. After joining Xavier's, he didn't know that they were the people who freed him. Upon making physical contact with Ororo Munroe, he regained his powers.
  • Jericho keeps Private Case Files on his people.
  • Jericho is now host to a genetic alteration… a once-sentient pure X-Gene Virus that latched onto him in an agreement to save a child's life. This gene will pass on to any future children.
  • Jericho now has, basically, three children. One by birth. One by adoption. And one by genetic tampering.


Strength - Jericho has an enhanced musculature, greatly magnifying his natural strength levels. His body is able to exert enough pressure to lift or press 50 tons unaided. Having this level of strength not only increases his arms, but the rest of his body as well. His lungs work a little better than standard, enabling him to breathe at higher altitudes than normal people. His legs are much stronger enabling a fast running (detailed on it's own) as well as a nice, high jump (able to jump about 40 feet horizontally or vertically).


*The drawn picture of Jeri and Christopher was drawn by Muuskazi.

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