Jesse "Remix" Hartley
Jesse Hartley
Portrayed By Leighton Stultz
Gender Male
Date of Birth 07/07/84
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Remix
Place of Birth Burlington, VT
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Student/Designer
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Solid Sonics, Flight
First Appearance ???

This isn't the real song… it's a REMIX!


Daniel Hartley and Rebecca had a son. E-I-E-I-O. And this son was named Jesse. E-I-…ok, enough of that. Anyway, I was born. Vermont. Burlington to be exact. I never really understood my parents. They earned money, but rarely ever spent much. They were extremely frugal. Not that there's anything wrong with it, I just never understood the need to save THAT much.

My grades in school were above average, but nothing exceptional. Art classes, though, I usually did really well in, especially when it came to design. I always did really well at figuring out the best ways to arrange things and when drawing clothing. I guess I knew from early on that I'd be good at fashion.

In High school, things really began to change. I started noticing things. When I needed something physical, there would be one there beside me. But it was always a shade of red, and made of some weird substance I couldn't tell. It reacted to my touch, though. If I pressed in against it, it would move. If I placed it somewhere, though, and moved something against it, it remained firm. I figured out, eventually, that the noise coming from it… well… it WAS sound. Solid sound.

I played with it when I was alone, figuring it wasn't something my parents would really like to know about. I mean, how many parents are proud of having mutant children? Not many, ya know? Either way, I got pretty good at making things out of sound. Over the years, they became tougher and tougher, stronger and stronger. It became easy over time to create things, and I was able to create more intricate shapes as well. I never got to anything compound, but, I can at least do basics. Chains, bats, boomerangs… large planes of force.

As I went through high school, I started focussing more on art and design, than other things. I knew I wanted to design clothing for a living. I even had a small dream of making fashions for the really powerful. Superheroes. Gods among men. But, that would have to wait. College was a necessity first.

My parents had saved their money for two reasons. One) My college. Two) A home or something for me in the future. The college wouldn't be too expensive though, since I chose ESU over one of the private schools. It's there that I met Darrell. Lazy. Drunk-ass. Fucked up. Total ass on occasion. But… closest friend I've got up here. Anyway, he means a lot to me. We both get on each other's nerves, but… I'd do anything for him. But… don't ever tell him that.

Recently, the world came under seige and I learned something else about myself. While being chased by a large group of animalistic creatures, I was almost trapped. Wishing for a way out, I shot into the sky, being lifted on waves of sound. I'm still going to school, but graduation is only two or three months away.



April 24 Jesse gives another costume. As per usual. Designing Dingo



  • Amazing thing!


Jesse can create up to 400 cubic feet of material out of sound. (20x20x1) The material can be any hardness up to the hardness of steel. It takes him a full minute to create each 100 cubic feet of material if it's simple planes of force. If he's shaping the material as he creates it, it can take even longer. The creations always emit a rather loud hum. They can be destroyed just like steel can, but he can recreate it afterwards. He can make basic shapes, and certain basic simple machines (Pulleys, Wedges, Levers, etc) and items like chains. But anything more advanced is simply unavailable to him for the moment.


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