Jessica "Spider-Woman" Drew
Jessica Drew
Portrayed By Christina Scabbia
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 7
Age eternal 30
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Spider-Woman
Place of Birth London, England
Current Location New York City
Occupation Avenger and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
Known Relatives Jonathan Drew (father, deceased), Merriam Drew ((mother, deceased)
Significant Other n/a
Identity Public
Known Abilities Flight, wall crawling, superhuman speed/aglity/strength/stamina/durablity/reflexes/flexablity, heightend hearing, venom blasts, immune to dieases, toxins, radiation and drugs, pheromones
First Appearance Marvel Spotlight #32

Spider-Woman, no relation to Spider-Man.


Jessica Drew was born in 1931 in London, England to Meriem and Jonathan Drew. Shortly after she was born, her family moved, along with her father's research partner Herbert Wyndham (aka the High Evolutionary) to Mount Wundagore in Transia for her father's research on genetic altering. While living on Mount Wundagore her father found a large deposit of Uranium on their property which via the discovery, her father and his parent were able to fund all their controversial research on evolution. Everything was great for the Drew family, that was until Jessica became deathly ill. The Uranium on their land had poisoned her body severely and in order to save her, her father Jonathan injected her body with a serum made from the blood of several spiders in hopes of stopping the damage that had been done to her body. He hoped that the immunological and regenerative properties of the spider would transfer into her. Unfortunately the serum wasn't fast acting and Jessica needed to spend months in incubation for the serum to hopefully take effect with the help of Wyndham's genetic accelerator. Meriem protested to her daughter being an guinea pig but it was the only way to save young Jessica.

Months became years, years became decades, Meriem Drew had passed away. Herbert Wyndham had evolved himself, now the High Evolutionary. Jessica Drew's aging was slowed while she was in incubation and over thirty years later, she finally awoke from her incubation with no memories of her past. Her body had evolved into something that wasn't fully human but almost half spider as well. She was raised on Wundagore by her nanny, Bova, the evolved cow-woman. The other creatures that the High Evolutionary created shunned her for what she was, since she wasn't quite human or spider and it caused her to run away. She found happiness in a village near by, and she even fell in love with a young man named Wladislaw, and the High Evolutionary seeing that she was happy, let her life her life. Unfortunately though, the happiness didn't last long.

While out on a date with her boyfriend, Jessica and him were cuddling on a tree branch when some passers-by thought a prank by surprising the young lovebirds would be amusing. The prank scared Jessica and she shot a venom blast at Wladislaw, reacting on instinct not ration, and she ended up killing him. She was chased from the village for being a freak and murder and ran right into the eagerly welcoming arms of a wealthy man named Otto Vermis who wasn't afraid of her power, but instead she offered her a new home and sanctuary. Having nowhere to go or no one else to turn to she accepted.

It was then that she learned about HYDRA, and would be come their newest agent. All she knew was her name and a few days of memories. The void of her past was used to HYDRA's advantage and they filled her mind with lies. Jessica was brainwashed to believe that she had been evolved from a spider to alienate her from humanity. They told her that HYDRA was a secret organization that was helping the world from corruption, of all the wealthy people in the world that really 'controlled' everything and where polluting humanity. She was trained in many forms of martial arts, espionage, and various killing techniques. She was taught all her combative knowledge by Taskmaster. They planed to make her HYRDA' deadliest weapon: Arachne. Jessica was molded into the perfect assassin for HYRDA. She even found love again with a fellow HYDRA agent, Jared. Things were looking up for Jessica, she had a place to belong and a love.

Finally Jessica was assigned her first mission, to assassinate Nick Fury. This was everything that she was trained for, she made it into SHIELD headquarters, and to where Nick Fury was, and not only was Nick Fury there but her boyfriend Jared as well, being interrogated by Fury. She didn't let her anger overtake her ration and she snuck out of the airshaft and started attacking the SHIELD agents. She made sure that not kill anyone with her venom blasts, just knock them unconscious. She fought them all until it was just her and Fury. The two fought for quite sometime until Jessica had Fury, he even used Jared as a shield to block her venom blasts, and then she had him. She was about to kill Fury when the video play back came on, and Jessica saw HYDRA for what they really were, terrorists, that they lied to her, used her and manipulated her. She even found out her love with Jared was a lie, he had been ordered to be her lover. She ran from SHIELD despite Fury's protests.

She had one goal right now, revenge for the way she was treated. She attacked HYDRA's base, crashing a HYRDA plane into it, and went after Vermis. She wanted to know who she really was, her past that had been long forgotten. Unknowingly she had lead a full fledged attack on HYRDA with Fury in the lead, they had followed her back to the base. She had gotten the better of Vermis but he held the secret to her past and used it against Jessica. That's when she found out that she learned of her life with the High Evolutionary and that she attacked her beau. Jessica started crying remembering her horrible past and Vermis took it to his advantage to attack and throw a poisonous gas pellet to kill her. Though the gas didn't have the desired effect because of Jessica's spider like resistance and she hopped on the plane flying away and attacked Vermis, bending the tail of the plane so that he flew right into a mountain side, perishing. Even though it wasn't easy she now knew who and what she was.

Jessica moved to England to start a new life, thought it wasn't easy. Her uncontrollable pheromones left others feeling at ease around her and it made it near impossible for her to get a job. One night while hungry she broke into a supermarket to steal some food, but no matter how hungry she was, she couldn't bring herself to steal. On her way out, she was caught by a police officer and SHIELD agent, Jerry Hunt, who became a bit enamored with her, he even ripped off her mask, but she took that chance to run away. From then on she changed her mask and dyed her hair black to avoid being recognized. From there she started to live a double life as Jessica Drew and Spider-Woman, fighting crime that she would come across.

Though with her strange past, and problems getting a job, Jessica became a very lonely woman. She knew she was lonely, she learned to live with it, but not accept it. One day while searching for clues for who her father was, Jessica met up with an old Magician called Magnus, an old enemy of Morgan Le Fey. She helped Magnus fight off Le Fey's knight Excalibur and they two decided to go to America, where he foresaw that's where she'd find the answers she was looking for.

Jessica still had a hard time managing, she was a lost child in a woman's body. Growing up in Wundagore with no other children around and then her life with HYDRA, she still had very much to learn about life. It was there , in L.A. Magnus took her to finally see her father, but it wasn't as she was expecting, it was his grave. At first she was angry that he didn't tell her her father was dead, but then he told her he could help her find who killer him two months prior to her arrival.

Through out her time in L.A she would battle various villains and run into all sorts of trouble from The Cult of Kali to finding out who killed her father, teaming with The Shroud and Werewolf by Night, to finding and losing love again. She even managed to make her first female friend, Lindsey McCabe. She even had a runin with the one in New York known as Spider-Man.

Over time, Jessica Drew decided to make a living as Spider-Woman, catching criminals and collecting the bounty. It was thanks to Spider-Man that Jessica Drew started to find ways to channel her abilities to make something of herself. She made an agreement with the commissioner at the L.A.P.D. as much as he didn't like it; the commissioner knew it was a good way to keep the criminals off the street. She learned to take her weaknesses and make them her strengths, finding confidence in herself as both Jessica Drew and Spider-Woman. She even found a partnership in her bounty hunting with a Scotty McDowell.

Because of this it forced Spider-Woman to team up with the villainous Enforcer to save her partner, Scotty, claiming it was the only way she'd be able to get the antidote to the poison he shot into him. Now she was all over the paper and news a villain. Peter Parker saw the news and had a hard time believing it and took a trip to L.A to pay her a visit, since they shared the bond of the spider gift. They met on the plane that Spider-Woman and The Enforcer were robbing, and she ended up fighting Spidey mid-air, as much as she hated doing it, she needed to save Scotty. Spider-Woman knocked Peter off the plane and thought she killed him. Back at The Enforcers base, Spider-Man broke in and Spider-Woman attacked The Enforcer to help Peter. Upset, she thought she lost her chance to save Scotty, and The Enforcer reveled there was no antidote.

In the meantime Scotty McDowell was kept in a cryostasis chamber until they could find a cure to the incendiary formula the Enforcer shot inside him. It was proven that Spider-Woman wasn't a criminal and she was able to go back to her crime fighting ways. During an encounter with a villain calling himself 'The Fly", Scotty McDowell was kidnapped in his cryostasis chamber to lure her to The Fly's hideout. Spider-Woman was able to defeat The Fly and Scotty McDowell was saved, now becoming The Hornet. But Spider-Woman didn't know the new hero helping her out was her friend Scotty. The Hornet was a cocky, rude vigilante who didn't have a regard for human life and ended up going quickly from hero to villain.

This was all the doing of a Dr. Malus who was out to get Spider-Woman, he used drugs to influence her friend Scotty and drive him insane so that he would fight her. He also contacted her werewolf friend, Jack Russell and tricked him into thinking he could help him control his transformation, instead it gave him complete control over Jack. Using a trap with Scotty's kidnapping as bate, Dr. Malus tricked Spider-Woman into coming after Scotty and had Jack Russell and The Hornet attack her. Noticing the collar on Jack, Spider-Woman ripped it off of him, and the Werewolf went after Malus while Jessica went after Hornet, defeating him and in the process discovering it was Scotty. She was able to get Scotty to a doctor and help recover his sanity.

Jessica and Scotty were back to working together, but Jessica's powers were becoming a bit unstable. Somedays she was fine, others she noticed she was considerably weaker. She started connecting her power fluctuations to the pills she was taking for her pheromones. Around this time Jessica and Scotty were fighting more and more, as he wanted to take the occasional break, he wanted to bounty hunt nonstop, and with his being confined to a wheelchair, he relied on Jessica to be his legs. Jessica just wanted to enjoy life as Jessica Drew occasionally. The two ended their professional relationship but still remained friends, and Jessica decided to move to San Francisco with her best friend Lindsay.

Jessica welcome the change and that her bounty hunting days were over, but that didn't mean the end of The Spider-Woman, but trying to keep it from her new roommate proved difficult. En route to San Francisco the two were arrested for a crime they didn't commit and ended up being taken in by the Tsyrani, a group of Aliens, but the two made it successfully to San Francisco.

Shortly after Jessica's arrival she paid a visit (by breaking into his office) to an old friend as Spider-Woman, Nick Fury, and asked him to give a 'friend' of hers a recommendation for a Private Investigator license, and he gladly gave it to her. That was when Jessica decided to confide what was on her mind to Nick, about her lack of past and how she was dealing with it. He gave her some good advice and Jessica knew she always had a friend in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Again in San Francisco she would run into all sorts of trouble and Morgan Le Fay would begin to plague her dreams and she would run into her a second time. She also helped out the X-Men in a fight with Black Tom, Siryn and the Juggernaut. She would earn her Private Investigator license with the help of Nick Fury, get a new nickname of The Dark Angel of San Francisco, and even go up against HYRDRA again. She would form a friendship with Tigra, after a misunderstanding, and even find love, and lose it, again.

When her boy friend at the time, David, couldn't deal with her alter ego and broke up with Jessica, that was when her old friend Magus possessed David and told her that she had been having hallucinations lately and that he's a ghost, she's never seen his real form and that Morgan Le Fay had been trying to drive her insane. They two needed to travel back in time to attack her body so Morgan couldn't steal Jessica's soul. So she left her body behind and went into the Astral Plane to time travel. She possessed the body of a woman in the 16th century and went to battle Morgan Le Fay. Thanks to Magus's magic, she had all her powers and her costume. She was forced to fight illusions of her friends, no matter how hard it was. It was a tough battle, but Jessica was able to emerge the victor, but Morgan got the best of her, and when she went to return to her body, it was dead and Jessica was stuck in Astral Form.

Her friend Tigra and The Shroud found her body and brought it to Dr. Strange where he was able to bring her back to life, but with one side effect, she didn't have her powers anymore. She left her costumed life and moved back with Lindsey to continue working as a Privet Investigator. She again helped the X-Men by providing them a temporary home. After time her and Lindsey traveled with Wolverine, as Patch, to Madripoor and helped him work on a case.

Over time Jessica slowly began to regain her powers, and by request from Madame Web, she took on a job to find a missing teenager, Mattie Franklin. While doing so, she ran into another detective, Jessica Jones, and they two exchanged blasts, until they realized they were on the same side and teamed up to rescue Mattie from being used for a drug called MGH, Mutant Hormone Growth.. Then Jessica offered to train Mattie into becoming the third Spider-Woman and with Jessica's help Mattie cleaned up as well.

Jessica's powers keep coming and going, and she missed them horribly. Doing anything to get her powers back, she accepted a deal with HYDRA and they gave her, her powers back. However an old friend, Nick Fury, discovered this and used her to spread false intelligence. She became a double agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. and became extremely loyal to Nick Fury. Because of this Nick Fury has recently contacted Steve Rogers, aka Captain American, and has arranged with both Jessica Drew and Steve for her to become a permanent member of the Avengers while still working with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Theme Song

Watch Your Step - Spider-Woman Theme Song


Superhuman Strength- Spider-Woman's muscular density and strength have been extraordinarily enhanced and enable her to lift about 7 tons.


July 15, 2009 Spider-Woman is one of many watched by The Watcher as he considers adversity. That Which Stands Against


  • "I said it!"


  • Jessica was once a PI in California.
  • Jessica was born in 1931.
  • Jessica has horrible luck with men.
  • Jessica's origin was actually Wolverine's original origin but spider was replaced for a wolverine.


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