Jet Mayfair
Jet Mayfair
Portrayed By Austin Drage
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 20, 1987
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases ??
Place of Birth Denver, CO
Current Location New York, New York
Occupation Musician
Known Relatives Rebecca Mayfair (Mother), David Mayfair (father), Jericho Parker-Mayfair (brother), Jerica Mayfair (sister), Jordan Mayfair (brother),
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Projective Psychometry
First Appearance ???

Look, I'm just really not lookin' for all that, ya know?


Jet Mayfair is the youngest sibling of a traditional Southern-style family. Jet was always a bit of an odd duck in a home environment that treasured athletic achievement and hyper-masculine behavior. As was common in larger families with a somewhat domineering parent, there was a lot of competition for attention and affection and Jet's siblings took up a lot of emotional space and were closer in terms of 'appropriate' behavior to what their father wanted.

His salvation was in the form of music and came at the age of ten when his mother insisted that he take piano lessons. His father might not have valued the fact that his youngest son was a prodigy of sorts but for Jet, it became a source personal empowerment and escape. People appreciated his talent and noticed him for the first time in his life. And that was something that Jet reveled in, in his very quiet way. A quote from Hans Christian Anderson became his personal motto. 'When words fail, Music speaks.' And Jet's music has been speaking for him ever since.

Jet left home at eighteen, as soon as he graduated high school and spent the next three years traveling and learning to live life on his terms. From jamming with jazz bands in New Orleans to crawling the post-punk clubs of London, Jet expanded his musical skills, worldly knowledge and self-expression (often in the form of tattoos) until he felt that he was ready to return to an academic environment.

Applying to and receiving a scholarship from the Julliard School for music last year, he was just settling into a life that was, perhaps for the very first time, entirely and completely his when his world was turned upside down. He and his sister were kidnapped and held for some time by Nanny and Orphanmaker, who were noted for abducting mutant children (and occasionally older mutants). The two were eventually rescued but due to Nanny's mind control powers, the trauma of the event and possibly experiments or procedures that might have been done while he was in captivity, Jet has no clear memory of the events to this day. He does, however, have some fairly horribly nightmares.

Jet started having fragmentary dreams of his kidnapping, with the dreams becoming more and more vivid and frightening. He still couldn't remember the details of his kidnapping but the figures of Nanny and Orphanmaker haunted his dreams. And then he woke up one morning to see the pair, scaled up to be giants, leaning over his bed. The 'hallucination' lasted only a few seconds but when Jet stopped screaming and got out of bed, there were boot prints on his carpet.

As a gift for acing his first year at the school, his mentor gave him a gift, an initialed guitar pick used by Jimi Hendrix. Jet was carrying it with him when he practiced later in the day. For Jet, playing music a function in mediation and concentration. The closest he gets to zen. And in that state, he had another 'hallucination'. An image of the dead rock star appeared to accompany him. Jet finished the piece, Hendrix smiled at him and then vanished. His long delayed mutant gift was becoming active.

Unfortunately, with the growth of his gift, his nightmares are getting worse and more 'real'. He started waking up with bruises and cuts, injection marks and other injuries. His apartment was trashed over and over again, when there was no possible way anyone else could do it. Jet set up a camera to see if he was sleepwalking and what he caught on video terrified him. Horrible nightmares springing into reality, true reality, not just the hologram like illusions he could create from objects consciously, but self-willed and mobile creatures and objects.

After years of staying away from family other than the occasional visit and holiday so he could 'be his own man', he's seeking out his older brother to get some help with his problem before something happens that gets Jet or someone else hurt.


Jet is very much a youngest child. And at least two of his siblings are larger than life types, combined with a strong and boisterous father, that internalized him a pretty young age. That sense of never quite having been heard caused him to introvert even more and he became a very quiet young man who expresses himself through his music and actions, when he can. He's uncomfortable talking about his feelings and is actually embarrassed that his powers are out of control, though he wouldn't give them up for the world.

From his body art to his personal style to his career choice (and in a way, even his mutant power), Jet is a young man who is trying to stand out and be an individual.His deepest insecurities come from the idea that he either can't do that or that he's some kind of poseur who isn't really talented at anything and will always live in the shadow of other people. That tends to make it hard for him to ask for help, though he deeply enjoys being the one who provides it. On the other hand, this alienation is a source of strength and empathy for him.

He doesn't see himself as the superhero type at all but given a chance to help people solve problems, he'll do that, both because he's a genuinely good person who wants to help and because it makes him feel good to be the guy that heroes and family or friends can come to to for a special skill or ability.


Jet is a musical genius and enthusiast, though he tries to downplay it. He can play a wide variety of instruments in a very wide variety of styles. He can read and compose sheet music and use electronic and computer composition aids. He speaks passable French and truly unfortunate Spanish, though he's convinced he's fluent. He's moderately bright otherwise, but not in a class with his older brothers and he knows it.


Jet has the power to create non-material illusions that draw upon the psychic impressions of a particular item or area. The strongest impressions come from items that were owned by and used by one person. For areas, the strongest impressions will be the ones that were emotionally charged.  His Projective Psychometry has a more powerful aspect that is entirely out of his control. While dreaming (and probably under the influence of hallucinogens or in any other state that provokes visions and releases his subconscious mind), Jet's 'illusions' become physical, tangible and 'real'. They are able to inflict damage, walk, talk and interact just like their living counterparts would be able to do. Unlike his consciously controlled projections, these nightmare visions are not reliant a physical focus.


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  • "I said it!"


  • Despite being a musician, Jet is a very quiet young man.
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