Jill "Flood" Pervinca
Jill Pervinca
Portrayed By Alexz Johnson
Gender Female
Date of Birth Feb. 25, 1995
Date of Death April 23, 2012
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Pisces!
Aliases Flood
Place of Birth Seattle, Washington
Current Location New York, Xavier's School
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Nancy Lambert, adoptive guardian
Significant Other None
Identity Private citizen, legal minor
Known Abilities Homogenous cellular makeup, fluidity
Vampirism (see below)

"If you know your life is never going to be the same, are you still the same person inside? Are we a different and totally new being every second of the day?"


Jill was an only child, born in 1995, living with her parents in Seattle, Washington until she was six years old. However in August of 2001, her parents were killed in a car accident, though Jill was not in the car with them at the time. She was briefly shuffled into foster care for a period of a few weeks. She had few blood relatives and apparently even fewer that were willing to step forward and take custody of a suddenly orphaned six year old girl.

However, Jill was soon officially adopted by her great-aunt on her mother's side, a UC Berkley literature professor in her mid-fifties, childless and unmarried and not entirely prepared for the arrival of Jill at her small townhouse. After a period of adjustment and some tension, the two settled into a close relationship, more like friends than surrogate mother and daughter.

Unknown to everyone, Jill was a mutant, possessing a dormant X-gene which would awaken to spectacular effect near the end of her first year of high school. When her mutation manifested, it did so in front of her entire gym class and caused the school to be shut down for the day. Jill would withdraw and never go back to her old school. By the time she came to the attention of people working for the Xavier School, two months had passed in which she had taught herself a modicum of control. She enrolled immediately.

Just as the winter break of her first year at Xavier's approached, Jill's adoptive guardian Nancy Lambert took ill and was hospitalized. Jill sought a leave of absence from the school and remained away for the entire spring 2011 semester, returning to Xavier's late in the fall to resume her education.


  • July, 2010 - First arrived at Xavier's School
  • Late fall, 2010 - Leave of absence from school due to family emergency
  • November, 2011 - Returned to Xavier's
  • February, 2012 - Jill, along with several other girls in and around New York, are reported missing or were seen being kidnapped by strange creatures, abducted to the home of Count Dracula as a potential bride for his son. During her stay, Jill was infected with vampirism.


  • "I don't mind…"
  • "I'm sorry!" (Said in response to just about everything.)


  • Sustenance and Transformation

Jill requires 1 pint of blood, preferably human, daily in order to sustain her health and power. The bite of a vampire transfers an unidentified enzyme found only within their saliva into the bloodstream of the victim. If a vampire drinks enough blood to cause a victim's death, this enzyme triggers a metabolic change within the victim's body, producing a green liquid referred to as "ichor" into the bloodstream. The victim soon returns as a newborn vampire. Note that a new vampire is not created unless the attacking vampire wishes to do so, or loses control and injects too much enzyme.

  • Superhuman Physique

Vampires possess superhuman strength anywhere from 10 to 20 times greater than they possessed in their mortal lives. In addition to their superhuman strength, vampires possess speed, reflexes, endurance, and physical senses far beyond that of humans and animals. During the night, Jill can lift up to 2 tons, run up to 60 miles per hour, and physically exert herself non-stop for 2 hours before becoming fatigued and requiring more blood to replenish herself. During daylight hours she is considerably weaker, though still able to lift 500 pounds and run at 20 miles per hour. Her reflexes are enhanced to slightly above peak human, largely due to her supernatural speed.

As a vampire, Jill is more durable and resistant to physical injury than a normal human being. While her flesh and bones are supernaturally tough at night, during the day she is only as robust as a normal person, in fact less so, bruising and injuring more easily but still able to rely somewhat on her enhanced regenerative powers. She also tires and becomes thirsty more quickly and her reflexes are slowed to peak level of someone her age, because of her enhanced speed.

  • Healing factor and Immortality

Vampires are rendered immune to the ravages of disease and of aging. In most cases, vampires are able to heal themselves from minor injuries within minutes and major but non-fatal injuries within a few hours. Jill's healing is significantly slowed during the day, but she will regenerate at full speed any wounds that still remain come nightfall. Because the ichor is similar in function to blood, poisons and other toxic substances in her bloodstream will adversely affect her, although no dosage is large enough to cause death.

  • Supernatural Abilities

Some vampires are able to wield powers beyond their enhanced physical prowess, though this is not true of all vampires and the abilities may vary greatly between individuals. Many of them can summon and control certain animals, especially bats, wolves, and rats. Others can transform themselves into bats, wolves, or mist at will. Exceptional vampires with powerful wills are capable of summoning and controlling thunderstorms, even though the mystical concentration required to do so leaves them extremely weak for a time.

Hypnosis, or mesmerism, is a common power and theme in vampire literature. A vampire can make most human beings into their temporary slave by holding their gaze for a sufficient amount of time. The exact time varies dependant on the strength of will of the vampire and that of their victim.

Flight, even without transforming into a bat, is also a known power, and one that Jill does in fact possess. She can hover or fly as fast as her current running speed, day or night equivalent.

If Jill possesses any of the other powers, she is either too weak or inexperienced to make use of them.


  • Jill is an avid reader! She knows lots of trivia and can be trusted to chime in with something interesting, if not relevant or useful.
  • She is a talented amateur stage magician and juggler. Especially good at card tricks.
  • Trained to play the classical violin, she is actually pretty good at fiddling and playing by ear too.
  • Jill speaks halting, first year French.
  • Good at fighting games. Seriously.
  • Sometimes sleeps in an empty fish tank.


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