Jinx "Haze" Vallon
Imogene "Jinx" Vallon
Portrayed By A Woodland Creature
Gender F
Date of Birth 10-31-93
Age 17 (Almost Legal)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Haze
Place of Birth Long Beach, CA
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Shedding
Known Relatives Mother, 1 brother
Significant Other Her laptop
Known Abilities Pheremone control, Teeth and claws, Making boys cry
First Appearance N/A

"What's black and white and Red all over? Me, after I punch you in the nose," — Jinx


Imogene “Jinx” Vallon was born to a family as normal as they come. A single mom and an older brother, there was not a lot of time for young Jinx in between everything else and so the girl grew up knowing how to entertain herself. Books were her company, along with an innate ability for art. From the stories came inspiration, and Jinx drew on everything and all the time. It was her idea to grow up and be a famous illustrator, despite the constant mocking of her brother.

She grew up a loner, and though her grades were marginal, she never applied her intellect to the education that others would have her learn. Instead, she would learn the names for all the plants in the garden and all the birds in the local area. She loved spending time by herself.

The change started with an enhanced sense of smell. She could smell everything, and it was overwhelming enough to make her sick some days. She started skipping school, much to her mother’s dismay. The enhanced sense of smell accompanied strange changes to her body, coating her with a smooth black coat of black and white fur, as soft as a cat, and a tail that was undeniable. Her ability with scents became profound, and she could not only tell people’s emotions by the scents they exuded, but influence them with some of her own.

By the time she was 16, she had turned completely, and there was no way that she could walk in general society except on Halloween. Miserable and feeling more isolated, the internet was her salvation. She found the Xavier school and asked her mother to contact the staff. A week later, she was on her way.

Jinx has a secret, as do many in the school, and has been saving money to buy a car. She has a specific make and model in mind, and has a dream of escaping on the open road.


Jinx is frequently brusque and aloof. This is a general sort of teen arrogance combined with a deep suspicion that she A) knows it all and b) everyone is lying to themselves and each other. Due to her superior sense of smell, she can detect emotions that may be contradictory to what people wish others to believe. She tends to push people away emotionally, especially when challenged, rather than face the idea of anyone getting too close. That being said, Jinx will often go against her grumpy nature to do altruistic acts if she feels that the person is deserving or in pain. Just don't anyone call her a big softy.


Not a whole lot yet!


  • Jinx hates being called by her given name. So much that she denies ever having another name.
  • Jinx is not a cat.
  • Jinx has few inhibitions about using her power for the betterment (in her opinion) of random situations.
  • Jinx brushes her tail 100 times every night before bed.
  • Jinx smokes clove cigarettes in secret to "escape" from the scent of a Mansion full of teenagers.



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