Joan Thomas
Portrayed By Jena Malone
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age 29
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Amy Farnsworth
Place of Birth Missouri
Current Location New York
Occupation Art Dealer
Known Relatives Family in Missouri, Foster family in Brooklin
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Super Strength, Invulnerability
First Appearance None
Alts Jonothon and Pietro


  • Joan is not a super hero, and there for has no code name. Nor a costume
  • She works at an art gallery in SoHo, but is not an artist.
  • She does race motorcycles and can be found at a small racing track in Brooklyn nearly every weekend. Owns two motorcycles, a street legal one, and a proper racing cycle.
  • The name Joan is an alias. She's in the Witness protection Program.


(Summarized of course)
Amy was born into a moderately sized cult, under the iron grip of one Douglas Larson. They lived in Missouri, away from prying eyes, in a farming compound out in the middle of no where. High fences and thick woodlands where no one went. Based off the Christian religion, Douglas set himself up as the next Messiah. On farm grounds his word was law. Even as the word kept getting stranger and stranger. He fathered a great many children on the group's women, and lorded over everyone like a king.

It wasn't until Amy was in her teens that this community had issue with itself. Doug learned about mutants, and decided they were from the devil. Regardless of the fact he actually knew nothing about them. Then one of their own proved to be a mutant. Doug ordered the boy put to death and this nearly tore the community apart. Doug has killed one of their own children.

When Amy discovered she too was a mutant she fled rather than let this destroy her family. Picked up by the police days later, she was put into foster care. There she learned, much to her shock, just how little of the world she had learned. The foster family were patient with her, and before long Amy was becoming a normal girl. Or as normal as you get when you hide being a mutant. She had it easy though. Looked normal and just some super strength. Didn't discover her invulnerability until her cult family came crashing down on her head.

Doug had ordered Amy found, and at long last some of her cousins had done just that. They killed her foster family, but couldn't do her any harm. Much to her shock. The cousins fled the scene, leaving Amy in a state of shock. When asked, she broke down and explained the cult. The police weren't sure what to do so they handed her over to the FBI. While nothing could be done immediately about the cult, they changed Amy's identity and resettled her in New York, with a new foster family.

She's been there ever since. The cult is still around as well of course, but they haven't shown themselves in a very long time. Whatever could they be up to?


  • Got teased by Tony at an art sale for not knowing who he was.
  • Met Tony at the racing track, and this time she knew who he was, but he forgot her name. All's fair.
  • Had some trouble in Union Square.

Music Themes

"It's all about soul" - Billy Joel
"White Rabbit" - Emiliana Torrini


Her super strength would hardly be called top class at five tons of lift. Her upper strength is nearly seven tons, but comfort level wise, five is as high as it gets without stress involved adrenaline adding to things. Joan can throw a car (punch buggy no punchback!), or a small truck if it fits the weight limit , pull street signs out of the cement, and jump a couple of stories into the air from a standing position. She could tie knots in pry bars if she wanted, but there are no special effects involved with this. The woman isn't strong enough to do extra stunts like shockwaves and what not. Certainly can't even begin to affect the top end Marvel metals.


Mike - Sounded smart for those few seconds he spoke.

Tabitha - Thoughtless, violent.

Tony - Not sure what to make of this man. Fascinating, infuriating, intimidating..


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