2009-04-29: Job Offer


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Summary: Christopher tells Wesley about a possible job for him.

Date: April 29, 2009

Log Title Job Offer

Rating: PG

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Kitchen

A kitchen. Undecorated, but with all the necessities.

After getting home from work, Christopher was hungry so after dropping off his work bag and jacket in the living room he came straight into the kichen to cook. He's dressed in a nice black button down shirt and black slacks, his work clothes, as he starts mixing some egg, ham, peppers and onion together to make himself a quick dinner of a western omelet.

After exploring the Westchester area, Wesley decided to stay outside and take a rest. He's still getting used to the area, and being around people. Though as he walks into the kitchen, he spots Christopher. The teen does not say anything as he watches Christopher cook. The smells coming from the kitchen are good, food for the former slave used to be a bland soup with some meager meat. He smells he air as it entices him. Collar on his neck still activated, he does it as a courtesy just in case his electricity decides to arc out and blow out some electronic devices, and it also doubles as a security blanket for those awkward situations, like meeting your half-brothers adoptive fathers!

Even though Wesley doesn't say anything, Christopher can easily spot him out of the corner of his eye. "Hello there Wesley. I was making some dinner for myself, are you hungry? It's not trouble to make you something too." He says friendly enough and he's glad to see him. Even though it's his first time meeting Wesley, Christopher acts like it's not their first time meeting. Actually he was hoping to talk to the boy.

Wesley looks to the light manipulator. And gives a big nod. He's hungry, but normally gets something small from the fridge. He's not really fancy into food. The teenager takes a seat at the table. Still silent, though being around the Parker-Mayfair family is getting him more vocal, or it may be that he is getting comfortable with those Parker-Mayfair folk.

Christopher puts the first mixture into he heated frying pan with a sizzle and starts to carefully make the omlette for Wesley. "There's some juice in the fridge if you'd like some. There's cranberry of course and orange juice and some snapple in there I believe. So Wesley, I heard you and Jeri were chatting a bit the other night?'

The offer of juice does get taken by Wesley, pouring a glass of orange juice. He looks to Christopher and blushes a little after taking a drink. "Y-yes." He says in response to the question.

Christopher finishes cooking up Wesley's omelet and puts it on a plate to bring to him, though Christopher doesn't put any cheese on it. "So I heard the two of you were talking about the possibility of you getting a job?

Wesley looks to Christopher after placing his glass on the table. "Yes, he a-asked me about wh-wha-what I can do." The teenager is lacking in the education department, but he can do a nice job building or doing physical things, even if he's not exactly muscular.

"Well Jeri told me about the possibility of a job. I don't know if he told you I run my own business in Salem Center?" Christopher says as he starts to make his own dinner, hoping Wesley is enjoying his.

Wesley is in fact enjoying his dinner, according to his 'mmm's. The electrokinetic stops to answer Christopher. "He s-said that. B-but I don't know wha-what it is." Not suggesting that Christopher owns a hardware store or lumber yard. He just figures that's what he's good for. Oh, and zapping things full of electricity.

"I'm a hairstylist, unfortunately the bad news is I don't have any job openings at the moment or I'd happily give you a job the good news is.." Christopher says with a smile as he finishes cooking his own dinner. "There's a small country store next to where I work, they do have an opening for a stock boy. I talked to the owner this evening and she's willing to meet you."

Wesley puts down his head at the no job openings, but he quickly perks up when told about the country store. But the question arises about his silence. "W-what about this…" He asks, pointing to his collar. He doesn't wear it all the time, but it is close to him everywhere he goes.

"Well if you can take that off I'd recommend it, but I figured you and I can go clothing shopping to get you ready for an interview." Christopher says as he goes to join Wesley at the table. "Patricia's a sweet lady, and she's agreed to an interview."

Giving a nod with his bite of omelet, Wesley smiles after swallowing. His usual tiny frown changing to an optimistic expression. "O-okay." He informs, he has had some odd jobs in the past, so he's not entirely uninformed on that front.

"It will start at minimum wage and Jeri and I will do what we can to help you out okay?" Christopher says with a smile. Unfortunately having another live in the house isn't exactly reasonable. "So do you need any advice about talking to someone about a job?"

"T-thank you." The electrokinetic gives a nod. "I've never had an in-interview b-before." He informs the hairstylist. He doesn't really know what to say in that kind of a situation. Though working stock is good for him, he wouldn't need to talk much in that kind of job.

"Well this one is going to be basic. Just be honesty about your work experience and just let her know you're honest." Christopher says as he knows she's doing this as a favour for him but he really wants it to work out. "If it doesn't work out, I'll figure out something." He says finishing up his dinner.

"Sh-should I t-tell her about Canada?" He asks, meaning working as a slave. That was definitely work experience. Wesley does want this to work out as well, now that he knows he's not alone in his family. Though if one were to hear outside, sometimes yells ring out as he has nightmares about the slave camp, and missing his mother.

Christopher shakes his head. "I would leave that out." Christopher says as he reaches over to ruffle Wesely's hair. "Unfortunately though I have to take a showe rand then ger ready for work tomorrow. I'm glad you like the idea Wes."

Wesley smiles as his hair is ruffled. He's definitely found some people who are extremely kind. It reminds him a lot of his mother, giving him a tear in his right eye. Finishing his omelet, and rising from his chair and moving to rinse his plate and glass. "Okay." He says, his sentences are not long at all. "Thank you, C-christopher." His stuttering still in his speech, but no one makes fun of it like when he was a child.

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