2020-06-11: Job Offer At Barnes


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Summary: Jessica Drew offers Michael a job at Barnes.

Date: June 11, 2020

Log Title Job Offer At Barnes

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Administrative Office

The administrative offices of the various shield agents and academic administrators as well as the small army of secretaries and clerks it takes to keep a school running smoothly are connected to this module. The central module has a large counter bisecting it with various school functionaries behind the counter at work stations or manning the desk.

How Jessica got ropped into the Administrative side of things with Barnes, she'll never know, just that when Nick asks for a favour she doesn't say no. So even though she's an Avenger and not really a teacher here, she's been helping out when she can thus why today she's sitting in one of the small offices with a folder dressed somewhat business like, red blouse and black slacks. She's waiting for Michael to arrive, a SHIELD agent she hasn't actually met but then she doesn't meet a lot of SHIELD agents.

Michael, meanwhile, is fortunate that as a SHIELD agent who is also representing the U.S. Military, he still has a dress code provided for him. He steps in wearing the Khaki working uniform of the USMC, his clip and presence military as he steps in. He gives a salute. "Ma'am."

Jessica holds back rolling her eyes at the salute. "Lieutenant Colonel Michael Pola, it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Jessica Drew, or Agent Jessica Drew." Since Michael is both in the US Military and SHIELD she goes for his Military title as opposed to the 'agent' title of SHIELD. "We don't need to keep this so…professional, but first off I would like to ask, have you heard about Barnes Academy?" It's not something that they've made heavily public, even to the Miltary as there are plenty in the Military who are against people with super powers.

Michael chuckles a little bit and nods. "A pleasure to meet you, Agent Drew." He says, moving to sit down in the chair. "I've heard some whisperings about it, I don't know a whole lot of te specifics to tell the truth." He says honestly as he looks around the room. "I gather a military academy of some sort, obviously that is at least sponsored by SHIELD?"

"Of some sort." Jessica says as she taps the folder in front of her. "You know of Xaiver School for Gifted Youngsters? The mutant school for the X-Men, their kind of…recruitment school dispite how much they say it isn't? Well Nick, Sam Wilson and a few others decided that it'd be a good idea for SHIELD to open up their own school. Run from high school to college, give people who aren't just mutants a chance to learn and that way..we have potential Avengers and SHIELD agents as well." Yes, Barnes admits to it's double agenda.

Michael gives a nod at that, although he doesn't say anything about the Xavier's school as she talks. "Interesting. West Point for Mutants, and others." He offers after a moment of thought. "I take it this has to do with my other career?" Michael asks, with a wry smile.

"Yes and No. West Point is harder to get into, here we just extend an invitation." Jessica says as she picks up the folder and doesn't hand it to Michael yet. "It has to do with you having a Masters in History ang being a Certified teacher. We are in need of teachers and only have a few right now. We have a few studying to be teachers and you will be given a student aide for History since eventually, when the school gets bigger, we'd like you to focus on more Miliary History. Barnes is up to it's elbows in teachers for powers and combat training it's educators we also need. That's not to say we wouldn't use your skills to help train students."

Michael chuckles. "Well, yes." He says before he gives a nod. "Well, as you now I do have duties to SHIELD for the U.S. Military, but I assume if I'm here that SHIELD has approved of the use of my time and has cleared it with the Government. I was thrilled to be a teacher, and truthfully I had hoped some day to end my career perhaps as an instructor at Anapolis. I would be happy to help teach classes, so long as none of my superiors object."

"We've talked this over with your superiors, all has cleared Michael. I think you're abilities are better suited here an Anapolis…but I will let you know they're not -as- strict as military school." Jessica begins to explain. "The students do have set uniforms and scheduels but with training and everything there are some laxed abilites. Here are the details." She says finally sliding the folder over to Michael. "Will you be living on the base here or else where?" Barnes is a nice comfy underwater base.

Michael nods. "Well, I assume I'll get a handbook of the rules." He says with a chuckle. "What's the dress code for teachers?" He asks, reaching out for the folders. "I have housing allowance so I have an apartment in the city, so I'll stay there if it is alright." He says, quickly scanning the folder that he is given, noting important details.

"That's fine and dress code is the same as the students. Black, grey or navy blue kakhis and there are a few different BARNES shirts ranging from t-shirts to button downs. It give the kids choice but also instills some form of unity. After all they're not quite military. "Teachers can wear more professional attire if felt necessary as well. I don't teach here, just help out from time to time. Too much to do with the Avengers." And a dislike for lots of children.

Michael gives a nod. "I'll probably end up wearing my uniform if it is acceptable." He says with a smile. "Truthfully…I won't mind teaching again, especially if there are college level military history classes eventually." He says, and seems genuinely sincere at it; he did work to be a teacher. "Any special rules or regulations I need to be aware of?"

"There are college level classes available now Michael." Jessica says with a smile. "We have several college students here ranging from Young Avengers to former US Army soilders." She doesn't expand on that much though. "It's all in the folder there Mr. Pola, you don't have as many rules as the students do after all." She says wth a smile.

Michael gives a nod. "Outstanding. Well, it'll be thrilling to work with Young Avengers, and I guess I can lower my standards to teach soldiers." Michael says, clearly teasing with the friendly interservice rivalry. "There a chaplain in the school?" He asks, as he continues to flip through.

"Not currently Michael, we currently do not have an area of worship here." Jessica says and she's not sure if they will. "They're students, not soldiers. Also your daughter, I was told to let you know, that if you wish she can transfer to be a student here. After all we know she has….speical abilities."

Michael chuckles and nods. "Alright, just curious." He says before he raises an eyebrow at that. He looks a little bit more tense, muscles in his neck tightening at the discussion. "I think the school might be a little bit too military for her." He says softly after a moment. "It's not necessarily what I want for her. I'll talk to her about it."

Jessica stands up and walks over to Michael and nods. "Understandable, maybe you can talk to some of the students here and see what the think before making a decision." She says patting him on the shoulder. "Welcome to your new job, so how about we get a cup of coffee in the cafe? It's not great but it could be Starbucks." Which means, much worse.

Michael chuckles and stands up at that. "Sure, can't be worse than when I was teaching Community College." He says with a genuine smile. He tugs his jacket back in to place when he is on his feet. "Besides, if the Marines wanted me to have a sense of taste they would have issued me one." He offers with another genial laugh. "Can I ask how long you've been with SHIELD?"

Jessica ponders the question. "How long have I been with SHIELD or how long have Nick and I been aquantances? Both are very different stories, but SHIELD, Nick, offered me the job about two years ago." When she got herself into trouble with HYDRA again. "Nick helped me escape HYDRA years ago and so I've kind of owed him ever since."

Michael raises an eyebrow at that. "Seems like he collect debts." He says dryly as he moves along with her, and chuckles. "I can't say I ever expected to find myself working with SHIELD, but everyone needs a place." He offers. "I remember working with them once, years ago now. Impressed with his command, not so impressed with his hardware."

Jessica smiles at the collects debts comment but doesn't say anything. It's not so much as a debt as the two have built up a trust over the years, a close bond. "Barnes Lieutenant Colonel, it's Barnes that's employing you, not SHIELD." She says slyly as it is SHIELD but they more like to front it as Barnes.

Michael chuckles. "I think my chain of command has not gotten any less complicated." He says with a wry smile, and gives a nod. "Well, I'll look forward to meeting the students."

"When is a chain of command not complicated. Try being a double agent while working with the Avengers and tell me what your chain of command is like." Jessica says with a chuckle. "They're not bad, the students. Troy…he's on the fast track to becoming a SHIELD agent, as is Misha."

Michael chuckles. "The President's is fairly simple, at least on the upword side." Michael says with a chuckle, nodding. "Are they the ex-Army?" He asks curiously.

"No, Troy is a special case and Mikhail, I just know he's Russian raised in Poland." Jessica can't say much more on the two of them as in regards to Mikhail she's not even sure of the details. "We had hopes for Jeremy but with him going missing last night and rumours of him becoming a Hound of Ahab? Well…we're doing our research on that."

Michael raises an eyebrow. "I'll admit I haven't seen a full briefing on the Hounds of Ahab." He says seriously. "I know a little bit about them, but I could use some details if their threatening all of my employers."

"Noone has Michael, we don't even know who Ahab is. You have more details than I do if you know a bit about them. All we know is he showed up last night and Jeremy is gone. We're still looking into thing and you know as well as I do, I can't give you more information than that unless I have persmission too." Jessica says. "Well I have to bugger off now, I have to meet Nick and then meet up with the Avengers. If you have an questions Michael you can ask myself or any of the staff here."

"Great. By a bit I meant 'I heard a rumor someone by that name existed'." He gives a nod, smiling gently. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Agent Drew. I'll work on getting myself settled in."

"Pleasure to meet you as well Michael. And good luck." After all he's dealing with kids. The number one reason that Jessica didn't take the job. "I'll probably see you around." She says as she walks out of the room.

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