John "Aestuo" McCarthy
John McCarthy
Portrayed By Kellan Lutz
Gender Male
Date of Birth 05/05/92
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Tarus
Aliases Aestuo
Place of Birth London
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Michelle McCarthy (Mother), John Williams (Father), Alfie McCarthy (Half-Brother), JJ McCarthy (Son).
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Pyrokinesis
First Appearance Christmas Time In The Mansion

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Born in St Thomas’ Hospital in London to mutants Michelle McCarthy and John Williams, John lived a happy normal life in a big family (mostly mutants) despite his parents breaking up when he was two due to his Father’s dependency on drugs.
He went to Lark Hall Primary school where he and his friends would play at being Excaliber in the play ground. He was generally well behaved though there were a few instances where he was sent home for fighting and anger management classes where suggested. It was also during his primary school days that he was diagnosed with dyslexia. There was also an incident where his father had kidnapped him from school but he was easily found due to the electric probation tag around his ankle.
He spent his secondary school years in Dunraven School. It was in his 4th year (aged 14) he had his first kiss with a boy, he had had others but with girls in his class so he wouldn’t be called “Gayboy” by the other boys. He was a good student especially in science and participated in many clubs in his community including judo, freerunning and skateboarding.
His powers first activated when he was 15, his cousin had just driven him to the park to see some friends, as he got out he saw Sam (a guy in his class he had a crush on) at that point that feeling of lust caused his power to activate, he burst into flame. The shock of the transformation caused him to turn back leaving him naked, his cousin (whose powers had activated a couple of years before hand) threw him a blanket and got him back into the car and calmed him down and took him home.
Six months later (for 6 months before his 16th birthday) and John had not used his powers since they activated, his grandmother was dying of lung cancer which had spread to her brain and his uncle had being stealing and selling her things (to feed his drug habit) and telling her she’d not had them for years. When he found out about this, his anger at his uncle caused him to burst into flames burning him to death. Distraught about what he had done he ran away to Manchester, he family tried to get him to come home saying that it wasn’t his fault and that he just needed to control his mutation, but he was only convinced to come home when his mother told him he had a son. The baby boy’s mother was a girl John had met at a party roughly 9 months (when he was 15) beforehand who had died giving birth to the baby. Calling the baby JJ (John junior) after his grandfather he went back to school in time for his GCSEs so he could get some qualifications to provide for his son future.
By the time he was 16 his mutation was activating accidently on a regular basis usually related to feelings of lust or anger (he has temper issues due to his fire related mutation). This was when he was contacted by the Xavier Institute and offered a place at the school which he accepted to learn how to control his power and due to the fact the institute offered to pay for new clothing when is power over activates, only agreeing after his mother agreed to watch over the child until he could. He has just turned 17, and is entering his junior year, dealing with being the new kid and is beginning to learn to control his power.


Pyrokinesis – John can create fire at will, this is generally formed in his hands and can be fired at will, though he can generate it from any part of his body however the majority of these have been accidental. On a few occurrences he has been able to create the fire away from his body (e.g. making his uncle burst into flame) but these have also been accidental. He is also able to cover his body completely in flame but once again he has never done this on purpose and it is caused by a strong emotion (e.g. anger or lust), the shock usually causes him to return to normal leaving him naked which his fellow students at the institute find very amusing, some students even intentionally anger him so the power will activate as a joke. He doesn’t like to experiment with his power (due to his fear of losing control) but the hottest his fire can get is so far is 1200o which caused his to pass out from the strain (he believes he could make it hotter but not by much and thinks the strain could kill him). He can also survive with low levels of oxygen longer than most people due to his resistance to smoke. If distracted when using his ability he can lose control which can cause the flames to grow wildly out of control or extinguish completely. His power needs oxygen to work so locking him in a room with limited oxygen supply will greatly weaken his powers.

Skills and Talents: Is a red belt in Judo and is a skilled freerunner and skateboarder.


Burn Burn - Lost Prophets


December 5, 2009 John make his first friends at the Institute Christmas Time In The Mansion
December 8, 2009 John is involved in his first act of heroing Rock'Em-Feller Robots


  • "I said it!"


  • John drives a Black Ford Focus
  • Amazing thing!
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