Johnny "Human Torch" Storm
Johnny Storm!
Portrayed By Chris Evans
Gender Male
Date of Birth 8-8-1977
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases J-man, Torch
Place of Birth Glenville, NY
Current Location New York City
Occupation Hero
Known Relatives Susan Storm Richard(sister), Reed Richards(Brother in law)
Significant Other None right now
Identity ??
Known Abilities Fire manipulation, flight
First Appearance ???

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Jonathon "Johnny" Storm and his sister Susan Storm were born to Mary and
Franklin Storm in Glennville, New York. Franklin was at the time one of the best
surgeons in the world. The two children were your average kids until their
mother's untimely death in a car accident, and their father being unjustly
convicted for murder.

Having only each other to rely on for support, the siblings grew incredibly
close, and despite their mother's death behind the wheel, Johnny got into cars,
starting to overhaul and rebuild transmissions by the age of just 15. At the age
of just sixteen though, his life was flipped upside down. His sister convinced
her genius boyfriend Reed Richards to bring her along, and by proxy, bring
Johnny, into space on the experimental rocket ship he was building. Reed's long
time friend Ben Grimm was recruited to pilot. From the technical aspect, the
mission was a huge success, everything went off without a hitch, however Reed
didn't account for a massive storm of cosmic radiation that was passing by the
Earth just as they reached high orbit, and the small ship was caught in the full
fury of the storm, bathing the ship and it's passengers with normally lethal
doses of cosmic radiation.

Transformed by the radation, and given superhuman abilities and powers, the four
became the Fantastic Four, making a solemn vow between them to always use their
abilities to help mankind. As the years passed, the four battled a great many
varied threats, from common thugs and criminals to planet eating space gods, to
extra dimensional time hopping warlords. Anything and everything they went up
against. Of course through out all this, Johnny's love life looked like a roller
coaster at Bush Garden,s full of twists and turns and flips. And of course
many, many riders.


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  • Partying with Tony Stark, Joined the Avengers


  • "So.. is that piece of shortcake still up for grabs?"


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