2011-02-18: Joking Around


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Summary: Travis and Billy joke around and chat for a bit.

Date: February 18, 2011

Log Title: Joking Around

Rating: G

Barnes Academy - Billy, Gabriel, and Travis' Suite

A standard adult suite, this room is basically a combination living room and dining room, with a small kitchen in the back. There are four doors leading off to the sides, each to it's own bedroom and personal bathroom for the person who lives there. The TV is good quality and easily accessible for video games or movie systems.

Standing in the suite, all of the furniture is currently hovering high in the air. The entire floor is cleared to a practice space as Billy wields his soulsword, walking through basic motions. He's chosen to start taking sword classes, since… well… this is a permanent weapon apparently. He's flowing slowly, but picking up speed. His form is not perfect, but it's not bad either. He's obviously working at it the best he can.

Travis hasn't been in the room as often lately as he's been spending a lot of time in his Mom's suite. Every since getting back from Africa he hasn't been in the room as often so him walking out of his bedroom looking like he just woke up is a change. He's wearing just a pair of jammie pants and the healing scar on his chest can be clearly seen. "Hey Billy." He says with a yawn as he starts to walk towards the fridge. As soon as his hand is on the handle of the door he looks up. "Why is all the furniture floating?"

"Well, I have to have room if I'm gonna practice." Billy says with a shrug, holdiung the sword put en pointe. "How've you been?" He asks, tilting his head as he does a roundabout sweep with the sword before vanishing it and lowering the furniture.

"Well you know there's a practice room and gym right?" Travis jokes with Billy before getting the Orange Juice out of the fridge and pouring himself a glass. "I'm okay. Been spending a lot of time with Mom. Somethings I'm managing with and others, well some things are great actually." He says with a bit of a smile.

"I know. But sometimes, I prefer to practice alone." Billy says, sticking out his tongue. "Though, for real privacy, I COULD always go to limbo. Nah, too many demons." He winks. "Really? That's good to hear. Especially from someone who thought he'd never fit in that well." He teases in response.

"Well I still don't know how well I fit in here. Not as much about the arms but I can't find one other person who enjoys a good football game here." Travis says with a shrug. "Though after the trip to Africa has been making me think a lot, about a lot of things. And dating Rashmi kinda helps to adjust here."

"Dating? My, our little boy is all grown up." Billy says, bringing a finger to his eye and faking a sniffle. "And Rashmi of all people. That's… good. She's rather strong willed. Which I think is a good thing." He laughs.

"Little, I'm almost a foot tall then you shorty." Travis teases. "So how about you, how have things been? Still doing the whole superhero Young Avengers thing?"

"And? What's your point?" Billy laughs. "Officially, yes, we are. Just not anything happening lately. So, I've gotten to focus on my studies and workouts lately." He says with a nod. "And my cooking on occasion." He ponders. "And yeah, you may be taller, but you don't have all the life experiences."

Travis gives Billy a look and crosses two of his arms over his chest while one of his other pairs of hands refils the glass of orange juice. "I don't have all the life experiences, we're the same age so what the hell is that supposed to mean?" He actually sounds a bit annoyed at that comment.

"Don't get your panties in a bunch. I grew up around all of this kinda thing. I've always been watching things like this. It's not an insult. It just means that because of how your mutation turned out, you weren't able to be as involved in as many things. Calm down, sheesh."

"You really don't know me much at all, do you Billy." Travis says to him. "And what do you mean, you've always been watching things like this?" He lets out a sigh and shakes his head. "Just because I haven't been runing around in tights and fighting superheroes doesn't make me any less of anything."

"You really don't know when someone's teasing and just playing with you, do you?" Billy says, raising an eyebrow. "I wasn't being mean. You have GOT to learn to lighten up. Especially if you're gonna be dating someone like Rashmi. I mean, seriously. She picks arguments, and that causes a LOT of flack. And people will be much worse."

Travis rolls his eyes before letting out a sigh. "Whatever, just..sorry dude. Been a little on edge still. I didn't sleep well last night." He says. "Just, I don't like someone acting like cause I haven't had my powers for years that makes me less knowledgeable. And also I know I'm gonna get in trouble cause Agent Drew found me going out at 2am last night."

"What were you going out at 2am for?" Billy asks. "And if you need to get out, get with me. I have my own ways in and out that they can't block or hide. You know I'd help if it's important."

He raises an eyebrow and looks at Travis. "I mean, if it's something you need help with…"

"Nah nothing I really need help with just was down in Mutant Town. It's the only place I really feel comfortable going out in public." Travis says. "Just, that mutant that was killed in Mutant Town by the cops…I couldn't sleep so I went down there." He says leaving it a bit ambiguous.

"I can get you there in seconds without people seeing." Billy says with a sigh. "And it avoids getting in trouble. And something like that is something I'd gladly help look into with you. I AM a mutant too, just because I'm a mystic as well doesn't override that side of myself." Billy says, with a smirk. "A lot of the adults just don't care as much as we do."

"Well I didn't realize that Agent Drew, that Tex guy, not the hot chick Agent Drew, would be there too but at the same time, I think if that Platypus guy and I weren't there another fight would have broken out between the two." Travis says. "Well I was just going to do some shitty detective work. Didn't really know what I'd find but ran into but, just after Africa I've been doing a lot of thinking."

"Thinking about what?" Billy asks, tilting his head. "And I'm not exactly Harry Dresden myself." Billy chuckles, shrugging. "We do what we can to make a difference in this world."

"Who?" Travis asks as he's never heard that name before. "Is he a SHIELD agent here?" He finishes up his second glass of orange juice and returns the carton to the fridge. "Just about my Dad and how things went in Africa and just wondering what my next step should be ya know? Not like a battle plan but just, I know I don't have a chance at a career in baseball anymore."

"Mutant League BAseball!" Billy says with a grin. "We could start it!" He shakes his head. "Harry Dresden is a character in a series of novels. He's a wizard/detective kinda guy. So, yeah. Well, then what DO you want to do with your life, if you're not gonna do the sportball thing?"

"Man you guys are gonna kill me with the sportsball thing. Picking up stuff from Rashmi.." Travis mutters. "Seriously, I'm dragging you all to a game this summer even if I have to wear a coat in ninety degree weather. Rockies and Mets." He says with a nod. "That's what I'm figuring out. But I'm only nineteen not like I have to decided right this minute."

"My life is sort of planned out for me, unless superheroing becomes illegal or something." Billy says with a nod. "I know you don't have to know. I just wondered if you had any ideas or even thoughts as of yet." He explains, trying to figure out how best to put it.

Travis nods. "Well if superheroing ever fails a backup plan is nice, well tht's wht I'm learning. And nah, no real ideas thus the thinking." He says as he starts to make his way to his room. "Well I'm gonna hop in the shower and then get some exercise in. Still trying to gain back the weight I lost in Africa. Take care Billy."

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