Jonothon "Jono/Chamber" Starsmore
Jonothon "Chamber" Starsmore
Portrayed By Jared Leto
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 25
Age 27
Height 5'9"
Weight 145
Hair Auburn
Eyes Brown
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Chamber
Place of Birth London, England
Current Location Westchester
Occupation College student, earning a masters degree
Known Relatives Evan, Eleanor Starsmore (Parents) Ellene Sims (Sister)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret, mostly
Known Abilities Telepathic, Telekinetic
First Appearance GenX #1 (Technically the GenX ashcan)
Alts Joan and Pietro

I'm so very tired of hiding.


To save you all the spam (The background I wrote was nine pages long), here's a summary.

Born to a rich, royal family in London, Jonothon became a telepath at age twelve. Trauma due to the press of minds, and the situations involved, forced him to close himself off mentally until he very nearly might as well have not been a telepath at all. It wasn't until his late teens when the telekinesis made itself known. Explosively. Waking in the morgue after having exploded and killing numerous people, Jonothon found himself without lower face, or upper chest. The walking dead.

Accepting an invitation from Xavier, he was initially a member of Generation X until he graduated and moved to being an X-man. For about a year he was a member until he seemingly threw it all away by assaulting Angel. He was arrested, jailed, and then disappeared.

Considering the complete lack of contact, he has been MIA, or even thought of as dead, for five years now.

What people don't know is that he joined Department H in an effort to be a spy for the X-men. Problem was he was discovered in the uncovering of a big Department H secret, and was mind-wiped. Given a new personality, he worked for Department H for years until one of their private wars got him 'dead'. Waking in the aftermath, having been abandoned, and with his original memories/personality returning, Jono wandered until he found a safe haven. There he remained until his memories returned in full.

Arriving at the mansion after all those years, quite without warning, he sought to return home. Home is a difficult place to return to, especially when it's Xaviers. No longer a student, Jono's begun accepting the role of teacher for a new generation of young mutants. He played the role of student counselor, if one can imagine that. But situations as they are he begun to distance himself from the school again. This time not dramatically. Jono moved into his own place and finished his masters in business.


- Jonothon's telepathic voice has a British accent. For those who know such things, that accent says he's a high class London native.

- Jono really was a member of the X-men in canon. A short run - Uncanny X-men #395-#409. He left the team to infiltrate Department H.

- He might have a bad reputation depending on if anyone has heard of him at all. Years ago he assaulted another of the X-men and was jailed. Most people have no idea this was a ruse to get him into Department H. He's also quite embarrassingly dated Sugar, a rock star, for a short time.

- He loves music, and has a very large collection, which includes vinyl albums. (Pretty good guitarist too.)

- He does have a cellphone, but can only communicate through it by texting.

- Jonothon's memory is somewhat battered thanks to what was done to him by Department H and Mr Sinister. Two mind wipes in five years… It's not that he doesn't have all his memories, but that they are sometimes slow to surface. Their programming made a great mess of his brain. Addison has put some of it to rights, but the rest must work itself out naturally.

- Jono hates how his friend Angelo seems entirely forgotten at Xaviers. There isn't even a spot for Angelo in the memorial garden, and he died on school grounds.



This is a little section about how Jono views the people he meets. Nothing in depth, but more of stream of consciousness blurbs.



Jonothon is a full telekinetic who's able to manipulate matter on a molecular level. Examples of those with similar ability (although a lot more skill) are Jean Grey and Rachel Summers. He has the 'move things with his mind' Telekinesis. He can move things up to 50 feet away, and has a weight limit of two tons. This is much, much smaller than what his potential is, for his own fears still limit him. Yet, even with that fear, and with training from Magneto, his control over objects is far more impressive than any lift weight. He can change his clothing, heat coffee, reshape a car molecule by molecule.. there are few limits to this beyond time.

It means he can move objects within his weight limit, form weak shields, and fly around 30mph. Slow, but flying! His lift range is limited to that 50 feet.

If this isn't tossing people around with TK..

Resources of Note

This is two parts. 'Normal' clothing and his actual costume.
After ruining his own wardrobe in a few weeks, the young man asked if he could get clothing made of unstable molecules, and was granted permission. It looks like normal clothing, but will not be effected by his own power use. Beyond that however, the clothing doesn't have the neat additions that his X-men costume does. It just doesn't get destroyed when he blasts something.
The costume itself is a step well and above what it might appear to be. It protects against temperature extremes, even to some arctic extremes, and is also somewhat bullet proof. Although this protection is only about the same level as modern body protection, and will do nothing against specialized rounds. Rather like wearing a full length bullet proof vest. Mostly it allows him to run around and get into all kinds of trouble without him having to worry about losing his clothing. (This is standard issue for the X-teams.)

Npc Information

A little area where I keep notes about NPCs I run/mention.

Psy-fire Examples

Finally went through and found some good examples of what Jono's Psy-fire looks like when active. It really does tend to spread out, and is highly obvious.

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