Jordan Rex "Bullet" Ward
Jordan Rex Ward
Portrayed By Trevor Neubauer
Gender Male
Date of Birth 4/1/1993
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Jordi, Rex, Bullet
Place of Birth Sarasota, FL
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Student/Freedom Fighter
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other Robyn
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Growth, Insubstantiality, Hovering
First Appearance Unknown Mutation

Come on, we gotta save the less fortunate.

Well, whatever you wanna call'em.

Ok, fine, the VICTIMS.


Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. A nice, decently wealthy family, opportunity handed to them on a plate. But, with that, they also just stand out so distinctly from that family. One of those is Jordan Ward. Jordan's parents met at the Mote Marine Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida, both being resident Marine scientists. Rene was a Marine Biologist, and James was a Marine Ecologist, both studying primarily off the gulf coast of Florida. As is widely know, though, a child can be completely unlike the parents that raised him for any number of reasons.

Jordan was always a very physically active child. He loved sports, he loved running around, he loved playing in the dirt. All of these things were not his parents cup of tea. Sure, they enjoyed activities, but not of the same type. However, they knew he would be something as he got older.

While he wasn't one of the brainiest kids in school, his grades were a little above average, mostly in B's. But in phys ed, he excelled. He played for the Junior High football team back home, as well as the baseball and basketball teams, as those were all they had. He was one of only three students that were on all teams. His parents didn't mind it, as long as his grades were kept in the decent range.

However, as puberty began to set in, lots of things changed. His own body began altering in more ways than he would believe. While most kids experienced growth spurts, his were really excessive. Fortunately, it all happened during summer break. One day, he'd be four inches taller than he was the day before, the next he'd be six inches shorter. His clothing almost never fit properly. His parents did notice and began searching for something that could be the cause. As unusual as it was, of course, there was really nothing on the internet that they could discover about it.

However, there are people who check the internet for what other people search for. Through that search, things were alluded to and an email was sent. Shortly after the email, an interview was set up and Jordan was sent to school at a place where he could learn to control his abilities. Over the past little time, he's gotten much better at controlling his size, along with remembering a few key things, such as the advantages of clothes made for their stretchiness… when he forgets and gets a little large.

There are many aspects of his life though, that he just doesn't talk about, for some reason.



July 12 Jordan recieves a new offer… Consideration
July 14 Jordan gives Robyn the news. A Parting of Ways
July 17 Jordan says goodbye. Apologies and Goodbyes




  • Amazing thing!


Jordan's power is to alter his body's size. He can grow up to 12 feet tall at maximum.. for the moment. When he grows, though, his body tends to disperse somewhat, becoming almost intangible, like a mist. The mist-form can form enough solidity to carry a person slowly, but not enough to really do any damage, it's primarily best used as a distraction. Most physical attacks will pass harmlessly through him at this size, but energy and wind affect him quite well.


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