Jordan "Brain" Mayfair
Jordan Mayfair
Portrayed By Tarkan
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 7, 1979
Age 30
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Brain
Place of Birth Denver, CO
Current Location New York City, New York
Occupation Attorney
Known Relatives Rebecca Mayfair (mother), David Mayfair (father), Jericho Parker-Mayfair (brother), Jerica Mayfair (sister), Jet Mayfair (brother) Eddie Parker-Mayfair (nephew) Kevin Parker-Mayfair (nephew) Jared Stone (nephew) Christopher Parker-Mayfair (brother-in-law)
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Decisive precognition, surface thought reading.
First Appearance ???

This has nothing to do with you, I simply want to make my brother's life a living hell.


Where to begin when discussing the life of Jordan Mayfair. Well there isn't much to discuss, or is there?

Jordan was born in Denver, Colorado, the 2nd oldest of the Mayfair children. His parents, David and Rebecca Mayfair, had a thing for the letter J. He and all his siblings have names that start with J. There is his older brother, Jerk, I mean Jericho, there is his sister, Jerrica, and his youngest brother Jet. His parents love the letter J. While growing up in a household where being masculine and macho were the expectations, Jordan did his best to meeting his father's wishes. While not being super-strong like Jerkicho or musically talented like Jet, Jordan had to settle for being the smart one. He excelled in all his classes and was always academically inclined. It was because he was so different form Jerkicho and Jet and having been the middle child that Jordan has a deep-seated hatred towards his brothers.

This was really demonstrated in high school, where Jordan was his school's valedictorian. Many students were jealous, as Jordan would never really study, he just seemed to know most of the answers. This was actually the case, as in high school, Jordan's mutant powers developed. He was able to glean the surface thoughts of his teachers and classmates and was able to perform well on tests. This improper use of his power made his choice of profession that much more obvious. He decided he wanted to become a lawyer.

Accepted into Harvard, Jordan continued to perform well and excel in all his classes and he even found time to join both the fencing and gymnastics teams. He had many acquaintances but no real friends. He enjoyed getting information on people and using it against them. He would bed many women AND men, would steal, and do whatever was needed to succeed. It was during this time in college, that a thought occurred to him on how to make money. Traveling to Las Vegas, Jordan hit up nearly every casino and broke the bank at many of them. This brought him to the attention of a local mob boss. Using his powers and his sneakiness, Jordan was not only able to get out of trouble, he joined the local mob and discreetly used his powers to start amassing money.

Returning to Harvard, Jordan graduated summa cum laude and stayed to finish his law degree. After completing his law degree, Jordan went on to work for an international law firm in Boston. It was at this time, that Jordan did much traveling around the world, while maintaining and expanding his ties to the underworld, Jordan visited the island nation of Genosha. The island was known for their use of mutants as slaves, however, Jordan found the island nation to be very lucrative and invested and earned quite a lot of money through the mutant/mutate. It was on one of his trips there, that Jordan was surprised, amazed, and overjoyed to discover that his older brother, Jerkico, was a mutant, but had been transformed into a mutate. Overjoyed, he departed Genosha and continued his lifestyle as a high priced lawyer with unknown underworld connections.

Keeping track of his family's goings-on, Jordan became aware of Jericko and his new romance with Christopher and the on goings involve Eddie. It was here where he decided to make his presence known to his brother. He showed up at Eddie's biological parents house and was going to offer his legal services to them so Jericho could not get custody of him. Upon realizing that Eddie's parents were truly horrible people. He relented and did not stop Jericho from adopting Eddie. However just to be a pin to his brother. Jordan sent Jericho and Christopher a lovely wedding gift in the form of youth at the hands of Ettiene. They were deaged and eventually returned to their rightful ages.

Jordan continues to do work as an attorney while amassing a secret fortune through his underworld connections. He has not shown up since, but be sure he will always be around to mess with Jericho.

((Jordan is loud and annoying. That's one of the things his siblings have said about him for years. He apparently has known of his own mutant power for years, and has been pushing things one way or another, to try to keep Jericho unhappy. Perhaps it's just a sibling rivalry, no one really knows. He's sent someone to de-age Jericho and Christopher. He started to help Eddie's birth parents keep him (until he realized just how bad they treated him), and he's just been a general pain in the ass. But there is an actual reason there, if anyone tried to find out.))


  • ((Jordan was originally an NPC. But is now a played character.))


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


Powers Overview:
Jordan has the general powers to read unprotected surface thoughts of others. He cannot, however, read his siblings. When a decision is made, in their minds, he can also see the outcome of the decision, up to two weeks or so in advance. From these two powers, he has some feats that he is capable of:

Limited Telepathy: Jordan is able to read any unprotected surface thoughts of most individuals within his line of sight. If the person is a telepath, Jordan may be able to read some thoughts, but must leave his or her mind quickly for fear of detection, depending on the level of experience said telepath would have. Someone on the level of Emma Frost, Betsy Braddock, or Charles Xavier, Jordan would not be able to even enter their mind, as their psi-shields are too powerful. Younger and more inexperienced telepaths would note know Jordan was in their minds until he already left. People trained in protecting their minds like the more experienced X-Men, would not know Jordan was in their mind, but he would have to exert more effort to glean their surface thoughts to the point of exhaustion of detection.

Decisive Precognition: Jordan is able to see the outcomes of decisions people have made from one second up to two weeks into the future. The further in time the less reliable. Jordan has near perfect accuracy of the outcome the closer in time and is often 99% certain of the outcome if it is within a few hours or shorter.

Attack Prediction
Jordan is also able to predict attacks in order to avoid them. Once an opponent has made a decision on how they will attack, Jordan can instantly know the attack and can dodge or counterattack appropriately. For example, if Cyclops were to fire at Jordan, Jordan would be able to use his power to glean where the beam would be shot towards since Scott uses his skill at aiming.

  • ((Jordan has the power to read unprotected surface thoughts of others. He cannot, however, read his siblings. When a decision is made, in their minds, he can also see the outcome of the decision, up to two weeks or so in advance.))

+Skills and Talents:

Legal skills: Jordan has completed his law degree from Harvard and as has worked for prestigious law firms around the country. He is familiar with most aspects of law and has been able to partake in underworld dealings and not gotten caught and has provided his legal services to some of the world's most notorious criminal masterminds.

Fighting skills: Combining natural skill and his power of decisive precognition and surface thought reading, Jordan is a natural born fighter able to know what move a person has decided to make before they make the move. Knowing what move they will make, he is often able to counter and then strike. He would be on par with Mister X in his fighting ability

Underworld Knowledge: From his years as a lawyer to some of the world's evilest people. Jordan is on a first name basis with some of the underworld's most famous and infamous players. While he has yet to make a power move himself. His connections in the Yakuza, Mafia, Maggia, and all other criminal dealings make his knowledge that much more dangerous to the mobsters, etc.

Gambling: Jordan is an adept gambler, using his powers and having studied many forms gambling, Jordan has amassed a small fortune and is able to predict the outcomes of certain hands either through reading surface thoughts of a dealer or opponent or knowing the outcome of a decision that a player makes.

Swordsmanship: While, studying at Harvard, Jordan was a fencer having mastered nearly all forms of sword-fighting, while no where near the level of the Swordsman, Jordan is above average and could give an Olympic fencer a run for his or her money.

Agility: While also, studying at Harvard, Jordan was a member of the mens gymnastic team and is very acrobatic for a lithe, physically fit man of his age and frame. He is able to incorporate agility into his fighting skill when it comes to quickly dodging an attack.


Jordan is a modern day Niccolò Machiavelli. "The Prince" and "The Art of War" by Niccolò Machiavelli are his bible and he has transformed his life to become that book. He is a modern-day mastermind, preferring behind the scenes puppetmastery to overt action. He is sneaky, sly, and evil. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants whether it is to amass fame and fortune or harm and endanger others. Preferring to hire others, he maintains a calm, cool, and collected manner, but will lash out viciously if he needs to, especially when it comes to his family. However, Jordan is not a man without a heart at certain times, as when his adopted nephew was to be returned to his biological family, Jordan did not interfere and allowed his nephew to remain with Jericho and Christopher.


Wealth: Jordan has amassed a small fortune in combination from some of his wealthy underworld clients and use of his powers when gambling. While by no means at the level of Tony Stark or Warren Worthington, Jordan is a man of wealth and can obtain his heart's desires easily enough.

Underworld connections: With connections to most worldwide underworld organizations, Jordan is able to obtain information, henchmen, technology, or anything he may need as many of the underworld bosses are indebted to his lawyering.


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