Jules Lynche
Portrayed By Nicholas Hoult
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 17
Aliases None
Place of Birth Michigan
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Maltheas Lynche
Significant Other None
Identity Public Identity
Known Abilities Teleportation
First Appearance
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Jules' story begins like most others; inside the womb of his mother where he would soon escape into a world oh so much colder and harder than anything a baby at that age could fathom. The Lynche family, living mostly on inheritence and savings, could not afford proper health care with which to assist Jules' mother in birth and thus in a freak accident — she died while Jules lived. Her mutation being the only thing she could pass down to her baby boy.

Jules' father was obviously taken back by his wife's death but as a result he loved Jules just as much if not more. His name was Maltheas Lynche, a whimsical man who held no job. He had come to live in Michigan with his wife, Tracy, after living in Bristol for his whole life. Before moving he worked for a paranormal investigation agency and some might say the things he saw changed the way he saw the world.

For instance, when Jules was of age for bedtime stories, Maltheas would often retell stories of mystical creatures that he had once encountered, though with added fiction for morales, of course.

The Lynche home was a three story shack belonging to Tracy Lynche but passed on by will to Maltheas. Surrounding it was a large farm field with many a fruit-bearing tree. Often the Lynches would sell off excess food to other stores in town or buy their meat in town. When Jules would come of age to help, he would even assist his father in gather food and making dinner or tea. This would later manifest into a latent cooking ability that Jules would bring to New York.

After entering Elementary school, Jules quickly found out the things that his father told him were not usual things a boy would learn about. Science and computers were very unusual to him though he had little issue using them for basic things and word processing. A lot of the other boys would treat him like a social pariah for the off beat things he would say when they tried to talk to him.

Even if his social life was not quite at the right beat, his academic life was wonderful and he was a brilliant student. He would almost always have a B or better. Even his teachers, who understood eccentricity a bit better, took a liking to him.

By Middle School, people began learning more about him and once again became willing to talk to him. Especially after he joined the track team (at his father's insistence). Those that came to know him would take a liking to him and Jules would quickly begin to pick up friends. It was also this age that Jules began to pick up an interest in women. Evelyn would be the young lady he would admire from afar after tests.

It was also during this time that Jules' father begin printing a small newspaper called "The Michigan Equivocation". This small journal article was actually more about the odd going abouts of the world than the actual issues in Michigan. As such, however, it gained a small following as a tabloid newspaper.

At the age of 13, Jules' mutant powers began to manifest, and they were almost the same powers that his mother possessed. Maltheas knew how to react instantly when Jules would start waking up in other parts of the house after a nightmare. It wasn't just a case of sleep walking.

Instead of alienating him, Maltheas helped his son regain control over his new powers. Training him to exercise limitations on willpower and not unintentionally phase out of reality. He did the same as Tracy told him that she used to do and it worked. Of course, full control is never anything you could master at such a young age.

As fate would have it, one day after school Evelyn would follow Jules home. Seeing Maltheas, she would hide only to watch Jules teleport to the roof! Much to his father's glee. The emotion that girl would feel would spawn a relationship in the future. Though Jules wouldn't know that someone else knew of his powers for a long while.

At the age of 14, Evelyn and Jules became quick friends. Finally initiating interactions in biology class behind old Professor McMuckyBoots' back. At fifteen, Evelyn revealed to Jules that she could take a seed in the palm of her hand and grow a flower out of it instantly. She was a mutant too. After that, the two were inseparable and even went to the ball together. It was indeed the most true form of young love.

The two kept their secrets with much caution.

Then one day at the local carnival, Jules spotted a fortune teller's booth. He took Evelyn with him to get a prophecy and so the ritual began. The old hag looked into her crystal ball, making sense from nonsensical mist and even examining Jules' hand. Finally she gasped and said in an exasperated voice that he was in grave danger, his future was of great personal loss. There were bad omens ahead and death in his future.

Jules became angry at this — that such an attraction would be at a carnival and he left, disregarding all the superstition he was taught as a kid. Evelyn felt similarly, though she was more worried than Jules.

Exams came and Evelyn and Jules passed to high school, still particularly close and dating. Jules joined up with the track team there and became one of the fastest runners at the school. His grades dropped a little but not excessively. He had more friends than ever before, things were good and happy.

At the age of 16 Jules was invited to a party by some of his best friends. Jules loved parties, so he attended along with Evelyn. The party was a good one, there were people and games and closets of all sorts. And alcohol. Alcohol which Jules didn't partake in as much as everyone else but enough to affect his decisions.

Later that night, Evelyn, Jules, Alexander, James, and Dylan got into James' old beat up truck to go for a joy ride. Much joy was had during the ride as they went about all the twisting and winding roads in the night, everyone cheering to go faster until they turned a corner just a bit too fast with an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane.

By reflex, Jules grabbed onto the truck and tried to phase out the entire thing despite the danger.. The vehicle and all its occupants far exceeded his safe mass limits. Despite this, he managed to rip out the entire cab from the truck and teleport sixty feet away. Just as the two trucks collided, the cab appeared while still going the same speed as before. It hit the ground with a resounding thud and continued to roll for another forty feet before stopping.

Jules had teleported just a bit from the truck and hit the ground with a few cracks, most of which were his rib cage, arm, and shoulder. When the dust settled, the other driver got out of his truck and ran over to the group, not seeing Jules who had landed a bit away. James, Alexander and Dylan were miraculously okay due to the integrity of the cab hull. Evelyn, however, had partially fused with the cab and had died just as soon as the cab had hit the ground. It had seemed that fate was determined to kill her by teleport or by truck and there was no winning.

When Jules emerged from the brush with all his wounds and near fatal injuries, the only thing he could do is refuse to leave Evelyn's side in all his sorrow and misery. Even with the grievous wounds, it took several policemen to rip him away so the ER could treat his own wounds. The others, including the driver, were questioned about the incident.

Jules from that day would never return to that school, not only because the school knew he was a mutant now, but people blamed him for her death. It would become a scar that not only existed on his body but in the deepest part of him, even if he would eventually move on.

Stealthy Teleportation: Jules' teleportation power works like many others. It can teleport people with no side effects and operate with distances up to seven kilometers (though inaccurate at these ranges). The unique difference is that when Jules teleports, it makes no sound or light. None of the five senses can pick up what just happened.


Jules (In Reference to Drier Monsters) - "I'd actually blame the Thoggnyi. There's no such thing as a drier monster."

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