2010-10-01: July's Juicy Jumblicous


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Summary: Two Danger Room Sessions.

Date: October 1, 2010

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Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Upon entering the Danger Room, one will find it looking like a futuristic laboratory, Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Hank McCoy are seated at a table discussing various scientific formulas and science jargon. There are beakers and test tubes all over the table and papers all over the floor. Sitting silently by a test tube with a pinkish liquid in it, is Prodigy, aka David Alleyne wearing reddish cybergoggles and a variation of the New Mutats squad uniform complete with white trench coat, analyzing the contents of the beaker.

And standing near the door (rather, leaning against the wall) is Elastica, wearing a variation of her New Mutants uniform, who's doing a great job faking being bored the hell out of her mind (that's because she IS), while the nerds discuss things that are beyond comprehension to the common man, no matter how smart he or she is. She crosses her arms, wondering if anything interesting (for her) is going to happen soon.

Looking at the liquid, he begins to laugh maniacally, "IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE!" He stands up as the three scientists look over towards him. Prodigy yells, "I did it!" He swallows the beaker of pink liquid and then looks over at Elastica and winks. He hiccups a few times and then suddenly blows out pinkish bubble, "Liquid gum!" The scientists simply sigh and go back to their scientific discussion.

July blinks and abruptly shakes her head, being brought out of her reverie and boredom. "Wait, what?" she asks the Prodigy, wondering *what* he did. Or brought to life, if his fist proclamations are any indication. "You did what?" she blinks, watching as he drinks something. She waits expectantly for something to happen, but when the hiccup and the following bubble appear, she just smacks her forehead. "I can't believe it." she shakes her head, slowly.

Grinning wildly, "It'll be the newest supersensation! And since you came up with it, we can call it…" He hmmns and begins to think to himself, "….July's Juicy…..hmmmnss….July's Jumblicious? What do you think?" He laughs.
As he does this, the forms of Hank McCoy, Hank Pym, and Reed Richards suddenly begin to transform while the two mutants talk.

Elastica can't help but blink, "You can't seriously be thinking about giving that thing my name, are you?" she arches one eyebrow. She's kinda flattered, but… to a weird gum thing? The others changing goes unnoticed by this heroine, still shocked at the 'liquid gum' thing.

"Of course not. Would by funny…though…*burp*…" He ahems and suddenly, he covers his mouth and holds his other hand out, "Excuse me." He turns around making odd gurgling noises.
As Prodigy appears to be sick. Three new forms appear from the former scientists. Zon, a woman with literally flaming red hair and red cape draped around a black and red body suit steps forth, "We want the scientific secrets you have unearthed today!" At her side are two men, Tagar, one in a green and black body suit with the face of a lion and matching claws and fangs and the other a man Juvan, dressed all in white. Juvan moves in a blur and appears by the hutched over Prodigy. Zon radiating fire and the feral Tagar look at Elastica, "We seek the secret of July's Jumbilicious!"

Elastica looks at the 'newcomers' with absolute dumb shock. "Really? Honestly?" she arches one eyebrow at them, then looks back at the sickly Prodigy. "Couldn't you program something more… plausible?" she shakes her head, the absurdity of it all actually stunning her, but she at least stretches her arms toward Prodigy to pull him away from Juvan's path.

Holding his stomach and suddenly being pulled back and away out of Juvan's path, Prodigy looks around just as confused as July by the Danger Room Session. "But I didn" He is cut off from finishing his statement by the sudden growl and leap of Tagar towards the two mutants claws and fangs out, while Juvan spins around and runs at the two X-Alumni at full speed.
Zon repeats, "Where is the July's Juicy Jumbilicious?" Fire eminites from her head in a crowning aura effect.

Elastica arches one eyebrow at her friend she just saved, "Yeah. Supervillains going after bubble gum recipes. Happens all the time." she deadpans, shaking her head, before looking at Tagar coming down on them, and Elastica frowns, extending her body forward and around Prodigy, shaping herself into a fleshy half-dome around the two, which should bounce Tagar away the way he came, even if his claws may shred her 'protection' a bit.

Tagger's claws never makes contact as his body is bounced off Elastica and into Zon.
Juvan finds himself having a similar effect as he bounces to the opposite side of the room, "I'm not kidding." He hmphs as his cybergoggles start to flicker a bit, "Oh." He utters at the New Immortals making a second round of attacks. Zon releases four streams of flames towards Elastica.
"I see what happened." He sighs,"Well, looks like we will have to defeat the New Immortals before I can change the program." He crawls out of the half doom and finds himself standing over the recovering Juvan , taking a weird animal like stance similar to Tagar who is also recovering by Zon's side.
Elastica promptly melts and bounces away before any of that fire reaches her. 'Fire.' the girl thinks. 'Why does it HAVE to be fire!?' she grumbles mentally as she reforms, and frowns at Zon after dodging the flames. "I suppose you wouldn't just hand over the formula, would you? It's just gum!" she says, not taking her eyes off her opponent, trying to figure out how to reach her, waiting for the woman's next movement.

As he pounces in a similar style to Taggar upon Juvan, Prodigy growls as he scratches Juvan's face shoulder tackles the speedster.
Zon smirks, "It won't be that simple! Now you must die!" Zon releases multiple fire beams Elastica in various arches and angles. Tagger comes two and leaps past Zon towards Elastica dodging the flames as he tries to scratch the girl.

Elastica isn't shy about being cut, as many would think. So she dodges the fire and, as Tagger is about to land on Elastica, she tries her old tactic. she stretches her arms around Tagger, to try to grab him and swing him back toward Zon!

The tactic seems to work as Tagger and hurled into Zon whose entire body is enflamed. Taggar scream and runs across the room as his body is burning alive and the smell of fiery fur fills the room. Zon and Juvan lies in separate corners of the room knocked out.
Prodigy uses this moment to create a holographic keyboard and begin typing away into the programs and hmmmmns, "I see. 'New Immortals' Ok." BInary symbols appears around him and he begins to type away, "Ok, that should fix it." The 0s and 1s disappear, "So while that was fun, is there any particular program you would like run?"

Elastica sighs and her shoulders drop a bit as the solid holograms fade away, the room once again becoming the bland walls, ceiling and floor of the Danger Room. "Well… something with less fire, if I can choose." she says, chuckling and shaking her head, before looking at Prodigy again. "Really? Liquid Gum? And 'Jumbilicious'?

Catching Elastica's chuckling, "You thought it was funny too." He grins and starts to type into the holographic keyboard, "Less fire. Not a problem. New Immortals simulation 2" The room goes black completely

Annalisa comes running into the area -just- before the simulation started. "Waaiiiit! Wait wait! I want to join!" She shouts, running in wearing her black and brown Excelsior uniform. It was identical to the regular uniform, except the thighs had been cropped to make the bottom shorts. She winks at July, and then glances to David, not actually…recalling who he is.

Before the simulation starts, Prodigy waves to Annalisa, "Sure…the more the merrier. I've David Alleyne aka Prodigy" He is dressed in a New Mutants squad uniform except he is wearing cybernetic goggles and is wearing a long white trenchcoat over his uniform. "I graduated from the institute and am back to help out. July and I are about to start a simulation."

Elastica sighs as she dusts herself from the previous simulation as it ebbs away. "No 'Jumbilicious' this time, ok?" she chuckles at that, shaking her head softly, but then she blinks as she hears someone's voice, "Anna?" she asks as Annalisa makes her entrance.

A freezing wind can be felt when the three mutants find themselves on the snowy peaks of Mt. Wundagore. A similar sounding growl can be heard that heard before. The New Immortals stand to the left of the mutants, Juvan and Taggar are joined by Nobilus, who bears a striking resemblance to Thor and is holding out a sword. Prone to berzerker rages he makes no move to speak to the mutants, he just attacks. He flies up while Juvan runs towards Elastica and Taggar leaping towards Prodigy.

Elastica's reaction to the approaching speedster is slowed just a tad, as she has to turn fully around from seeing Anna, and she braces herself to whatever Juvan has for her. And, by bracing herself, she means make herself soft, so whatever impact she gets only deforms her body, isntead of actually hurting her.

Juvan attempts to clothesline Elastica at superspeed attempting to decapitate her, but finds her body so soft that he merely deforms her. He runs back around and proceeds to pick up snow and form many snowballs and pelt them at Elastica.
Prodidy already synced to Taggar becomes as feral as the humanoid cat and dodges the catman and kicks him back to the chest, which sends him back to the ground with a loud howl!
Nobilus points his sword as Annalisa, "Child, You will die!" That all he says as he flies down towards her and takes a swipe with his sword.

Annalisa thrust her hands straight up in the air before Nobilus gets into range, her blonde hair immediately standing up, and her eyes glowing a bluish color. She'd close them. Shortly after, a large circle of bright blue fire would burst around her, obscuring her from the view of the others, and most likely cutting the enemy off.

Elastica reforms as her opponent picks up snow balls, and she turns to face him. Just as Juvan starts tossing those balls, Elastica frowns, wondering what's the use of that, but she just stretches her torso up and wide, into a sheet, capturing the tossed snowballs and slingshoting them back to him!

Nobilus flies away as the blue fire surrounds Annalisa. "Hide thee behind mystical fire. Child, you have much to learn." He holds his sword high and a large almost gale-like wind is blown in the direction of the fire attempting to blow it out for him to get a view and attack her.
Juvan finds himself covered completely in snow as the snowball as slung back at him by Elastica, but he begins to spin superfast and like Nobilus he generates a little gale directed at Elastica.
Watching everything around him, Prodigy is pleased to see the two girls handling their opponents well. He turns back to Taggar who is growling and watches as Taggar's claws grow longer, " He makes a second leap and Prodigy copying Taggar's gymnastic skill dives to the side and launch a snowball at the cat-man's face and is quick to follow up with a kick to the groin. He smiles, "No need to be fancy…whatever works…works." Tagger holds his groin and lets out a "meow."

Annalisa took a step back as her fire was blown slightly, parts of it flying across her, but not actually hurting her, oddly. "Damnit!" She swears, opening her eyes to stare at the enemy in front of her.

Elastica grrrs as she feels the gale building up, and she crouches to the ground to be less affected by the gale. She quickly thinks of possibilities before attempting to use the guy's spinning ability against himself. She stretches her arm toward Juvan, in an attempt to grab a hold of him and let his spinning reel her in, to wrap tightly around him and bind him.

Nobilus looks down making eye contact with Annalisa, "And now." He hurls his sword aimming directly for her face, "Die, little one!" He yells as the sword flies at her.
As Taggar yelps out from the kick to the groin, Prodigy moves right in front of him and lands a hard right cross to the catman's face. Taggar spits out blood and a few fangs before falling into the snow unconscious. "One down!" Prodigy cheers as he waits watches the two girls hold their own.
And Elastica's tactic work as Juvan finds himself ensnared by Elastica, "Release me, woman!" he shouts.

Annalisa screams as she watches the sword fly at her, and her only instinct is to fall back, which she does, falling onto her back, and watching the sword fly above her, shes now prone.

And release Juvan she does, as Elastica's form stretches two appendages from the tangled mess that is wrapped around Juvan, tightening around two nearby trees and using it to slingshot Juvan hard and fast, toward Nobilus, while the flying man is distracted with Annalisa.

As Annalisa flies back, Prodigy hurls a snowball at Nobilus, "Hey, Thor wannabe! How about fighting me?" He asks as he is running to wear the sword landing, already learning and adapting to his sword-fighting skills.
The snowball hits Nobilus in the face as he shakes the snow off, he finds Juvan flying into him and they crash into the snow.
A large mass of snow flies up towards Annalisa and then almost instanteously, Nobilus is back up in the air holding the unconscious form of Juvan, "Enough! I am the true immortal here." He tosses Juvan in Elastica's direction and then the sky begins to go dark and grey, "Face the wrath of my true might and power! Feel the storms that I command" Wind blows, hail falls from the sky, the temperature sharply drops and lightning begins to fall around the heroes.

Annalisa jumps back up to her feet, before quickly falling slightly, catching her knee against the ground. She'd put her hand infront of her face, trying to block the storm from her eyes. Annalisa's hair and eyes would keep glowing, an aura of fire stretching to the side of each eye. It wasn't very visible, but her internal body temperatures were actually raising quite a bit, to the point where the hail would melt before hitting her.

Elastica evades the flying unconscious body, but when the hail storm begins, Elastica curses, as the intense cold starts getting to her, and it gets a bit harder to move. "Too cold…" she mutters, moving toward Annalisa, knowing the girl is generating heat, so it should keep her from freezing, even if her steps are slow.

As the girls take their stances, Prodigy also runs near Annalisa to get some warmth and get as much of a view of Nobilus as possible, "Suggestion ladies, before we freeze to death. Supernova, can you generate a stream of fire aiming for his upper body? He will duck down and when he does, Elastica while you still can, stretch out and drag him into the snow and I can finish this?" He asks the ladies if they can notice his cyberglasses are processing some sort of information.

Annalisa glances to Prodigy, and nods slowly. "I…I'm not sure I can make that…little…" She points her hands up in the air, palms towards Nobilus. Her eyes begin to glow brightly again, and oddly, she shuts them. A large stream of bright blue fire begins to flow from her hands, far more then enough to engulf his upper body, it may well engulf him entirely.

Elastica is now warm enough after getting closer to Anna, "Yes. Alright." she nods to Prodigy before looking at Nobilus as Annalisa shoots at it. When the beam ends, Elastica stretches her arms quickly toward the flying Thor knockoff and attempts to wrap her arms around the guy's torso, to bind his arms together and then bring him down to the ground.

Nobilus is hit by the blast. Thankfully as Thor clone, he can take the blast though he is not slight crisp and his costume is completely burned off as Elastica is able to wrap her arms around him and drag him down. The storm dies down and Prodigy leaps into action. Mimicking Nobilus' skill as a swordsman, he strikes and knows how to knock the villain out with killing him. Striking Nobilus in the forehead with the sword, the Thor clone falls over unconscious. Prodigy smiles and bows, "Excellent work, ladies! Teamwork always prevails!" This cyberglasses flash some words as the simulation comes to an end and the room goes black and then returns to its normal setting.

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