2009-06-22:Junior Mutants Vs M.O.D.O.K.


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**Summary:June 22, 2009

Log Title Junior Mutants vs M.O.D.O.K.

Rating: PG-13

AIM Base - Somewhere Out West

After a little birdie named Robyn was eavesdropping at Scotts door to see if he could find out information on something thing, he over heard something else, the location of the AIM base they were planning on raiding tomorrow night. Robyn told a few people, those few people told more, and those willing to break the rules and sneak out to get their powers back now find themselves in the Blackbird. A senior girl codenamed Lighting Lass sits at the controls of the Blackbird, giving the kids a hell of a ride. She's not exactly well trained in flying as she's still a student driver and it shows. After a few narrow misses while flying and some terrifying drops, she lands the Blackbird in a canyon. "I'll stay with the Blackbird, you guys do your thing!" She says to them as she lowers the ramp so the rule breakers can start their adventure.

July's heart is racing after the 'flight', her eyes wide as saucers as she clutches her right hand over her heart after leaving the Blackbird. "Next time… I'll fly on my own…" she says, still shaking lightly from the trip. "Gods… not even rollercoasters left me like this…" she says, before looking around while trying to calm her racing heart. "Where to now, Robyn?"

That flight has probably made Kael want to fly on his own more than ever as well. He never wants to ride in this thing again judging by the speed he takes to get off of the Blackbird. He puts a hand on his chest and looks over at Robyn. The rather muscled teen waits for more orders to follow. The sooner he can get rid of his bulk, the better.

Ebony has not lost her powers since she never encounter the green since creature that attack mostly she seems to come shortly after the last attack on the school. This does not mean she does not want to help the others who have. She wears her white and blue uniform with a little blue mask over her eyes. Through the whole flight she grip the seats arm rest and gasp as the jet drop and jerk. She walks out of the landed jet and holds her stomach, "Why did she fly again? I feel sick"

Stepping off the Blackbird in his Alpha Squardon uniform and ruby quartz sunglasses, Robyn just hopes that since he was the one who found the information, they don't expect him to lead. Robyn steps off and looks around, taking a few deep breaths after that ride. "Uuuhh that sucked…it's somewhere around here. I guess we have to look." He says in response to July, shaking his head.

"First things first. Be extremely careful. The green things seem to be weaker than the originals, but is still very strong. If there's more, who knows what we'll be facing." Leo says, stepping up suddenly. His normal white hair is jet black. He's clad only in black leather pants. After a few moments, his powers create a matte black armor over his body, a pair of black wings over his back, and a black sword to his hand. All of them are so dark they seem to suck light in around them. "So watch your backs… and your feet. There was a spike trap that got someone at the last place."

Skyler, still copying Logan, has sneaked off with one of his uniforms to make it all, you know, 'official' if anybody asked. "Oh, God. I'm going to have detention forever," he says, eyes darting around nervously. The ride hadn't done anything to settle his fears, though.

Feeling a little sick and casting a 'why did it have to be her?' look to the sky, Owen Folger comes down the ramp after Leo's display of Darkity-Darkness. He's in his yellow and white Corsairs uniform, vaguely wondering which squad-leader will read them the riot-act first when they get back. Pulling his hood up, Owen hangs back near Leo. "Spike trap? Seriously…like outta Indy" he asks. "Huh…shoulda brought a fedora and a whip," he chuckles a little.

Nathaniel is reluctant to get his old powers back, honestly, but he's here all the same. He's not bothered with a costume of any kind, wearing only a pair of ratty jeans that have the leg loosely stitched up along his calf, tears in the thighs, and an oversized teeshirt beneath a leather jacket that looks to be held together by nothing more than sweet, sweet hope. He also has a baseball bat over his shoulder for nothing more than the personal enjoyment of carting one around, and perhaps other reasons that garner him some nervous glances. Either way, he stands off to one side, smoking a cigarette and sending his brain out on a mission of retrieval, not that he expects it to do much good. It's like low frequency sonar, using his telekinesis to ripple over things that it passes, just enough to get a good mental grasp of whatever it is.

It doesn't take long for them to find an entrance, they don't even have to go anywhere as it seems Robyn's information might have been too accurate. A door opens up in the side of the cavern and about two dozen armed AIM soilders with engery guns come running out, firing immedately. It seems that when flying in they set of some sort of alarm.

July is wearing her uniform below her clothes, but she's not going to test if it's bulletproof as they say. As soon as the gunfire starts hailing at them, she ducks for cover, "What the hell? They got us already?" She says, looking at them shooting from afar, "Robyn, can you hit them from here? I can't do anything with just flying, and I'm not going to become a moving target in the air, I don't have good maneuverability yet to dodge bullets!"

Kael freezes from pure fright as the energy beams start firing at them. His eyes wide a bit. They're shooting? At him?! What'd he do! A hit from one of them on his shoulder knocks him out of his petrification and he looks to either side; leaping behind one of the first rocks big enough for him to hide behind as he starts to inspect the damage from the blast… Only to find really nothing.

Ebony frowns at the shooting and pulls out some long scrolls of paper that instantly makes a wall between her and the men firing at them the wall is really only allows her to stand behind. The paper wall is no match for such things as guns but it does give her a change to get to cover. She pulls out a few normal size paper and holds them in her hands making them super sticky and sends them couple of paper flying at a couple of the men's faces.

"What?!" Robyn says, trying to dive somewhere for cover, preferably behind a bit rock.s July asks her to hit them. "I've only used my powers by accident, never on purpose! And it's Psyche, since it's a real danger room thingie." He takes a deep breath and takes off the sunglasses peaking out behind the rock. "Comeon' eyebeams…comeon eyebeams." He says concentrating hard and after a bit, the red blast shoots forward knocking down a handful of guards.

"You can't hit what you can't see." Leo says, darkly as he raises into the air, casting a cloud of darkness over some of the AIM agents before swooping in with the sword. He's trying to make sure that he's not going to be hit, thanks to his natural agility, but those that do find their way through, don't really penetrate his armor.

Skyler's first reaction is to throw up his hands, covering his face in surprise, as a couple of beams sizzle him good. Of course, since he's got Logan's healing factor, it doesn't take long at all for the wounds to heal themselves up. "Ow, dammit! That stung!" he yells, popping his claws out for the first time, and then immediately shaking his hands, from the brief and unexpected pain that it causes. "Gah!"

Lurker was just about to make a comment about giant, rolling boulders when they found the danger. Or the danger found them. It's all the same with energy blasts shooting their way. Diving for cover along with the rest, he mutters something about rattlesnakes. He's not got a lot of power so the teen pauses to think. Shrugging, he peeks out from behind his rock and tries to yank the feet out from under two of the AIMers.

Nathaniel has been pretty lucky with his powers, considering they're pretty close to his own. He doesn't dive away from the shooting, but he manages not to get hit, tossing his cigarette off to the side before he mumbles something that makes the weird teen smile to himself. He points the bat at the guards and proceeds to send out a telekinetic blast. It's not well-aimed, but that's not really the point; it's meant to toss them back as far as his little brain is capable. He makes sure not to wind up knocking Leo into Ecuador, of course… and shut up about the bat. Wizards have staffs! It's for focus! Shut up!

Two dozen soilders seems like a lot, but against eight kids with superpowers they weren't expecting quite the fight. Through the telekinetic blasts from Nathaniel, the optic beams of Robyn, the stiky paper of Ebony and life draining attacks of Leo they're quickly on the floor. Luckily most the kids either got out of the way of the blasts or it just didn't effect them. It seems there is one way to go, through the door that's still open.

Elastica looks at the group of soldiers being beaten by the other guys' super powers. She frowns lightly as she's berated about not using nicknames, but, well, he's right. She looks back at the group, and think about her powers. She wonders what she can do right now. She doesn't know /what/ to create for this situation to help, from this distance, she just doesn't have the creativity to put her temporary powers to full. So, for now, she just waits until the others dispatch the group of soldiers.

Gale peeks out from behind his rock, and blushes very softly before he stands up and starts to head towards the door; stopping a few steps as he waits for the group. Words muttering to himself, and under his breath so no one else can really hear him. Probably to tell himself to not be afraid or something along those lines. He shakes his head, cracking his knuckles as it seems his mind is made up and he goes with the group into the door.

Ebony stands up once all the shooting is done. She looks around making sure everyone is okay. Once she sure of that she walks over to one of the guys shooting at them and kicks him in the ribs, "How dear you shot at us." She then starts to the doors the scrolls still in her hands ready for more action, "so now what?"

Robyn just gives Ebony a confused look as he also walks towards the door way. He sighs and shakes his head before pausing. "Okay, Wolverine Two (He doesn't know Skyler's codename) how about you and anyone else who can take a few hits…you." He says pointing to Leo. "Take the front just incase there are more of them?" He's trying to form some sort of game plan.

"That was my plan already." Leo says with a bit of an eyeroll. He doesn't really know Robyn, so he doesn't have any desire to just trust his word. After all, he travelled on the last one with the big leaguers. Sure, he'll get punished, but he doesn't care. He does his best to remain airborne, since he can see, even if it IS dark inside, and he doesn't want to trigger a spike trap.

Skyler nods at Robyn, since the plan makes sense. "It's Doppelganger," he says with a sigh, striding to the front of the line. "It sucks but I couldn't think of anything better."

Owen frowns as he stands, pulling his hood back up. He walks over to the AIM guys and looks for a working energy gun to take. He also looks for anything resembling a key or an access card that might be useful before following the others. He looks up at Leo with a concerned expression and shakes his head. "Sooner we're all back tah normal, the better," he mutters.

"What? You don't like the leather pants?" Nathan says as he kicks one of the AIM soldiers with the heel of his foot a few times. Whack. He'll then bend down to search the guy, too, but he doesn't seem overly concerned about it. It's unlikely a locked door and a few more guards is going to do much against the pack of them. Whether he finds something or not, he'll avoid taking one of the guns and just stick with his baseball bat slash magic boomstick.

As the group walks through the door it's a long tunnel that leads to a pair of bay doors. Lucky for Owen he grabbed the card key because slipping it through the doors open to a large hanger. Two of those green beings stand off to the side disabled and a large booming voice rings out. "They sent children to fight me, this isn't a challenge for MODOK." And a large floating head with a small body in a chair comes floating into view. It seems he didn't view children as a threat so he didn't give them much of a challenge to get here.

Elastica didn't grab any gun because she knows she wouldn't have the guts to pull the trigger to kill someone, so she just follows inside, just as MODOK makes his ominous appearances. 'Great.' Elastica goes within her mind, 'I think we're way out of our league here…' The brunette then frowns softly, her fists clenching a bit as MODOK is now before them, but her real attention is at the two green-thing-guys who are inert at the side.

Gale takes a step back as he spots the giant floating head, and he blinks a few times before hie eyes fall down to rest on the two green beings to the side of him. He tenses his hand up, making his arm bulge against the Corsair uniform sleeves. "I'm guessing that… this is the guy who swapped our powers," mutters the mutant. He looks over at Robyn before he says, "Psyche… how good are you at fighting…" A low voice when he moves up next to the boy.

Paper frowns at the two green men and to one side as the door opens and but since they do not move. Then the Voice comes and she turns and looks at the gross floating head and frowns, "Yuck have you seen your self your so gross." She shakes her head, "I'm never going get your face out of my head." Yep she pulling no punches. She frowns, "Just switch everyone's powers back and we will be off."

"I've never been in a fight outisde of the danger room before in my life…" Robyn mutters nerviously to Kael. "Should I fire and optic beam at it?" He mutters, he's scared and now that they're face to face with MODOK. "Anyone?" He mutters quitely as he's on the verge of being frozen with fear.

Looking around at what they've got to work with, Leo makes a quick nod. "Paper. Blind him." He begins, as he looks from person to person in the current grouping. "Neuroshock, Hold him in place. Vice grip. Lurker, watch around to make sure nobody else is coming around. Elastica, help him out. Psyche, hit him high. Gale, Pound him low. I'll take the high road." He says, cracking his knuckles and going upwards. "Don't let up. Don't give him a chance to recover until he tells us how to get back to normal." "Doppelganger, if you have his abilities, go around behind and cut him off from there."

Skyler nods at Leo, and runs towards MODOK, low to the ground, attempting to circle around behind him. Even though his claws aren't made of adamantium, they're still plenty sharp enough to cut through a wide variety of things. Hopefully, one of those things is MODOK.

"What in tarnation are you supposed tah be?" Lurker asks, staring at MODOK. Theres's a pause and he chuckles. "Sorry, had tah say it once," he asides. When Leo starts giving orders, Lurker shrugs and quickly starts lookin for a place he'll have a good view of the area while being out of the way of the fight.

Nathaniel stares up at MODOK for a few long seconds before he informs no one in particular, "We're fighting a giant floating head. Named Modok. I bet he'll say 'look upon me and despair' next. That'd be a good line for a floating head of evil." He keeps his free, unencumbered hand tucked into his hip pocket for the time being, looking surprisingly relaxed for being one member of an invasion team about to possibly be decimated by a guy in a chair. He looks back at Robyn and shrugs one shoulder idly, "I think attacking him all at once from one direction might be a bad idea." He winds up getting ordered to do something, though, and just offers up a lazy salute with that bat, turning his attention to the hovering gent. He asserts his power in more of a crush capacity than a 'hold' one, largely because it's easier and he figures it's best to err on the side of overkill.

"I am M.O.D.O.K. and I am beyond you all." And as the giant head says that a psoinic blast is sent at Paper, Psyche and Doppleganger. It's a blast that will leave the three ineffective for a while as it feels like their brains are being scrambled. "Mega-Adaptoids online." He says as the two green forms start to come to life.

Elastica opens her eyes wide as she sees Paper, Psyche and Doppleganger being hit by the blast, "Paper!" She calls out, almost letting out Paper's true name, before switching to the codenames. But, unfortunately, there are more pressing problems than teammates with hangover: the green things. "Oh, darn it all…" she mutters, noticing the green things starting to move, and she frowns, concentrating, trying to use this alien power of making things out of sound, making a round shield for herself on her left arm, and a bladed spear on her right hand, "This will have to do…" she mutters, sweating a bit, and she readies herself for any attack from the green humanoids.

Gale watches as his teammates are attacked, and his gaze shifts up to M.O.D.O.K. "There goes that plan," mutters the teen before he tenses up his arms once more. He takes off, a full bore sprint before he takes a leap up into the air. A punch aimed right for the alien's face. Chances of this working? He has no clue.

Paper nods and pulls some paper from her pockets and makes them sticky like before and sends them flying at his face aiming for his eyes. She then makes her scroll fly after the papers hoping to wrap him up with the long paper. Smirks at the big head speaks, "what a dumb nam….Oof she knocked to the ground and her papers fall as well. She does not get up and moves very little at the moment. If she hears July call out to her she never call back.

Robyn lets out a scream and holds the sides of his head as M.O.D.O.K metally attacks him. It hurts in a way he never thought possible. He drops to all fours and breaths hard as he's out of it for the moment, not unconscious but definately mentally dazed.

"Keep on him!" Leo shouts, slamming his sword down, trying to add physical force to the life drain by coating it in a thin layer of power. "He's in control, it sounds like!" He looks at the fallen ones and can't really do anything about that at the moment.

Skyler goes down like a ton of bricks as MODOK's telepathic attack nearly renders him unconscious. However, he's got enough forward momentum that he'll knock down whoever may be behind the giant head if they're not prepared for it.

Fron his perch, Lurker scowls as he watches everything going on. Taking aim with his stolen energy gun, Owen targets those adaptoids. He aims for the head of one and fires, hoping to take it offline before it can boot up completely.

Nathaniel takes a different tactic, trying to see how much of a grip he has on MODOK in order to try and pitch the guy into his own green jello - er, adaptoids. He throws a lot of strength into the pitch, but he felt that psionic blast; he has no real assumptions about how this'll turn out.

Ebony pages, "how long should I be knocked out?" to you.

As Maelstrom punches M.O.D.O.K. he hits something before hitting the giant head, a force field, and it's a tough one. Then Glimmer adds to the mix and the two can start to feel it yeild but more pressure is needed. "You will not get through my field inferriors! MegaAdaptoids, prepare to attack!" MODOK shouts as he increases the force on the phsyic blast on those down as a warning to the X-Kids attacking him. Nathaniel can't seem to be able to strong enough grip on M.O.D.O.K. Lucky for Lurker, the Green Humanoids are just starting up so as he fires upon one he actually stops it from turning on.

Elastica opens her eyes wide as MODOK order the green humanoid things to attack, but what catches her attention is the 'prepare' word. 'So I still got time to stop the other!' she thinks, frowning and switching her attention to the remaining green thing, and she takes aim, then throws her sonic spear at the thing, hoping to damage it well enough to make it stop!

Gale lets out a grunt as he hits the forcefield, but as he feels it start to give; he looks over at Leo after he lands on the ground. "Glimmer! Put all your strength into another hit!" He sprints back, sliding on the ground as he skids to a stop and then puts on a burst of speed back as he winds a fist back after he leaps up into the air. Putting a good deal more strength into this one. Hopefully Leo'll listen.

Ebony still on the ground as the attack continues on her. As the power is put up she cries out some and her body twitches in pain. Other then that she does not more or try to get up. The papers in the area start to move again and now wave and whip at random.

Psyche was just about recovering from the hit and pushing himself up when he gets hit with another blast and screams again. Tears are beinging to form out of his eyes from the pain. He looks up and tries to send an optic blast where Kael is hitting. It's taking a lot out of the young teen.

"I was going to tell you to do the same." Glimmer grunts out at Kael as he contintues to put more force and pressure against the barrier to break throught he force field to MODOK.

"NNnng!" grunts Skyler in pain as MODOK redoubles his assault on his brain. As bad as this is is, this is far from the worst thing that Skyler's ever been through. He grunts, getting to his knees, supporting himself up with the claws. "You're, gangh, going to have to do better than that."

Lurker smiles to himself and checks the gun. "Ah may keep this thin'," he says. Aiming again, he tries the same tactic against the second Mega Adaptoid. He may not be a heavy hitter right now but he's trying to do his part anyway.

Nathaniel sighs slightly, sucking on his lower lip and glancing at the kids who seem to be suffering from the psionic attacks. He rolls his shoulders, lights up another cigarette, and spreads his head out. He doesn't try to interrupt the flow of psychic energy between them - he knows he can't - but he should be able to draw it off and divert it. It's not the safest thing, considering the only way he can think to do that is to turn the focus around to him, but it should do something for the others, at least.

Between Gale, Glimmer and Psyche's attacks, they are able to break through the barrier and M.O.D.O.K. lets out a loud scream of protest. Then between Elastica and Lurker, her spear hitting the second mega adaptoid and then Lurker's gun hitting it the second one is defeated as well. Neuroshock does have luck diverting the attack but he takes on the brunt of it, lessining the attack on the three. "I will not surrender to you inferror kids!" MODOK screams as he sends a kinetic bolt at Robyn sending him flying back.

July grins and makes a 'yes!' gesture, until MODOK enrages when his shield is brought down, and blasts Nathaniel away, causing her attention to shift back to the big floaty head. She frowns, and then looks at her sonic shield in her left arm. She picks it up and tosses it toward MODOK, before using her powers to try to cover the gem on the big guy's forehead with a shell of solid sound, so it can't shoot anymore. Hopefully.

As the shield breaks, Gale winds his other arm back; tensing it up as he yells, "Shut up!" With that, he throws that punch as hard as he can to implant his fist into M.O.D.O.K.'s face. Probably not the best thing to do… but Kael's within the moment of things. Fist? Meet Alien FACE! … hopefully.

Paper blinks as the pain is gone. She sits up quickly hearing the head scream. She does not bother to stand at the moment as she takes control of her paper again and making them lift up the papers still cover in stickiness. She sends the at MODOK's eyes again. Now she stands up.

Robyn lets out a scream as he's hit and goes spralling back on the floor, unconsious.

Glimmer on the other hand follows suit with Gale and sticks the black ghost sword right into MODOK. "We'll let up when you tell us how to get our powers back." He grunts at the big head.

Taking aim once again, Owen targets the gem on MODOK's forehead. "Jus' like poppin' cans with Pa's rifle," he muters, firing and hoping that if he breaks the gem, he'll atleast hinder MODOK.

Nathaniel bites down on the filter of his cigarette, leaning forward until he's on his hands and knees, but retaining his consciousness perfectly well. He's used to his brain being overpowered by all kinds of nasty psychic stimuli, so he at least has some kind of foot in the door. He continues to divert as much of the energy as he can now, not just what's being fed into the others, but out of MODOK himself, hoping to cut down on the power put into things like that nasty blast sent in Robyn's direction. It's a strain on the young mutant, though, visible in the way that his nose starts to bleed in the classic psychic sign of 'ow, my brain is being squeezed like a melon'.

Without the force field, Glimmer and Gale put quite the hurt on his face. Lurker's shot hits the sound barrier that Elastic put around it but that's enough warning for him. The Doppleganger destroies his chair and by then MODOK is ready to talk. "You meddlesome kids. Fine, you can get your powers back by taking the device from the back of the Mega Adaptoids and combining them with the other four." At least for Neuroshock's sake, he let up that nasty psychic assult awhile go, though effects can linger. It looks like the Junior Mutants have won the battle!

July stands up, holding her shield around that gem on MODOK's forehead, as she thinks that's his only weapon, and she looks at the downed adaptoids. She approaches them, looking down at them, frowning, as she tries to find such devices.

Kael lands on the ground once more, panting softly before he starts to move over to one of the adaptoids. Hoisting it up easily in his hand as he looks at the back of it. He looks down over the back of it, looking for something that just screams 'Pull me out!'.

Paper brushes her self off and walks over to the large head stopping to pick up her papers, "so give them back there right power big head" She folds her arms and is made still having a head ack from his attack.

Robyn still lies there unconscious, his mind turned into temporary tapioca.

Glimmer hangs in the background with his arms crossed waiting for everyone to get what's needed and go back.

Skyler grunts in satisfaction as MODOK is taken down and they get the information that they need. "Bunch of kids indeed," he sneers. "We sure did kick YOUR butt." He turns to see that Robyn is down and out for the count. He walks over and pats him lightly on the face to see if he can't wake him up.

Coming down from hisn hiding spot, Lurker's got the energy gun on his shoulder and a smile on his face. "Alright, so ya'll are sayin' we jus' gotta combine the pieces like a jig-saw puzzle? Ya'll wouldn' happem tah be leavin' out any important bits. Ah'd hate tah have tah ugly up that face of yours any more than it already is, sir," he says, flashing a smile to MODOK as he goes to examine the adaptoids.

Nathaniel looks like he's about to faceplant when that attack lets up, shaking his head and pushing himself to his feet as he takes his cigarette out of his mouth and brushes the blood from his nose with the same hand. He doesn't move forward just yet, staying precisely where he is with his eyes locked on MODOK, his psionic powers fritzing but up, just in case MODOK's playing them all for fools and decides to try something cute.

The devices are there and the kids are assured that they have all the information they need alont with both devices. When everyone gets back into the jet, the piolet takes off and heads back to the school, this time more cautious than before.

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