2010-03-28: Just A Bit Of Water


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Summary: Jono confronts James about water being spilled on his Sister.

Date: March 28, 2010

Log Title Just A Bit of Water

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's evening, and James is winding down in the kitchen with a bit of food and fun. Fun being the systematic disassembly and torture of a small MP3-playing device. With it plugged into a Y-splitter, the hyena has a set of earphones in one end and a tape-deck adapter in the other. You know, one of those things so older cars can use newer technology. Cackling randomly, the beastly boy seems to be listening to music, but occasionally touching the cassette adapter's sensor to make the iPod scream in some strange electronic way. Yep, having fun via mutant power. Alone for the moment, he speaks to the gizmo, "Where are your rebel friends now??" *zzzzap* EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Nose in the air, ears back, he laughs menacingly, "Mahhahhahahahha!"

With nearly no scent, and the music being loud, maybe Jonothon can get in before James realizes that he's close. It'd be a nice bit of revenge for those pranks the hyena places. So the Brit tries to angle out of view to get in and lean close. «Rebel friends?» So many things Jono could have done, and yet he's kind. Back in his normal black, and done with being sick. he's finally himself again. Such as that is.

James, who was in the middle of torturing an MP3 device, fuzzes out and lets out a hyena-style noise before turing sharply to meet the voice that's suddenly behind him. Earbuds go flying and the now-forgotten device nearly falls to the floor and he gives Jono the evil eye. "Whaaaa! Dude…not cool!" He crosses his arms, ears sideways. More embarrassed than upset from the looks.

Having successfully scared James by sneaking over and the prodding, the Brit is looking fairly smug up at the Hyena. «No, as a matter of fact it was brilliant.» Which translates to that he thinks it very funny. Jonothon looks down after that, nudging the poor MP3 player with a toe. «So, who'd you steal this from?» Yes, instantly assuming that it wasn't James' own. Dark eyes lift with that, and there's some fire in them. Doesn't think James would have been cackling like that otherwise.

Walking into the kitchen, dressed in a beat-up black t-shirt with some paint on it and a pair of black jeans, is Robyn. There's even some paint smeared on his face as it's obvious he's been up to something artistic. He's feeling a little more energetic than he has lastly, and those stitches are finally out after a week. Yay for the shiar tech down stairs that cuts healing time down. "Oh, hey James, hey Jono….Jono! You're up!" He says with a big smile as he goes to the fridge.

Ohhh. That 'steal' parts gets Jono such a look. Arms cross a little tighter, "I shouldn't dignify that with a response." That mock upset look gets traded for a little of the real thing. 'Cause you know, he'd 'never' do something like that. UhhhHuh. He reorients his stash on the table, ignoring the other man for a brief moment, "It's broken. So I was just fixing it." Translation? Dumpster diving and making it more broken. And there's a distraction! "Hey Robyn," he says with a nod of his head, "You get any of that paint 'on' what you were working on?" Friendly tease. A look back at Jono, "You were down?"

Suspecting who dropped water on his sister, but having no proof, Jonothon is anything but apologetic when faced at that look. «You aren't exactly guiltless, James.» Doesn't press the issue though, but he will be on the listen about a missing player. Only then will the man do anything about it. No punishing people without proof! «Hullo, Robyn. Yeah, more or less.» Up. Doesn't feel one hundred percent, but still far better than he has been. To James he nods, sounding rueful, «McCoy got rid of the mark from Sinister, on top of Addison fixing the no touch issue. I was bedridden for a couple of days.» Clearly James was too busy to notice! Not that Jono was in the medbay or anything. «You two doing alright?» Since the paint has been asked of, he doesn't.

"I'm almost done painting what I've been working on. I started it last Friday, you know…before…but I haven't gotten a chance to finish it up. It's almost done." Robyn says as he's taking a break for something to eat and fishing around in the fridge he finds the stuff to make a roast beef sammich. Yes, sammich. "It's good to see you up and about Jono, did those movies help with boredom at all?" He asks.

James narrows his eyes a little as Jono calls him out, "Yeah…welll…" Hmph! He can't argue against what's true. "I was paying off detention. Had to wash all the windows in the Observation Room for climbing on the roof. 'Swhat I get for doing a good deed!" Another hmph and a sigh. With a look over to Robyn, James asks, "This that one thing you told me about or something new?" Honest interest there. Whatever was going on the other day that involved the other boy seems to have faded—for now.

Jonothon's expression goes very still, and his eyes go flat. The air grows heavy around him. The effect doesn't last though. Didn't even ask about the water, and now he's conversation. Merely lifts a hand to tell James to stop, and then turns his back on the Hyena before walking away. Going to go lean on a counter by Robyn and ask, «What were you painting?» Thought the teen did statues, but there he goes, learning something new every day!

"I think so James. The plant holder that's supposed to look like it's falling apart with a monster battle going on in the plant and around it? I just have to paint it all. Just a few little monsters to go." They're small and it takes time for Robyn to paint them. He's got about two left though. "I figured I'd make something for Jordan, just something that's….me, to let him know I care. I don't really have money but I figure by making stuff…." He likes to make things for people. Jono and James will be on his list soon.

James watches Jono walk away and shoots Robyn a 'what's that all about?' look. The creature smiles as Robyn fills in all the details, "Oh, thats cool." They had just had a conversation about the boyfriend, so the hyena is impressed to see the friendship is on the mend, "He's sure to like it! How's he doing otherwise?" James watches Jono's back and picks up his stuff before shoving it into a cargo pocket.

Giving Robyn a bit of a strange look for that description, Jonothon merely shakes his head. «It's a great idea.» To make something for Jordan. «Best gifts aren't the ones that cost money. 'least that's how I feel.» You know, says the rich boy. (Not that he's exactly rich right now. Would have to establish full family ties for that. Which would mean an extended trip to London, and that is so not happening.) Then a thumb over a shoulder at James for how Jordan is doing, «What he said.»

"Still recovering, hating being all white and transparent." Robyn says as he knows Jordan's been trying to avoid people as well. "Sometimes though it's hard to figure out what to make people cause I don't think everyone is gonna like some of the stuff that I like. I got weird looks when I was making the goo monster that looked like it was eating someone cause just a hand with a teddy bear was sticking out of the goo." Robyn says as he takes a bite out of the sandwich he just made. "What about you two, all is better?"

James stands and takes the remains of his dinner over to the trash bin to give it a decent burial, "Hand with a teddy bear? Now that's funny!" He looks over his should with a cheese-eating grin as he brings the tray over to wipe off and put back in it's proper place, "Watta'ya mean? All better?" With his back to the group he shrugs, "I'm abiding. What about you…Jono?" The pause says maybe more than he thinks.

Jonothon folds his arms over his chest and continues to lean. Yeah, knows a thing or two about hating how he looks. Doesn't have any advice that he hasn't already given in the past, so he doesn't say anything about it and merely shifts his gaze to nothing in particular. All better? «Eh.» All better? That's kind of a laugh. «Kind of upset that a 'friend' of mine dumped filthy water all over my sister, but I'm surviving.» Nope, doesn't look at James. «Can't say much more then that. Head above water and all that.» A shrug about it.

Robyn shakes his head. "I think I worded that wrong, I didn't mean better as in peachy-keen but better as in, not as bad as a week ago or even a few days ago." Robyn sure as hell knows things are far from 'all better' but at least for now his issues are on the back burner, where they should be. He just blinks at Jono's words about his sister but doesn't comment as he finally notices some tension. "How's your sister doing?"

Ohhh! And James freezes in his tracks, "Ahhh shit." His muzzle snaps closed. He looks like he's trying to say something, but a smile crosses his lips—or what passes for a smile on the creature's mawl. He grits his teeth forcing his face stoic. Yep…he's going to address this seriously. At least until his face starts to twitch. Then he looses it with a laugh, "Oh shit…that's funny. After what I already did…I dumped water on 'her?'" More laughter that turns nervous as he watches his friend's expression, "Oh god…I'm so dead…But wow…what are the odds? Twice in one week?" The nervous laughter takes over again and fades into something more hyena-like. Then stops almost immediately. "I'm so sorry…really…I am..That wasn't funny. Not funny." Lip twitch, "Really…it wasn't." He turns around and shoves his hand into his mouth when he thinks no one can see…Oh..a big mirror…right here? In front of him. Damn…

«She's fine. Off to her new flat in the city. I'm to go down in a few days. See my nephew.» It was only water after all. It's not her being soaked that he's really upset about, but that it was James. Notably after the getting shoved off the window stuff. Not good timing there, James. Jonothon pointedly looks at James as the oh shit starts. «You are not sorry.» The Brit disagrees. «You're enjoying this, and that's why I'm angry. You're really bollocked, mate.» Doesn't claim he's pissed off, for that means something entirely different where Jono comes from.

Robyn gets quite and looks to the door. Hrm….should he make an excuse and go? "Jono..do you have pictures of your nephew? I know Rashmi was drooling over him." He says in maybe a hope to distract but he doubts it will help. He's friends with both James and Jono and at the moment, he doesn't really want to get in the middle of this.

"Nooo, you're right," the chaotic creature confirms, "I'm honestly trying not too but…" There's a shrug and he turns back around, eyes on the floor, "I'll take whatever punishment is fit." As if that was the point. Not a lot else to say after that. He's at fault, knows he's at fault, and is only making the situation slightly worse by being himself. Suddenly he shrugs something off as is escaping a touch, "Okay, okay okay!" He grits his teeth and comes over to stand next to Jono leaning on the table, "Sorry?" There's a hard sigh, "Really." He tries to bump his shoulder against the adults, eyes elsewhere.

No distractions really, for James is being chaotic as normal, and not doing quite as expected. Jonothon doesn't believe for a moment that James is trying not to. Doesn't say anything about that as he pulls his phone from a pocket and navigates the menus. The email shown there has a ton of pictures, as well as some personal stuff. Nothing to be worried about not reading. The new apartment, work.. the details of a life. The boy is in those pictures, and as adorable as described. Must take after his mother, for his father is very plain.

Phone handed off, Jono eyes James and is surprised at the bump. Still, his look is hard for a moment before that expression softens. Yeah, Jono's a big softy, but this won't work more than once. «I'm not punishing you. It was just water. I'll have a new rug you do it again though. That's a bloody promise.» Yeah, forgiven.

Robyn smiles watching the two glad that they at least came to an understanding. "Okay Rashmi was right, your nephew is adorable. What's his name?" Robyn asks even though he hasn't had much of an experience around kids. No little cousins, no babysitting, he wouldn't know how to change a diaper to save his nose from the torturous smell.

James nods, keeping his shoulder pressed against the brit's for another moment eyes elsewhere until he's sure it's okay. It's something new. A sure sign of submission for those inclined to read feral behavior. "Okay." He moves enough to see the phone and keeps quiet about the light chiding. All he knows is that the advice he heard worked. Everything's better. The hyena puts his considering eyes on Robyn as the other boy looks at the phone. Nothing more.

Jonothon isn't one to quite grasp the submission, and it takes it as an honest apology. Still wary of James, but things are indeed okay for the time being. Watching the Hyena, the Brit answers Robyn, «Carl Simms.» Not a Starsmore. «His Da's name is Ed. That's the older bloke with him.» Just in case that was missed. Not one to gush over baby pictures, Jono lets his thoughts remain on James more than Carl. Worried whether or not James really means it. May as well let the topic shift to something more comfortable. «Elaine's pregnant too.»

"Oh wow. Mike just told me his Mom is too." Robyn says but he'll never get the chance to have a younger brother or sister. He finishes looking a the pictures and straightens up on the chair he's sitting on, stretching a bit. "I guess it seems it's that season for people to have kids? I dunno. My parents never had kids…the traditional way."

When Robyn moves, James does too. No more than a slight shift of weight as he realizes his gaze might be coming off as a little intense. He recovers by asking, "How so? You're adopted, right? Like me?" Eye ridges furrow as the hyena realizes he can't quite recall the details, "Least, I thought that was you, Robyn." Nothing more is said to Jono—for the moment.

«Not everyone can have children.» Said to James of the how so. Jonothon wasn't adopted, but he's not certain he can father children. A heavy burden for the only male heir of an old family line. «I'll have to give Mike congratulations.» For soon Mike will have a sibling. Robyn stretches, and Jono holds out a hand for the phone. Done? That's the question he asks with a look.

"Yeah, I'm adopted, my Mom can't have kids. That's why they adopted me. Thus I said the traditional way." Robyn says with a nod. "I'm like you James, but they'll always be my Mom and Dad to me. I used to wonder who my 'real parents' were, but I don't know if I care about that anymore." Even with finding out he has a twin brother. He hands the phone back to Jono as he puts a hand out for it.

James looks between both of his friends, "Jeeze guys…I'm not a complete idiot. I know about kids and stuff. My parents couldn't have them either." Little bit of a frown. He leans back, keeping his face out of the phone handoff. "I wonder occasionally, about the real ones. I figure they're in a pound somewhere." Frown is replaced by a smile.

Jonothon can only shrug after he gets the phone back. «I'm not adopted. Those aren't issues I've ever had to deal with.» Not making light of them, but explaining he doesn't understand fully. The phone is tucked into a pocket of his jeans. Said it because not every adopted child knows they are adopted. Does eye James about the pound. «Don't think they'd keep them there that long, mate.» Yes, he's trying to joke back about this. Pounds do put animals to sleep after a certain amount of time.

"I don't know James, if you get anything from your parents, I think they would have put up quite the fight before being put in a pound. I know you're pretty stubborn James and pretty insane." Robyn says with a smile as he means it all in a good way, not to be insulting. "Being adopted isn't so bad, I mean, I was lucky. My Mom and Dad are really great."

Avoidance behavior seems the norm these days. Jonothon is aware of it, but doesn't press. Not right now anyway. «It was a joke, mate.» That's all. Nothing one needs to avoid. «Not being adopted isn't all it's chalked up to be.» He rolls his eyes over that. «Just means you're related to the arses taking care of you.» Yeah, he has parent issues. Old ones. Pushing from his lean, the man drags fingers back through his hair. «James, you want to talk about it, find me. When you feel up to it.» It? Not exactly sure, so he leaves an open offer.

Robyn nods at James's statement and looks at him for a bit. He stays quiet as he usually isn't one to press issues, though sometimes he can't keep quiet. Ask Jono. He walks over to James and puts a hand on his shoulder and offers him a smile and a nod. "Jono's right. You need anything, or to talk about anything, we'll listen. If you don't need to, no pressure."

James nods, making it seem as if he knows exactly what 'it' is. There's actually several its right now, and the hyena plans to cull their numbers the next chance he gets. Regardless of his words to Robyn, which are, "Everything's fine, I've got people I can talk to," the other boy gets tracked by the creature's gaze as he walks over, "But thanks." There's a shrug and a little bit of negativity towards the touch that only an empath would notice. "But, yeah. I know. Now…stop making this about me! You're frekin' me out over here."

Privately to James, Jonothon says with a little smile, «Then stop acting nervous. You're giving off trouble cues left and right. Something's made you uncomfortable to extremes, and it's not only me.» Or dumping water on his sister. Still, Jono keeps his distance as to not further that discomfort. «I'm going to go. You two call me if you need anything.» It's time to get the work he's missed for some days done. A hand is lifted, and unless either asks him to remain, the man says, «Cheers.»

"Okay Jono, it's really good to see you up and about." Robyn says watching him go to leave the room. He looks back to James and shakes his head. "Sorry James, I just worry easy I guess. With all the chaos that has gone on, I just worry about my friends easier than I used to. God, I've chagned so much since coming here. Or I feel like I have. I used to be so….I don't know, but I wasn't so dependant on my friends. I just did my own thing but here, it's like everything just gets turned around. So I'm sorry if you feel like I'm pressuring you or anything. I just.." Robyn shakes his head not really sure how to explain it to him. "Nevermind. I'm just being silly."

James stands straight, hackles raising, "Gah! I'm not nervous!" Which probably sounds pretty strange since Jono never actually said anything Robyn could hear. The hyena composes and watches Jono leave, "Yeah…see ya…" There's a sigh. To chase, or not. Better not. Not today, at least. He looks back over at Robyn and listens with an attentive ear, "Naaa…you're fine. I'm just. I dunno…thread bare right now?" There's a shrug, "Jono and I have stuff going on. Figured it'd come to this. So, I'll jump on him about it later." Another shrug, "I never had friends at home. Small town and I was too busy doing my own thing. In a way I miss that predictability. But, then I wouldn't have met you, or Rashmi…Jono. And you're not being silly."

"I had a couple of female friends back in Brooklyn, but the haven't even contacted me since I came here. They were just school friends." Robyn says as he's never really had many guy friends before coming here. He was just to shy around other guys as he was so uncomfortable with his sexuality. "Well, If you need anything, I'm usually in the art room." He jokes about himself being such an 'art geek'. "Cause you know, one day you and I are gonna get away from this place and go our own way."

James nods, "Oy…I hope we live that long." Large sigh at that thought, "Until then we just gotta stay positive or something, right?" Conversational filler And it's pretty obvious he doesn't believe it. Where would he go? Back home probably since he'd be able to change back by then. No doubt about that last part. "Heh… You can't leave. One of us has to stay and babysit Jono. Right? Not sure my parents would let me keep a pet." He grins at that, hoping Jono can hear.

"Yeah, we can't leave that responsibility on Rashmi's shoulders. I mean, she'd drive the man nuts with her constant worring." Robyn says with a grin as he brushes his hair back. "I'm trying to stay positive James, I really am. Even though I'm kinda scared if I can make it away from here for a week, I'm going with Jordan to Florida in a few weeks. I just hope I can find away to make it with my daily need."

"Yeah, positive," the hyena say with some amount of trial. Then James gives the other boy a look. Daily!? Wow…is he the only one not having sex around here? "Yikes Robyn…'need?' I didn't realize it was like that? That must be hard to live with." But who is he to poke fun at a friends…ummm…talent? There's a sigh and a nod, "Well…if you don't wear Jordan out..and he's cool with it…maybe you can find someone in Florida? I mean, it's only a week?"

"What are you talking about?" Robyn asks James totally confused. "Jordan and I…we've never done it or anything….especially after Nathaniel but…no. I wasn't talking about that at all. No…the fact that I need to drain psychic energy from someone on a daily basis." Robyn is blushing so much right now and he hides his face on the table and doesn't say most of what's on his mind right now.

James coughs, a lot, "Well, I uuhhh..and…ummm…" He looks to the left, and to the right. Thank god no one is watching. He'd surely get blamed for the display. He holds his hand above the other kid and tries to offer a reassuring touch, but it's a fight to get his hand down that far. Because, you know, James is known for offering everyone a reassuring hand. Instead, he looks as if he's about to shove his claws into the kid's prone form! "I'm…sorry!?" *thump* His hand lands on RObyn's shoulder. The hyena looks over, an attempt to smile on his face, Instead, he's nothing but tooth points and a mangey muzzle.

Robyn looks at James and smiles at him. "Why would you be sorry." He was just a bit embarrassed is all. "Besides you really don't need to know about my sex life, do you?" It's not something that he thinks James would want to hear about at all and it's not something he would want to talk about either. "I know you were trying to be funny though, and even though it was embarrassing it was a bit funny." He says looking up at his friend as he puts his hand over James's hand on his shoulder.

James nods, "Yeah…funny. That's me!" He's hoping it hides the fact he was serious. He shrugs and bumps his friend with this side, "Eh…so…I'm thinking I should hit the hay. Rather go to bed, I mean. Last time I hit the hay, the horses wouldn't return to the barn for a week." He waggles his eyeridges, "What are you gonna do?"

Robyn looks at James and smiles, as he's glad that James doesn't know what happened between himself and Nathaniel during the whole demon invasion thing. "I think I'm gonna head up to the art room and finishing painting what I'm working on and then shower and then sleep. I haven't been to class in a week so it'll be weird getting back into things on Monday." Robyn says standing up as well. "Well, rest well James, I'll see ya later."

James nods and follows Robyn out, "Not so bad. I've had 'breaks' twi…three times not. If you need help, let me know. I get better grades than you'd expect." There's a wink and a pat on the back before the hyena heads off in his own direction, "Night Robyn."

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