2009-12-09: Just A Fight


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Summary: Officer Nick Hunter comes at the end of a fight Jeremy has gotten himself into.

Date: December 9, 2009

Log Title Just a Fight

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

In a darker area of the park there's definately some trouble going on not to far from the lake. Under some trees three guys appear to be holding a fourth as there's definately a confrontation. It seems Jeremy got in some trouble with someone he buys drugs from and is paying the price as one of the three guys ganging up on him slugs him in the stomach.

Officer Nick Hunter. He just loves the sound of it. Night patrol in Central Park. He likes this far less. In his police uniform, red-cross keychain dangling from one wrist, he's not so much worried about the nastiness as he is wishing it would just happen already and stop making him wait on the edge of his seat. Central Park is supposedly home to some of the city's bigger troubles. He gets his wish when he spots some movement. He starts walking towards it but when he sees what's going on a bit better, Officer Hunter starts jogging over. "Hey! Break it up and freeze!" he calls in his best 'cop voice'.

At hearing the cops voice, the three let Jeremy drop to the ground, one giving him a final kick, before bolting off. He doens't bother moving as his torso hurts to much to get up. He's got a bloodly lip and a cut on above his eye at the moment. He doesn't have any drugs on him at the moment so he doesn't try to run away.

Frowning a bit deeper, Officer Hunter stops near Jeremy. He radios the other officers in the park to keep an eye open for the three. He can't chase after three guys at the same time after all and there's someone in need of help laying right there. Crouching down, he look the kid over and mentally cringes. "Man, kid. What was that all about?" he asks. "Should get you to a doctor…"

Jeremy finally sits up with a groan. "I don't need a doctor, I'll be okay." He says wiping some blood off his face with a gloved hand. "We just had a disagreement officer, that's all." He doesn't get into it too much since Jeremy didn't have as much money as he needed to get some drugs for his next fix and asking to pay them back later was a bad idea. "Ow." He says rubbing his stomach.

Nick's brow furrows. "A disagreement?" he repeats, sure it's more but not pressing just yet. "Are you sure? That cut looks pretty bad. May need stitches," he warns.

Jeremy reaches up and touches the cut. "I dunno, it's just a cut." He says but he's not a doctor. It's pretty obvious by looking at Jeremy that he's homeless as he's fairly dishelved and dirty. "I just pissed them off, I shouldn't have." Jeremy is starting to get a bit nervous around Nick as he can't think of a good excuse as to why he just got beat up.

Nick frowns as he looks Jeremy over. Homeless kid. That makes the aversion to the doctor clearer. "And how'd you do that?" he asks, looking to see if he can find any other obvious injuries. "And you really should atleast head to the hospital."

Jeremy ignores the first questions and looks down at the ground. "I can't see a doctor, I can't afford it." He says rubbing his arm absentmindly. His backpack is still on the ground and he hasn't bothered to retrive it yet. "I'll just wrap it or something until it stops bleeding."

Nick offers a warm smile. "GHS. Free hospital. You can get stitched up there," he says, remembering the place from an earlier incident he was called to. "And just wrapping it up could get infected which would be much worse."

Jeremy nods shyly and didn't know there were free hospitals. "And all they'll do is bandage this and not ask any questions?" It's obvious he's hiding something but it's not something you outright tell a police officer. "I don't really know much First Aid." He admits as he's nervous about going to a doctor and having things touch his skin.

Nick frowns. "Kid, they legally have to ask some questions. Can't be giving you anything you're allergic to or something like that," he replies, taking the question a little too literally. He can tell something's being hidden but isn't sure what. "What's your name?"

"Jer..Jeremy." He says never giving out his last name, it's just something that Jeremy isn't comfortable with. "I don't think I'm allergic to anything." He hasn't been to a doctor in about two years. "If they ask how I got hurt, can you just tell them I triped really bad or something?"

"You can call me Officer Hunter," Nick tries to be reassuring. "Well, you could try but it's pretty obvious you took a beating," he says.

Jeremy nods. "I met an officer, Officer Alessia, she was nice." There are a lot of police officers in the NYPD so he doubts they know eachoher. "It is? Do I really look…." There's a wince of pain followed by an 'ow' as he touches his ribs. "That bad?"

Nick's not met all his co-workers yet so Alessia could be someone he'll end up working with. "Well, I'm afraid I don't know her yet but yeah," he moves to help stabilize Jeremy when the boy winces. "Especially when you do that."Jeremy doesn't realize that he needs the help until Nick moves to stabilize him. "My stomach hurts to walk, where they kicked me." He says knowing he got himself in a right mess this time. "Thanks, for helping me and not…" Asking too many questions?

Nick nods. "Hold tight. I'll call another officer and they'll drive ya over to GHS," he says, reaching to make the call on his radio. "And don't worry about it. To protect and serve and all."

"I have to get my bag." Jeremy says as he holds onto Nick. He makes sure that none of his skin is touching Nick, which is only his face that's exposed, because he doesn't like seeing people's pasts. Even though Nick says don't worry about it, Jeremy is still worried. "Thanks again."

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