2010-06-04: Just Another Day


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Summary: It's just another day in Salem Center.

Date: June 4, 2010

Just Another Day

Rating: G

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.

It's early friday morning, and theres a light rain in the air, Caleb has decided to get out of the city for a while and remembers this place from when he was here with July, he's dressed in blue denim cargos, a black superman t-shirt, black airwalk trainers, his white hair is slightly damp and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist. He's walking past the Salem centre headphones in his ears.

Holy crap, it's Magneto eating ice cream! Or…not. It is a white haired much younger man who happens to have similar features. He is, indeed, coming out of the Cold Stone Creamery with a cup of ice cream that he is om nom nomming on. He pauses outside of the creamery to look around. Om nom nom.

A blue Toyota Avalon pulls into the parking lot of David's Salon and out comes Christopher, putting his coffee on top of his car as he juggles his keys before going into his car to get out his laptop and work bag. He's getting ready to open his shop for the day and thus he's wearing a nice pair of black slacks with a dark purple button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Spotting the white haired man, Christopher gives a quick wave before grabbing his coffe. "Good morning Erik. I much prefer my morning coffee to morning ice cream."

"I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover, I love you forever, forever is over, We used to kiss all night, now it's just a bar fight, So don't call me crying, say hello then goodbye", he walks towards where Erik and Christopher are talking, considering ducking into one to get out of the rain.

Erik chuckles a little bit and laughs at that, shaking his head. "I normally do too, but for some reason I /just/ felt like ice cream today." He says with a laugh. He is in dark clothing, a suit jacket with purple silk lining in it and no tie as he is out in the morning. "I figured why not. No classes this morning. How are you doing?"

Christopher looks over at the singing Caleb and laughs at the lyrics. "Well I'm glad he's quite a bit too young for me." He jokes with Erik as he juggles everything he's carrying so that he can go over and unlock the door of his Salon. "I don't have any classes this morning either, then next week I have two finals then the summer to spend more time in my salon."

Caleb spots Christopher laughing and sighs, first Jakob now this guy?, "I'n gonna end up with a complex if this keeps up", or he might already have one, he's not too sure, he stops and tries to decide what place looks most promising.

Erik chuckles a bit. "How is the Salon coming along?" He says with a smile. "I'm going to try to spend the summer getting a little bit more of my life in order, try to get things settled more firmly. Once that's happened, I'm hoping to enroll in NYU for some classes myself, around my schedule." He chuckles. He looks over to Caleb, and nods.

Christopher raises an eyebrow at Caleb in confusion. He's nosey so he just speaks up. "End up with a complex? Over what? Singing in the Rain? Shall I call you Gene Kelly?" He then looks over at Erik and smiles. "It's coming along wonderfully. Oh and ESU is just as good as NYU. I think we have a few alumni at Xavier's there."

Caleb pulls out his headphones and walks over, "Sorry i couldn't hear you, did you say something to me?", load earphone = not hearing stranger's jokes, and whats an Xavier's?

Erik chuckles again at Caleb's reaction. "We were just discussing the changing times." He says, although he doesn't fail to notice the man's similarly white hair. He checks…nah, no Lehnsherr jaw. He loos back to Christopher. "Yes, it is, but I'm an NYU alum already, and I don't think my pride in my alma mater would let me attend another."

"I don't think I have much pride inmy alma mater." Christopher says with a chuckle. "Unless you count my high school but I also work there now." He looks over at Caleb and smiles. "Sorry, you were just saying something about developing a complex. I was wondering what sort of complex you might be developing."

"You're the second person to laugh at me singing to myself in two days, i though was good at it", Caleb also didn't realise that he'd been talking so loud, meh whatever, he smiles, "Sorry for interupting you".

"I wasn't laughing at you singing to yourself, I was laughing at the lyrics." Christopher says with a shake his head as he pushes open his store, drops everything but his eyes and coffee inside and relocks the door. He figures some breakfast might be in order before offically opening. "You sing just fine kiddo, I just found the lyrics amusing is all."

"I wasn't laughing at you singing to yourself, I was laughing at the lyrics." Christopher says with a shake his head as he pushes open his store, drops everything but his eyes and coffee inside and relocks the door. He figures some breakfast might be in order before offically opening. "You sing just fine kiddo, I just found the lyrics amusing is all." (re)

Caleb is confused, whats funny about the lyrics, its just a song, "Oh thats cool then i guess", he rolls his eyes at being called kiddo, he is seventeen afterall, he isn't a child.

Erik chuckles at the eyerolling and shakes his head, smiling to Christopher. "No now,he is clearly not a kiddo. He is at the age when young man said in a mildly disapproving tone is what gets the most enthusiastically disgusted response." He teases both men simultaneously, a smile on his features.

"I still call my eighteen year old son Kiddo." Christopher says with a smile he doesn't mean anything insulting by it, it's just what he calls teenagers in an endearing way. "So are you getting ready for your finals for next week Erik? I'm sure everyone is excited to be having the summer off, but it's so odd always watchign these kids grow up."

Caleb rolls his eyes again, these guys are worse than his dad when he tries to be cool, "Well anyways, i'm gonna go get out of the rain, nice meeting you", he turns and walks into the closet shop.

Erik chuckles. "Well, as always the teachers look forward to the end of the year as much as the students, I think." He says with a grin, before he nods. "Although grading the test is always a pain, I tend to give exhaustive ones."

"That's your own fault." Christoper teases Erik. "My final just requires about two ours of working out afterwards. But seriously, I do a small written test and then cooking. It'll be a lot of eating. I made the kids pick from three different catagories and they have to put those three together to find a recipe."

Erik chuckles. "I don't know, somehow I think it's better to grade a paper written by a student who wasn't paying attention in my class then to eat the cake of a student who wasn't paying attention in yours." He teases back, chuckling.

Christopher smiles at Erik's teasing. "Well I'm gonna let you go enjoy your Ice Cream, I have to open up shop and grab breakfast quick. I have about fourty five minutes before I open." Which will just give him enough time to do paperwork, head to the bank and get a breakfast sandwhich somewhere. "Take care Erik."

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