2010-05-09: Just Checking In


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Summary: Jinx is tracked down by James with an offering—or bribe. "Don't feed the animals" was never so applicable.

Date: May 09, 2010

Log Title Just Checking In

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Spuyten Duyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

Jinx has found her way to the lake somehow. Her call to Mom done, and the day to herself, she has chosen to avoid the general mayhem of the dormitories for the quiet and solitude of nature. She has brought a blanket with her, and currently sits upon it's checked surface, her tail curled over her feet. Though the wind blows, she seems generally comfortable in her skirt and tank top, her headphones blaring some 80's hits.

Sometime after Jinx has gotten situated, James makes his appearance. And although it will take him a few minutes to close the distance between him and the girl, the wind will carry his message to the other feral long before he can deliver it: food. Walking up to her blanket, he raises two sacks up slightly if to offer, "How about a down payment on what I owe you for the mall trip?" Keeping his feet off her rug, he watches for a moment, as if waiting for an invite.

Jinx looks up to him and slowly leans to press the pause button on her player. She sniffs, little nose lifted to the air to breathe in the scent of the food. "Mm… are they good ones?" she asks, violet eyes shaded by her lashes. She scootches over a little, making room for him on the blanket. "Have a seat if you like."

"Sure" James says as he steps onto the blanket and takes a seat. Setting the two bags down, he shrugs, "Honestly…I dunno. I'm from Indiana. I had Taco Bell…and that was about it. I just sorta…ordered at random and hoped for the best." He screws up his face a little, imagining how well this will probably go over, "Hope you don't mind. I used my security powers for evil. Since I had food, I was allowed to locate you by your phone."

Jinx screws up her face too, her nose wrinkling slightly and whiskers floofing. "Taco Bell? They suck…" she snorts softly and reaches for one of the bags. As he admits using his powers for evil, she raises an eyebrow. "Does that mean you can tell when people are like, in the bathroom for too long and all that?" She proceeds to help herself to one of the bags, opening the top to sniff inside.

James considers that as Jinx takes the bag marked "El Tapatio's Mexican Extravaganza." Given the expression of the restaurant's mascot, an extravaganza is exactly what he is having. That or Montezuma's revenge. "Probably…which is exactly why I'm not allowed near the equipment unsupervised," the hyena says with a smile, "That and…a million other reasons."

The bag smells passable for Upstate New York. She reaches in to grasp the fat foil of the burrito and pull it free, ripping a bit of the aluminum foil with her claws as she does so. The end is sniffed again, and she takes a tentative bite with her sharp teeth. "It's okay," she declares, rolling a black and white shoulder. "It ain't home. But it's okay." She chews and eyes the big hyena kid more. "Why do they let you near anything valuable, then? Are you simply that charming that you can sweet talk everyone?"

James leans back on his arms and watches Jinx inspect the food, "That's exactly the reason. That and this place lets Magneto come and go as he pleases. I think they got bigger things to worry about than me breaking stuff…again." He grins and, after his curiosity gets the best of him, raids one of the bags for a taco.

Tacos are not on the list for delivery, so Jinx does not consider the food her territory. She has her burrito after all, and it fills her hand enough for her claws to surround it. She takes a bite, slurping a little as the juices well to the top. "Mm. So you're saying if someone is clever enough, they can get away with a lot if they don't mind the rules being flexed here and there."

James shrugs, downing another taco, "I almost killed a teacher and my roommate. Not only am I still here, I got a position on security. So…if that doesn't tell you something about this place, nothing will." Big black eyes and hyper senses scan Jinx as he waves a hand, "They were accidents…but still." A second shrug, attention back on his food, "But yeah, this place offers a lot of opportunities to the clever inclined."

Jinx thinks that James is putting her on, by the smell of it all. Yet there is a terrifying honesty to his words that makes her pause, mid-chew. "I'll have to remember that," she murmurs, mouth full. A pause. "I think I met that teacher. Seemed a little paranoid about you. I guess I know why."

James pokes through the second bag and pulls out a serving of carnitas—is there anything these bag's don't hold?! "Honestly, that's most of the teachers," James says unapologetically, "I'm usually the first thing incoming students and teachers are warned about. I have a bit of an outdated rep." Or so he might want others to think. After all, the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. The creature across from Jinx smiles tootfully, "As you can see, I'm not all fur and fangs."

Jinx is not that easily convinced. She chews at her burrito thoughtfully, taking care to savor the flavors. Beans, chicken, cilantro… it might be the last she sees for quite a while. "No… I don't think you are…" she reaches into her bag to find a napkin to dab her mouth. Nothing is worse than dirty fur, after all. "So how does anyone know when you're telling the truth anymore?"

James smiles, "No one does. Which, I have to admit…I like. Keeps everyone distant, because they're expecting the old me. And this way I'm not constantly tripping over other peoples baggage, stupidity, or whatever." He gives a nod to the school, "Sides…aside from a couple friends that I don't mess with…rest of the population can take a leap."

"I guess that makes sense, in it's own nihilistic way," she takes another bite of her burrito, seemingly nonplussed by the large hyena with antisocial tendencies. "Sometimes other people's baggage is what life is all about. You can smell it in the halls whenever someone walks by. I haven't found a way to escape that unless I escape people in general, and that makes for a lonely world," she looks up at dark eyes with her own pale eyes. "But I'm not you."

James shrugs, "I'd hope not…or I'd have bigger issues than I thought," he says in
attempt to joke off Jinx statement. He doesn't know where else to take the conversation, so he asks, "Still willing to help me? Not asking you too, but if you're willing…" He nods to the food, "This wasn't so much a bribe as it was just a way to show you my appreciation. But…I suppose that's in question given the rumors, eh?" Show of teeth.

Jinx finishes off her burrito in a couple of bites and wipes off her clawed hands. "Sure I will help you," she says, scruffling the paper napkin between her palms to get the burrito squeezings off her fingertips. "It sounds like fun. Besides, I love the idea of getting out and stuff. It'll be cool."

James gives the girl a long look, "Okay. Probably later in the week. I'll get some passes so we can all miss class." He adds a quick, "'Real' passes," in case there was any doubt, "Contrary to popular belief, I'm not out to get anyone in trouble." Another shrug, "And thanks."

"'We'? It's more than just you and I going?" she asks, surprised. She sits up a bit straighter. "Um. Thanks for the burrito. It was really good and hit the spot. I appreciate you bringing it out, even if it wasn't a bribe," she gives him a wink.

James shakes his head, "Robyn wants to go. He made the suggestion that, if things got weird, their power could help out. I can't argue against it. So, he goes." The wink seems to go unnoticed. Instead, he gathers the trash and puts it all in a single bag, "No problem. Seemed like the nihilistic thing to do, you know?" Jinx gets a squint, and in a second James is on his feet, "I'll let you know the time and stuff."

Jinx blinks again, her tail floofing a little. "Okay. Thanks." Confused by his behavior, she rolls her shoulders in a shrug and can say no more. When he's moved off enough, she sets her ipod to play again.

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