2010-02-10: Just Gloves


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Summary: Cam delivers a package to Lucas. Then… gets confused.

Date: February 10, 2010

Just Gloves

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Graveyard

The path from the Japanese Gardens leads to a clearing among the trees. The wildness of the woods has been removed from this area, leaving a section of low, nearly always fresh-cut grass. Spaced out among the grass are several memorials and headstones, marking the plots for those who've died among the makeshift Xavier family. Or rather, extended family. The area is mostly covered by trees, cutting out all direct sunlight.

Lucas is leaning against a tombstone, wrapped in his wool long coat. He has a notebook in his lap, and is writing in it with an oversized kindergarden pencil, which is easier to handle with his huge gloves. He glances across from him every so often, to the tombstone across the path. It's Coyote's.

Cam is fairly new to this school. However, he's learning that he's just not like anyone else here. However, he's trying hard to stay and not be a bother to people. So, he's taken it upon himself to take some of the mail around. Right now, he's carrying a package as he walks in a straight line. He doesn't know Lucas, but someone showed a picture of him in his mind. It was a little freaky, but Cam understood. Right now, he seems to be following an odd path. The way he's walking, he's not stepping in any holes, on any rough spots, just walking along the smoothest possible path. He's watching the ground as he walks before he stops a few feet ahead of Lucas. He takes a bite out of a candy bar in his other hand. "You Lucas?" He asks, casually. He doesn't know anything about what could be happening out here.

Lucas glances up, quickly closing the notebook with a casual rush that does little to disguise that he's clearly not wanting his writing seen. He furrows his brow, looking up at the larger fellow. "What did Ah do this time?" he asks, as if he spends most of his afternoons in detention.

Cam blinks and almost steps back at the response. "Nothin', I think." He's also got his own southern accent, but he tries hard to hide his I's when he speaks. "I just saw this box with your name on it at the mail. Had someone show me what you looked like, and thought I'd bring it to ya." He says, holding the box out. It's a long, thin box. There's an address for Lucas Heathe at the school. There's no return address. Postmarks are indecipherable.

Lucas furrows his brow even more, and slowly stands up. "For me?" he asks. He looks at the package, then back at Cam. "That's… Ah mean ta say, surely that's not right… Ah don't… There ain't noone who would send me no care package."

Cam shrugs slightly. "I dunno. I just know it's got your name on it." He says. The package is very thin as well, just long. Almost like a shirt-box, but more slender. "You know anyone out there? I mean, I got my family, but they're all in Biloxi and I JUST got here, so they ain't sending me anything yet."

Lucas shakes his head, "No…" He studies the box, and then takes it from Cam. Again he studies it for a moment, and then begins to open it. It's not an easy task with the huge gloves on his hands. "Can… Pull this tape…" he says, sort of half asking half telling Cam to help him get the end open."

Cam watches for a moment before noticing how bulky things are. "OH! Sorry, I shoulda offered." He says, blushing deeply as he moves to assist with getting everything unfastened. However, he won't do the actual opening. He'll leave that for Lucas. Though, once it IS opened, it's a pair of thin white gloves. They're a little heavy, but they're long enough to cover Lucas's forearms completely. Along with those, a note.

Lucas looks at them for a long moment, then unfolds the paper, reading it. He reads rather quickly, and then has a quick flash of discomfort wash across his face as he looks again at the gloves. He folds the box closed again, leaving the note with the gloves within. "Thanks," he says, and begins walking back towards the mansion.

"Uhm… no problem?" Cam says, slightly confused at the sudden discomfort and exit of Lucas. AFter all, it was just a pair of gloves.

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