2011-02-28: Justice At Last


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Lil & the NYPD

Summary: Lil’s location is discovered and a group moves out to save the woman and capture the rogue cops.

Log Title: Justice at Last

Rating: R

NYC - Genoshan Embassy

The neo-classical building was built in the late 1800's and is one of the few buildings in mutant town that resembles old New York Architecture. The facade is colored and textured like high-grade marble, but is actually made of steel. Inside there is a large foyer with a sweeping staircase that leads the second floor where many doors lead off to public offices (such as taking applications for emigrating to Genosha). The Embassy is complete with a medical facility and Grand Ballroom, where the official functions occur.


Dingo walks through the front door of the Embassy, waving a hand at the guard as he passes. He is holding open a small binder filled with papers, flipping through them as he moves. The man had called and asked for Kage to meet him here, needing the other mutant's abilities to locate Lil. Now that he has the necessary information it should not be terribly difficult for the other mutant to find her…He hopes. Dingo continues up one of the stairwells and steps into a meeting room, pushing up his goggles and sitting the papers down on a table.

Kage has been waiting for Bruce to get there and shortly after he walks into the room Kage follows him. Like usual he's dressed in a very elegant dress and has his make up and hair done up so he looks like a woman. He shuts the door behind him and leans on the wall, arms crossed over his chest. With a raised eyebrow and a smirk of his lips he nods to Bruce. "Well good evening, what do you owe the pleasure tonight?"

Kalindi arrives at the Embassy, wearing a black cape with her gold suit of armour. While normally she keeps the cape in solid gold to fit with her theme, today she's decided that she wants the capacity to be subtle. It pays off well, as she wears it around herself almost as a cloak, covering even the slightest shimmer for the time being. She seems a few inches taller than she normally does, her footfalls making metallic clangs.

Dingo smiles, though it is a very grim smile. "I need you to find her for me. Things are getting a little out of hand. If Iron Man hadn't stopped Envy yesterday I'm sure we'd be dealing with more bad cops than we already have." Bruce stops for a moment, pulling out a communicator as it beeps. "Yes? Send her up." The guard was notifying Dingo that Kalindi had arrived. "I have someone else coming here. She's interested in helping out. Anyway…" The man passes some papers across the table to Kage, "Can you find her?" There is a photograph of Lil, a photograph of Captain McIntire and Lietenant Fraizure, and the badge numbers of Officers Blackstone & Santmire. "All of the officers went missing a few days ago. I can only assume they're together."

"Of course I can." Kage says like there's not any doubt at all. "And as for these…humans." He says this with a roll of his eyes. "They need to learn that it's not their place to judge mutants, enforce law or on or anything. The fact that they even touched her warrants their deaths." He says taking up the picture delicately in two fingers. "I can find Lil as long as she's wearing this necklace and the officers as long as they have their badges, give me a bit to concentrate."

Nodding at the guard as she's directed up the stairs, Kalindi only offers a polite, "Thank you," before she ascends. Her motion isn't strained at all, even under all of her heavy armour, and she arrives in the same place as the others. Her eyebrows raise slightly and she speaks in the strange accent that doesn't identify her as being from anywhere in particular, "Am I interrupting?"

Dingo nods. "I don't know why she would take off that necklace, it was a gift from her sister. And the officers I would hope are still hoding their badges…" He walks over to one of the walls and begins typing something into one of the computers. A large map of New York City is projected on the wall. Hopefully she is within the city's limits. Dingo glances up as Kalindi enters the room. "No, Kage is trying to locate Lil. he just needs some time to concentrate. If she's nearby I'll call in some help and we'll go out and get her."

Kage picks up a pen and holds it delicately in one hand and one of the pictures in the other. He concentrates for about a minute before his hand points to an area on the map. "The necklace is there." He says as he just knows. Then he concentrates on the next picture, the badge. It takes about another minute before he points with the pen to the same area. "Officer McIntire is there as well." Then the third and final picture gets the same results. "Well it seems they're all together. Should be an easy kill to rescue Lil." He says before looking at Kalindi for a long while before raising an eyebrow. "Interesting."

Eyes following the motion of Kage's gesture on the map, Kalindi raises her eyebrow slightly as the officers seem to all be in the same area. "Bunched up like that, it will make things relatively easy if we get the drop on them. Make them die, get her out…" She crosses her arms and notes flatly to Kage, "And you are rather interesting yourself."

Dingo zooms in the map as Kage points, "Sea Docks? That's an odd place to hold someone…" Though perhaps not if they're wanted by everyone. "We'd better hurry. They might be planning on fleeing. If they leave the city they may decide they don't need Lil anymore." He types something into the computer and pulls out his communicator. He calls up Rashmi and waits for a moment. "Rashmi? Found Lil. I'll send you the coordinates right away. I don't know how many are there, but you might want to bring some help." Dingo glances over to Kalindi, "Actually Magneto and Rashmi want these officers brought in alive. They seem to think it'll fix the bad blood between Mutant Town and the NYPD."

Kage smiles at Kalindi, it's almost a slyish grin. "I know." He says before turning to Dingo. "Not to odd, who would think to look in a smelly sea side warehouse." There's an audible sigh as Kage says that Magneto and Rashmi want them alive. "Fine, well then I wish you luck Dingo. If things get desperate, call me. The only reason I'm not going along is because I know I will kill them and if Magneto says alive well…he's a man I do not want to be on the bad side of." He says and he turns and heads out of the room leaving Dingo and Kalindi to make plans.

"I see. That is fine, then. Disarm and disable, it will be more effort, but if it is for longer term plans to pay off…" Kalindi shrugs. "Well, sometimes those kinds of things need a little bit of extra effort. I understand completely." She offers Kage a polite nod, her footware clanking as she turns to look towards Dingo without saying a word, only raising her brow inquisitively.

Dingo nods at Kage, "Yeah. He wasn't too happy about that Pietro incident…Anyway, thanks a lot Kage. I owe you a drink or fifty." The man turns to Kalindi, "You ready? I want to meet them there. We'd better head off directly." He turns off the monitors and heads out the door.


Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

Rashmi snaps her phone shut, looking between Connor and Cloud as the trio stands by the statue of Phoenix in the mansion courtyard. "They found them," she says quietly. "Connor, can you orient on map coordinates? Cloud… Thanks for volunteering, I appreciate it. But just remember… these kidnappers are *cops,* okay? Don't jump in too hard. They need to be brought in for trial."

""No problem, my dad's a cop and that means something you know?", Cloud nods, got it, no problem no unnecessary violence, how hard is that to remember?"

Connor pulls a phone out from a pocket in the black bodysuit uniform he has one, once more donning the grey and black armor that seems to have become something of a trademark for him. Taking the map coordinates, he starts to tap away, then looks up, moves a couple steps, and then a couple more taps. Nodding once, he starts to study the image, "Google maps… my best friend." After a minute of study, he snaps it shut, puts it away, and then checks the long knife strapped along the small of his back. Once that's secured once more, "Rashmi through first, and give a sweep to secure the area, then Cloud." After that, his hand comes up, and a portal just leaps to life with an ease that most would consider phenomenal.

Fifteen Minutes Later

NYC - Seaside Warehouse

This warehouse is like any other. It's cold, somewhat damp, there are boxes stacked up about the place and a second floor that only wraps around the inner edge of the building, made to look over the floor below.

The night is warmer than it has been, but the breeze coming off the sea still causes a slight chill. Most of the Warehouses around here appear dark, but the one that Kage had pointed out appears to have one or two lights on inside. Stationed outside the front door is a man in an officer's uniform. He is smoking a cigarette and looks generally disenthused with life.

Dingo is standing on the dock, hiding behind a wall of crates and occasionally peaking around the corner to keep tabs on the man. "Damn it, where are they? For all we know Lil is in there being tortured." He does not look happy, but he holds his position. Dingo is not worried that he will be unable to take down the officers by himself. What he is worried about is doing it in such a way that Lil will not be harmed further. He also promised Rashmi that he wouldn't kill the officers who took Lil, and that might be hard for him to do by himself.

Kalindi also stands behind the wall of crates, shrugging, "Sometimes people are late. I think it is just irresponsible. Time is important in any transaction." For her, that's all this situation would be considered: A business transaction. "It would be difficult to keep them all alive with not many. We need them to be too surprised to do anything rash." She frowns. "Who is coming?"

Behind another wall of crates somewhat further out, there's a flare of watery, blue-green light. It brightens once, as Rashmi hurries through Connor's portal, pressing her back flat against the crates and getting far out of the way of the disc's event horizon. Drawing in a deep breath, she reaches back, pulling a hood of scarlet-edged brown material over her head, leaving the rest of her black nomex-kevlar bodysuit uncovered. "I hope Travis gets here in time," she murmurs to herself, peeking out around the edge of the crates to see if their arrival has been noticed.

As if on queue Travis shows up wearing a Barnes style uniform, customed for his six arms. "Don't worry, I'm here." He says quietly walking up to the group. He's a bit nervous but there's also a bit of an excitement running through him as it's his first time doing something of this caliber. "If Lil is hurt I can heal her but let's hope they haven't done anything horrible to her."

Not 100% sure what he's gotten himself into Cloud follows Rashmi out of Connor's portal, still Rashmi has given clear instructions as to whats gonna be happening here, he's dressed in his Alpha Squaron uniform (his only modification is no gloves), he stops himself from commenting waiting for Rashmi to give some sort of signal.

Last through the six foot wide glowing disc is a form clad in black, one that Travis might recognize as Connor in his current 'combat' uniform. When his feet touch down the portal closes behind him, the sensation of sucking in as much as the momentary sound of it shutting down might be jarring for the first-timers. Looking around for a moment until those red-eye goggles he has on over his eyes, they are tapped on the side, adjusting the sight features of them for the wan light. Next he checks the commlink feature in his ear before nodding once, "Allright, callsigns from here on, everyone… we don't want to give anyone anything they can use against us. Summoner, Rush?" Looking at Travis, "Chase… and yours?"

The Warehouse remains quiet. It would appear that no one inside has any idea that anyone is outside. A car comes down the road slowly, stopping outside of the dock. Three officers step out of the car and wave to the man on guard. They hand him a bag and continue inside. It would appear that they went out to get dinner for the group.

Dingo glances up as he sees the car, watching as it moves. The man then turns his head suddenly as the dust fifteen feet away is disturbed by something. He turns to Kalindi and whispers, "Wait here, I'll be right back." The man then dissipates and slowly streams his way over to the disturbance, his sands coming together to form his usual body among those who have just arrived. "Ah, Rashmi. Thanksfor coming and bringing…So many people. I know there are at least three inside, one out. Kage said Lil's inside there." The man glances at Cloud. Hmmm…Seems familiar.

Kalindi just nods at Dingo and whispers, "I will keep an eye," before he dissipates and moves. She pulls a bit of her armor off, using it as a mirror to check over the boxes once in awhile to examine status before glancing towards the area that all the others teleported in, raising her brow slightly.

Rashmi nods once, waving a hand at the boys behind her. "Rush," Rashmi begins, gesturing at Cloud, "Chase, and over there is Hexas," she finishes, pointing at Travis. "Chase had some good advice, keeping to codenames… for all I've never much of a use for mine before… anyway. Until we're done, I'm Summoner." Chewing on the inside of her cheek, she looks to Connor, raising an eyebrow. "Think you can take care of the guard, Chase?"

Travis nods to being called Hexas. "This is my first time using my but I think it's a good idea." He agrees with everyone else. He nods to Dingo as he heads off and waits for him. "When we get inside I can try to get to Lil and get her out because if she's hurt in anyway I can heal her and defend her as well."

Right, Rashmi - Summoner, Connor - Chase, new guy - Hexas, Cloud nods, "Ok got it, so if Chase's getting the guard and Hexas is grabbing Lil, i'm guessing i'm helping Summoner aprehend the cops", he takes a step back without thinking when he sees Bruce, "Isn't he that dog guy?"

Looking around the corner at the guard as subtly as possible, then back at the others, he just nods once to Rashmi in reply… and then gives another look. Taking a few steps back, then a few more, the man in black armor takes a few running steps and then vanishes from view. When he reappears, physics does most of the work as his arm straight-edges out to catch the guard in a clothesline right to the throat, knocking out his ability to yell for help. As Chase lands, he spins low, kicking his leg out to trip the cop and land him on his back, and following it all up with a hard elbow down on the chest, lancing a gravitic burst into his target to compress his chest and knock him quickly unconscious before an alarm can be raised.

The guard at the door appears blissfully unaware of what's going on just behind that wall of crates. He pulls a sandwich out of his bag and begins eating it. After several minutes there is some muffled shouting from inside of the warehouse. The man outside looks annoyed and pops his head in through the door to see what's going on. He pulls his head back out and shakes his head, looking slightly annoyed right before Chase lands his assault. The officer is down quickly and quietly, and those inside appear not to have noticed.

Dingo nods to the group again. "Thanks for coming out here." To Cloud there's a raised eyebrow. "Dingo, not "Dog Guy". And I've got Kali here to help us out." He glances at Hexas, "Right, you're that healer. I can take a look around that place pretty easy without being spotted. Plenty of sand out this way, won't be all that suspicious." He glances back up over the wall as they start shouting. "Ok, well I can probably get to her first, make a shell around her. That ought to be a good distraction. They'll all be focused on me then." He tosses a communicator to Rashmi, "That's Kali and my frequency." The man presses his communicator and relays what's going on to Kali before dissipating again and moving to the roof of the building. He appears silent for a few minutes as he reads the movement of the dust inside of the building. After a pause his voice comes through Rashmi's communicator. "I think Lil's tied up in the main room. Five people moving around in there."

Kalindi spots the guard being knocked down in her mirror, so she glances over to take a look at Connor with eyebrows raised. "If you make a shell around her, I can follow up after, using bands of my armor to disable some of them from outside, since I can fly," says Kali over her frequency, eyes narrowed slightly. She floats an inch off the ground demonstratively, though there's nobody to demonstrate to.

"If there's a way in, Kali," Rashmi's voice comes in over the com, "that's probably a good idea. But be prepared to come in after us if something goes wrong." Signing off, she looks back to Travis and Cloud. "Let's go. And remember; whatever you do, suppress and disable. We're not here for violence." That said, she slips around the crates, hurrying forward toward the door. "How bad is she hurt, Dingo?"

Hexas nods to Rashmi and follows close behind her. He takes a deep breath and nods in regards to little violence and heads towards the warehouse. "If the door is locked I can get us in." He says as as he knows Dingo got in via sand. "Just lemme know what I gotta do."

Rush nods, "Got it, try and take them down without harming them", he follows after Rashmi doing his best to be stealthy, he add one more aim to the list Rashmi gave him, avoid bullets at all costs.

Taking a few moments, the cop's jacket is pulled down to wrap his arms in a makeshift binding, then any weapons on his person are removed, and saddled into slots on the young man's uniform. Now that Chase's target is secured, he looks up to the others and nods once before saying over the commlink, "Ready to go, Summoner. Just feed me a target." Standing back up, he brushes some of the dust from his pants and then looks around, moving slowly to the door to give it a listen inside… One hand idly passing over the pistol now on his front abdomen, and to the knife on his back.

The men inside still haven't seemed to notice that anything is going on outside. The yelling inside gets a little more distinct as the group approaches. It would appear that one of them called his wife and the others are unhappy about it.

Dingo moves from the roof down through a hole into the rafters. He whispers over the com, "Seven. Didn't sense two of them. Lil isn't awake, but she's breathing. One man heading toward the door, three around Lil, three yelling about something off to the side." He glances around. "I'm gonna get down there and shield her. Come in when you hear the shooting. Lil and I will be fine, but I want her looked at, Hexas. Get ready." There is a sudden upgust of sand inside of the warehouse as Dingo pulls it toward Lil. He leaps down from the rafters and pulls the sand around the two of them, forming a shell. He bends down and shakes Lil. "Hey, Come on sweets, wake up."

The shouting inside gets a bit louder as the rest of the men realize what is going on. "Hey! What the fuck!? It's Dingo!" The yelling is followed by a series of gunshots aimed at the sand dome in the middle of the main room.

As promised, Kalindi finds her way through a window, pulling off the few inches of height that her gold boots offered her in order to form sharp bands to stealthily cut the window and pull it out. She glances down and her eyes flash black as she takes more complete and concentrated hold of her powers. The bands snake down, once the window is discarded, to attempt to wrap around one of the shooters and pull them up against the wall next to the window. Again, Kalindi uses a mirror to direct her golden bands, since being shot in the face is not on her to-do list.

"When we get in," Rashmi says, her spheres fading into view behind her, revolving in a tight, rapid circle, "Hexas, make straight for Lil. Just body-block the shell, Dingo'll let you in. Chase, Rush… Get them down as fast as you can." As the shouting rises from inside, Rashmi takes a couple large steps back, her spheres forming up and blasting through the door at top speed, one right behind the next. With the sixth impact, the door is off the hinges, the redhead darting in behind it. "NOW!"

As soon as the door is opened, Hexas forms his energy shield in front of him as he just rushes forward so he can find Dingo and his shell. He does what Rashmi tells him and runs right up to the sand shell and puts one of his hands against it. "Dingo." He calls out before turning to place his back against the shell while waiting to be let in. He stands on guard using his energy shield to block any attacks.

While waiting for Rashmi to give the word Rush places his hand on some metal plating on the outside of the warehouse, his hair uniform and body become metalic, when Rashmi gives the word he charges in and down he left side of the warehouse aiming to tackle the first cop he comes across.

Forgoing his usual teleportal martal tactics, Chase forms a small, marble-sized bolt of power on the tips of his left hand's pointer and middle fingers, as a Dazzler-style approximation of a pistol. When the door comes down, he moves in and immediately sweeps to the left side of the room, focusing in on whoever is present. Aiming and firing is an act of thought, and the kinetic force of truck on a freeway lances out towards one of the policemen, spreading as it strikes, translating that force into a blast that is meant to knock the man back several feet, instead of blowing a small hole in him. Immediately he moves to focus on the next target, if any are still available after the others have had their proverbial pound of flesh.

There's a cry of alarm as one of the shooters is pulled up against the wall by Kalindi's gold. He squirms and turns to fire his gun into the wall behind him. The men firing at Dingo get divided when the others rush in. Two of the men begin shooting at Rashmi and one fires at Travis. His bullets ricochet off the shield as the boy runs toward Dingo. "I TOLD you we should have shot that girl!"

One of the men firing at Rashmi turns his attention to Rush when he appears, firing uselessly at the boy until he is tackled. Chase's attack strikes one of the men firing at Dingo's shell. The man flies back and crumples against the wall with a snapping noise. Currently there is one man firing at Rashmi, two shooting at Dingo, and one turning his attention to Chase.

The sand shell around Lil opens up and Hexas vanishes inside. The interior of the shell is dark, but there is a sudden blue light as Dingo opens up a phone. Lil is still unconscious and appears to have blood coming out of her mouth. "She's still alive, I just can't wake her." Dingo goes quiet as he focuses on what's going on around him. The shell grows a Dingo head which snaps at the nearest officer. The man is too far away, but it causes the target to back up a little.

"Huh," says Kalindi, as the bullet does pierce the wall and impacts her armour, causing her a bit of shock and pain. Fortunately for her, it only dents her amour, having been slowed by the wall. So she decides pinning this person is not the best idea. So she decides to use this guy to hit other guys. In particular, she uses her bands to swing the man she has to try and knock over the one firing at Rashmi, the aura around her eyes becoming 'brighter' as she does so. "You stupid stupid man!" she growls.

Rashmi dives behind a nearby forklift, taking cover from the guns aimed at her. "You should have ACTED LIKE COPS!" she yells from her place, slipping up to mark the nearest policemen to her, the spheres orbiting the vehicle. Two arc out from behind the lift, arrowing out toward their targets' midsections. At the moment, the spheres aren't flying rapidly enough to do major damage, but should they find their targets, their speed will ramp up, hurling the shooters outward once they reach the edge of her area of influence.

Sliding through the sand, Hexas' shield immediately vanishes as he kneels beside Lil. He reaches out a hand and lays it gently on Lil's and there's immediately a soft blue glow. Rapidly Lil starts to heal. "Lil, can you hear me? I'm with Dingo and we're her to get you out of here and back home." He says hoping that waking up to a friendly voice will at least help.

Cloud grins as he tackles the man to the floor, he pulls back his fist with the aim to knock the guy out with punch and maybe break his nose, if he's successful he'll relieve the cop of his gun and move on to help the others.

Chase's other hand sweeps up to create a gravitic distortion in the air before him so that the bullets coming in will stop on it, the bleed-through bruising the young man's arm as he refocuses his other hand on the shooter. As the bullets fall away when the shield disperses, he aims once more and then fires off another high-impact blast. He still doesn't speak while 'at work' like this, seemingly intently focused on his job, and even as he fires off another bolt, he's sweeping the room for other targets and if any of the others need support.

One of the men Summoner is aiming at is also the officer being aimed at by Kalindi. He get's sandwiched between his fellow officer and the sphere and falls down with a hacking noise. The other man jumps out of the way of Dingo's sand just as Summoner's second sphere reaches him, he manages to dodge both attacks and turns his gun to fire at the Dingo head. The man under Rush is knocked out easily. He is bleeding heavily from the nose and mouth after that punch. Chase's second target manages to dodge to the side as the bolt is fired at him. The attack passes by him and smashes a series of crates along the back wall.

Lil begins to stir, sitting up and blinking at the two of them. "Bruce? About fuckin' time. You know how long I've been trapped in here?" She rubs one of her shoulders with her free hand and rolls her head a few times. "Thanks uh…Guy with lots of arms. Owe you a drink." The girl looks around and listens to the gunfire around her. "Sounds like we're not out yet. Bruce, line me up for a shot. Mr. Handsy, might want to close your eyes." The woman's hands begin to glow with vibrant white light.

Dingo grins broadly as Lil awakens. "Ah! Yer alright!" He nods when she speaks to him, feeling for movement outside to line up the man that he and Rashmi both missed. He points to a spot on the wall and it opens up. On the outside anyone watching will see the Dingo head sticking out of the wall open its mouth. A beam of blinding white light fires out of the construct and strikes the officer. The man seems unharmed but is now firing blindly, covering his eyes with one of his arms and stumbling around.

Currently there are only four active officers. The man Summoner and Kalindi sandwiched is on the ground trying to aim his gun at Chase. The blind one near Dingo is firing at the construct, the one that Chase missed is still firing at him, and the last man decides that things are not going well for him. He makes a dash for the door, running right past Summoner in his attempt to escape.

"Oh, woops," says Kalindi as she looks through the window using her mirror and sees that her attack and Rashmi's sandwiched the same person, now deciding it might be appropriate to get in there and help more directly, climbing in through the window. Once again pinning her man against the wall, this time making sure his arms are properly secured, she reaches another line of gold to wrap inside the trigger area and jam it up so it can't be pulled. The remainder of her spare material is used to form a facemask to more adequately protect her pretty face.

Rashmi's head snaps to one side as the last officer flees, the remainder of her spheres whipping out to intercept. Three form a line at ankle-height, sweeping across to trip the officer up, the fourth rising high and dipping to shove roughly at his back. "IT'S OVER," she yells to the remaining policemen standing, "SURRENDER ALREADY!"

Travis ducks his head for a moment as Lil sends out her blast. "Lil, lets just get out of here. Dingo can give us cover and Summoner and Chase can handle the rest. It sounds like Summoner’s got a good handle on things." As he hears her yelling for the police to surrender. He forms a shield again with his upper right arm to give himself and Lil some cover as he tries to get her out of the warehouse.

Moving away from the unconscious cop Cloud moves as close as he can to the nearest of the four still standing officers without being spotted and points the gun at him, "Do as she says or Officer Crew-cut here gets a bullet in him", he is totally bluffing but he's got his serious face on.

Vanishing from where the bullets are fired to intersect at his position, Chase reappears behind the man who he missed, and immediately points his hand to the ground. In the area both are standing… there is suddenly a pull of 3Gs… upwards, launching the man into the warehouse ceiling, and dropping him back down just as harshly. His other hand shoots out, and instead of launching a bolt at any of the others, he fires it at the pistol that Rush has in his hands, "No guns, Rush." Comes in a whisper over the commlink as he tries to yank it from the other X-student's grip before it goes off, "None of them safetied their weapons, it could have gone off."

Rashmi's target trips and slams into the ground at great speed. He squirms a little before rolling on his back and putting his hands up. The man Rush is pointing at is the blind one Lil hit with the light beam. The one that was sandwiched by Rashmi & Kalindi decides that Rashmi is too hard to hit behind that bit of machinery. He instead turns his gun on the newly arrived Kalindi and fires a couple of shots. The man that Chase assaulted is deffinitely not getting back up.

Lil glances at Hexas and then to Dingo. "Alright. How big is this? I suppose that with the cops involved it probably made the news. And knowing YOU, you're probably wanted by the police for doing even more damage." Lil is pointing a finger accusingly at Dingo. "But you're right. Let's get out of here. Dingo, I'll see you at Nowhere later on." She nods to Travis and goes with him.

Dingo looks a bit embarrassed at Lil's accusations. "What, me? No. I did everything legal…Kind of. Anyway, you two get out of here." The shell opens up and he moves the construct toward the blinded man, binding him in sand and separating him from his gun. Currently the only officer still shooting is the one firing at Kalindi.

"Aaaugh!" says Kalindi, as a bullet more directly impacts her, though she uses her powers in reaction to the shot to fortify her armour, it still pierces through, significantly slowed but still able to do plenty of damage. She wraps the strand that she was trying to use to jam up his gun around his wrist quickly instead, to pull his hand to the floor. In the process, the strand would also cut to the bone. Should this work in disabling him from shooting, she flies up to the officer and punches him right in the face.

The moment Kalindi cries out, Rashmi shoots out from behind her cover, hurrying toward the slashed and bleeding policeman. "Kali, let him go," she says, one of her spheres returning to bear down against the bleeding cop's back. "Sir?" She says, her sphere describing an almost imperceptible circle over his spine, slowly, inexorably pressing him toward the floor. "You would like to let go of your weapon, now. Just let go, and we'll have you fixed up in time for the real police to get here."

Travis puts his arm around Lil's shoulder and the shield in away that protects as much of the two of them as possible. "Let's go." He says as he rushes with Lil through the warehouse towards the front doors. He keeps and eye out and tries to help himself between her and any possible attacks. "Summoner!" He calls out. "She's safe."

Cloud releases the gun when it's pulled, "I was bluffing Chase, give me some credit", still he grins as Lil is walked out, "Mission accomplished right?", he spots Rashmi with the bleeding cop, and runs over stopping only to rip the sleeve of one of the unconscious cops, "Here, use this to try to stem the flow".

With both pistols in hand, Chase proceeds to drop both their magazines, and then racks the chamber so that no bullets remain inside. Tossing them both behind him, he takes the pistol from the man on the ground in front of him, and does the same. Once he's finished there, he looks around at the group, and proceeds to ramp up for a fresh portal, "I'll get everyone who's not supposed to be here out of here. Meantime… I want your word, Dingo… we turn our backs, and this doesn't turn into five corpses. This isn't about revenge. We kill them, they kill us… and it just gets worse and worse. That's no way to try and earn justice and equality. These bastards are the exception, and not the rule. Their bigotry and hate needs to be walked out into the light of day, where it can't hide behind badges and uniforms anymore."

The man Dingo has captured struggles for a bit as the sands envelope him. After a few minutes he is dropped to the ground unconscious. The man Kalindi cut drops his gun and is forced to the ground by a punch from Kali and a sphere from Rashmi. He reaches over and grabs his wrist, trying to stop the bleeding. "Ah! You crazy bitch! We ARE the real cops! We're just trying to protect the streets from monsters like you!" The other men are all unconscious at the moment.

Lil runs along with Hexas but slows down once she sees her surroundings. "Wait, they're all down. Did all of you come here to help me?" She glances back at Dingo. "How unlike you to ask for help." There's a smirk, but she's also tearing up a bit.

Dingo moves around the compound, his sands following him and extending tendrils to collect up the fallen officers. He collects up all of the unconscious ones in the center of the room and removes any remaining weapons before cuffing each officer with their own handcuffs. He loops them in such a way that all of the officers are cuffed together. "Yes, Lil. Now try not to get kidnapped again. It's bad for my reputation, eh?" He walks over to the woman and gives her a hug. "I'm glad you're safe." He glances at Chase and makes a distasteful face. "Ugh…Do you people ever like to listen to yourselves talk or what? Yes, thanks for helping me. Obviously I hadn't planned on killing them or I would have come here alone. It wouldn't have been hard for me. And besides that, Magneto wants them arrested alive, and I'm not about to piss him off." He juts a thumb toward the downed officers. "Who's staying. I'm sure the news will want Lil. I should probably vamoose."

Kalindi looks at Rashmi incredulously when she tells her to let the cop go, shouting, "I have a /bullet/ in me!" like it's a valid response to the request, but the gold strand indeed gets withdrawn and Kali touches herself where the bullet pierced through her armour. She also raises an eyebrow and looks around to the others. "I am not really sure what to do." The shock is preventing her from feeling pain, but also interfering with her ability to really process what's going on anymore.

Rashmi nods. "I'm calling the cops, Hexas… that's up to you. Chase, Rush, you should probably get back. They're down, we can tie them up and wait out the police. Lil? Mutant Town almost went to war over you, not just us," she says with a small smile. "A lot of people cared about you, and a lot more were afraid of what these *people* would do to them. But it's over, now…. Thank God."

Since Lil is with Bruce, Hexas takes the time to walk over to the officer who called them monsters and goes to place his hand on him. His hand glows blue as he starts to heal the wound on his hand. He doesn't say a word to the officer as he gets back up and walks over to Rashmi. "I'm glad you're safe Lil and you don't owe me a drink like you offered before." He says before he hears Kalindi and rushes over to her. "Calm down, lets see what I can do." He says as he is able to heal her if the bullet is still in her.

Cloud punches the bleeding cop when he calls them 'monsters' before straightening back up and taking a few steps back when Hexas comes over, "So we're not sticking around then?, we kinda gotta explain this to the good kind of cops right?"

The smirk cannot be seen under the mask, "Yeah… I practice in the mirror, all the time. I have a dialogue coach too… just in case I can't come up with something on the fly." The sarcasm a bit missed as he opens a swirling vortex, "This opens up to a closed off section of Central Park, some bridge-work they're redoing to keep to safety code. Shouldn't be anyone there. We can split up from there." He stops for a moment, and then says with a grin, "Actually… Lacking anything else, the NYPD will take credit for the bust… if Lil is willing to give them the credit, it'll help recement people's faith in the police. If any of us stay here, it'
Connor coughs a moment under the mask, "It's just another case of mutant vigilantism. C'mon…" And with that, he motions for the others to pass through.

The man Cloud punches is now also unconscious. He is collected up by Dingo as well and dragged over to the pile of others. Dingo nods to Connor. "Fine, we'll pretend the other cops collected them all up. I'll stay here with Lil and hide out in the shadows until I know things here are safe. I'll stay with her until she gets home."

Lil also nods to the group, "Thanks again everybody. Next time you're in Mutant Town stop by Nowhere for a free drink, alright? But if it's true that so many people were angry about my dissapearance I should stay here and make an appearance on the news. Let people see that I'm ok." She walks over to Dingo and stands next to him.

Kalindi nods at Travis and says, "Ohh, I know you… That's twice I owe you…" She says a bit quieter, smiling a bit, "Maybe I will get you dinner sometime, Hero?" Her eyes flick over to Cloud for a moment to watch him punch the man, before she extends her lines of gold to retrieve any armour pieces she's left behind.

Rashmi nods. "All right, that so…" The sound of a fist hitting flesh and bone causes Rashmi to whip around, eyes wide and furious as they lock on Rush. Silently, she simply stares at him, a number of expressions flickering over her face…disappointment, disgust, anger… taken all together, she seems to be viewing Rush as an older dog, no longer a puppy, still leaving a mess on the carpet. Shaking her head, she turns back to Bruce and Lil. "….That sounds like a plan. D'you want to call the police, Lil, or should one of us?"

Travis just looks at Cloud. "What the fuck dude? Are you a moron?" He says to him and lets out a sigh and stops himself before seriously snapping at him. He rubs his temples before just shaking his head and making sure any serious injuries on the officers re healed before walking away to look to Lil to see what she says. "And if you want any of us to stay with you till the cops get here, let us know."

Cloud rolls his eyes at the look from Rashmi and the comment from Travis, "The guys easier to tie up if he's unconscious and it's not like he didn't deserve it", he switches back to normal.

In a rare gesture, Chase holds out his hand first to Kalindi, and says, "I have to warn you… when you step through this, you'll experience yourself in another life… if your decisions had gone a different way, or the history of the world had changed. On the way here, I saw myself as part of the Neo Roma Legionaires defending capitol of New Agrippa from assault. But it's also the fastest way out of here with no evidence." If allowed, he will guide her to the portal, and help her up and through, before looking at the others, "Allright, allright… we can debate this later… Everybody into the pool." Dingo is then just given a nod and to Lil he says, "Make it a Dr. Pepper and sure… I'll take you up on that."

Dingo laughs when they all seem to be offended by Cloud's actions. "Oh I don't know about that. I knew this guy who liked to be tied up…"

"BRUCE! Not the time!" Lil shakes her head and looks at the group again. "Ignore him, and thank you again. I'll call the police. Dingo'll keep me safe until they get here." She walks over to one of the downed officers, pulling out a phone and dialing. "Hello, police? This is Lilith Vanderbulin…"

To Lil, Kali notes, "I may take you up on that drink sometime." She gives Chase an odd look and notes, "That is the most ridiculous statement I have heard today…" But she doesn't object to being brought through the portal, stepping on through with the warning in mind, so after experiencing what it would have been like to be an angelic servant instead of a demonic one, she's not /too/ confused upon stepping out on the other end.

Rashmi blows out a harsh sigh as the portal opens, and she looks back to Dingo and Lil, nodding. "It's good to see you safe again, Lil. Dingo." And with that, she rests a hand on Travis' arm, squeezing gently… then steps through the portal, disappearing from the warehouse.

"Take care and I'll probably see you two in Mutant Town at some point." Travis says as he nods and gives a smile to Rashmi and follows her through the portal leaving the sea side warehouse.

Cloud gives a wave to Bruce and Lil, "See you around I guess", he takes one more look at the crooked cops tied up before turning and following Rashmi into the portal.

Connor gives a final nod to the others and turning his head he starts to pull the full-head mask up and off, then stops as he remembers Kalindi is on the other side. Stepping through, he vanishes with the others, and the blue-green light simply collapses in on itself with a sensation like a rush of air, and a slight tug towards it. With the extra light gone, Bruce and Lil are left with the five unconscious men and the sound of the 911 operator on the other end of the line.

~ Fin ~

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