2011-02-17: Justification


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Summary: Pietro happens upon Bruce at the park. They disagree over Bruce’s actions and motives.

Log Title: Justification

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.


The park is pretty crowded today considering it's a weekday afternoon. Most people come here to jog in the morning or evening, but with the winter it hasn't been too busy here during the week. But today it is much nicer than it has been. The cold finally broke and many of the denizens of New York are enjoying the siixty degree weather at the park.

One of those denizens is none other than Bruce. He took Lil's advice and took a break from being Dingo for a few hours. He's stirred up enough trouble over the past few days and she suggested that he go out and take some time to himself. She was right, there's nothing he can do for Carmen now. He sighs and bends down to clean up the mess Tiberius made, walking to the nearest garbage can to toss it inside. "Well buddy, at least it's warmer out than it has been. Maybe winter's finally on it's way out."

Not walking alone, the Avenger, Pietro, wanders down a path accompanied by a matronly woman. Both are dressed for work, he in a dark suit, and she in casual dress attire, but he's carrying both bags. The gentlemen that he is. Certainly not the costume you found him in that first time, but he stands out here just as he might have then. Stark white hair, and his father's near luminous blue eyes. Wearing the suit as he is, the man might even be mistaken for Magneto at a distance. They are quite similar in appearance, for all Pietro is more lean.
Bags in one hand, he does carry a covered coffee cup in the other, and his companion too. But as they reach a parting of paths there they pause and Pietro offers one of those bags to the woman. "Are you quite sure?" He asks. The woman waves him off, assuring that she will be fine, and continues on alone. Leaves the speedster standing there, thoughtful.

Tiberius wanders off from Bruce, who appears lost in thought for a few moments. Once he realises that his dog is missing he looks around for him. "Tiberius? Oh there you are." The dog has wandered over to Pietro and has decided that his shoes smell mighty interesting. "Sorry about that. I know there's a leash law, but he usually doesn't wander off like that." He bends down and clips a leash to the dog, pulling him back gently. Bruce offers Pietro a smile, but when he gets a good look at him that smile turns into a look of concern. "You look mighty familiar."

Brows arch for that. You are sorry you got him shot? Clearly the speedster doesn't know quite what you mean. The part about his father is also a bit of surprise. "My father.." Then it comes back to him. Pietro has had a busy few months, and none of it done being a super hero. "The bank robbery. ..You have to be the stupidest bank robber I have ever known then." Sardonic that tone. Not that he seems about to leap into action or anything. There's no proof he has that you did it, much less where the money went. "I'd ask if my father knew where you got the money, but I doubt he cares." Shakes his head over that.

Bruce blinks at Pietro. "Um…I'm going to wager by your reaction that you didn't recognise me…And that I just outed myself to you for absolutely no reason." He chuckles a bit, apparently not bothered by this thought at all. "Sorry, I just assumed all the Avengers know who I am. They keep visiting me since I got into that scrap with Tony." Yeah that's been all over the news. Dingo went after some police officers he claimed killed a girl in Mutant Town. "But…Yeah…I trust you're not gonna start trouble in the park? I'm kind of taking the day off from fighting other mutants."

The smile that spreads isn't exactly kind, but it should tell you that you did indeed just out yourself. Pietro calmly drinks of his coffee. "Please." Sarcasm there. "The last thing I'm going to do is get innocent bystanders killed." Which means no attacking here in the park. At least not at this busy hour. "I'm a reservist, not an active member. Bit removed from active duty. I did hear about the police supposedly attacking a girl however. Are you truly that foolish? You are going to attack people if your demands aren't met? Just how are Iron Man and the others to find these two attackers without any information? This is a city of several million people, and you don't even have proof they weren't wearing police costumes, yet Iron Man is to magically bring them to justice? Are you expecting the men you claim did this to step forward? Do you really believe that will happen? You aren't doing mutants, or anyone else, any favors here."

Bruce shakes his head and smiles. "Oh my. All you Avengers and…Avengers Reserves talk exactly the same. I swear you're all the same person in different outfits." He sighs. "Look, they were definately police officers. I chased them in their car, others showed up. And yes, I think that pulling corrupt cops off the street will help my people. I gave Iron Man and that dodge-ball girl a week to find them. If they can't find them I'll take things into my own hands." He shrugs, "I watch crime dramas, I know that you can't arrest people without evidence. I intend to have them turn themselves in. And I promise no one will be hurt…seriously." He smirks, "That is, if those two can't get them in time."

"You didn't bother to get the plate number of their squad car? You didn't bother getting their badge numbers since you saw them so clearly? You are a fool." Pietro snorts at you. "Did you even bother to describe them to those you expect to find them? I don't even know why I'm asking you to be honest. Father has never kept very smart company. Those of us with brains abandon him after too long." Not a very kind thing really. "You really need to listen to yourself. apprehending corrupt police is something Iron Man would gladly do, but you give him nothing to work with. And frankly, if you are so eager to go on a rampage, be honest with yourself, and just do it. Then you don't be lying about your own reasons."

Bruce doesn't look terribly happy at the moment. "Your father is an amazing man. He has saved more people than any of you Avengers have. And he never turned his back on our people so that he can live in glory and be worshiped by the general populace. No, he does what needs to be done for OUR people, just like I do." He shakes his head. "It was dark, I didn't see the officers too clearly. I did take down their car number. And I never got close enough to them to take their badges." He smiles, "Oh, if you've got a forensics team I do still have one of their bullets. Actually I have a few." He holds out a hand under his left breast and a bullet emerges from his chest. "There we are. Tried to kill me too. BEFORE I went after them."

There's almost pity in Pietro's expression. "Yes, he could be an amazing man. But he squanders all his gifts. He's let his anger cloud his vision and judgment for so long he can't see any other way." It's not easy being the son of Magneto, and trying to care for so bitter a father. "But you didn't give this information to Iron Man when you made your demands? Neither the plate, nor the bullets? Your ineptitude must made father so very proud of you." Sarcasm there. "If you want them to truly bring these men to justice, pass that information to those who need it. Otherwise, stop lying to yourself, because I'm too smart to believe you." There's a motion to that bullet you hold.

Bruce smirks. "Well. If Magneto knew how you feel about him maybe he wouldn't have tried to kill me when he found out I'd gotten you shot. He does care about you, you know. Maybe you should try talking to him sometime rather than sitting in your tower and judging him for trying to fix the world." Bruce presses the bullet against his wrist and it disappears into his arm. "Lucky me your old man can't seem to hurt me." He shrugs at the mention of Iron Man. "I'm sorry if I don't trust a human who dreams of being a mutant to do this job. I'd rather keep that information to myself and catch the people who killed Carmen than let him shake a finger at them and put them in protective custody. Find me the mutant that was there? I might give her the information."

Pietro can't help but snort. "You have no idea." he's told his father his feelings many times. They simply don't agree. Doesn't explain this to you however. Doesn't feel there is a point. However, he arches his eyebrows again and gives you a look. "So let me get this straight. You had information that would help people find these police, demanded that they find them or you'd do horrible things… then purposely denied them the information?" All he can do is shake his head at you. "Brilliant."

Bruce grins. "I know, right? Not only do I get to hunt down the people who killed my friend, but I get to let that bastard Stark think he could have prevented it." He looks serious again, "But honestly it's more that I don't trust him. He's been known to go after mutants in the past. I'm not going to give him that information. There were two mutants there that night as well. If one of them finds me, and I know at least one can do that easily, then I'll give them what I know."

There's a long, suffering look from Pietro for that grin. "That wasn't a compliment. I was mocking you. Which is doubly sad in that I must explain it." Very sad indeed since Bruce is telling an Avenger about his plans. Not that anyone was much fooled. "Again, I can only claim you are not doing mutants any favors, much less that poor girl. You abuse her loss for your own purposes. You dishonor her. There is no attempt at justice in this and you should be ashamed. You use it to further your own ends only." Frankly, he looks disgusted.

Bruce looks very unhappy now. His hand forms into a fist as he stares daggers at Pietro. "Don't you dare say such things. I knew Carmencita. She was a friend of mine." He pauses for a moment. "It is my job to protect the people in Mutant Town. They depend on me to stay safe at night. And what happened to her is unforgivable. I saw it happen. I saw her being attacked by that gang and I saw her, HER get shot by the police. The humans that attacked her? Nothing. By the time I got to her she was already dead." He reaches up and rubs one of his eyes. "I'm not going to let the New York court system let these cops slip through their fingers and get back out there on the street."

"All the more shameful. And I'll say what I like." There's no fear in him about that glare. "You are only going to get more mutants killed. How many will we have to bury for your actions?" Pietro looks grimly curious over that. "But you won't see it that way. No, you'll go on your rampage, pretending it's for justice." He throws up a hand in disgust about it all. "And with that, I'll take my leave. If I see you again it won't be social."

Bruce nods in fake agreement. "Oh yes, you're sure right about the world Mister Avenger. Maybe I should change my ways because you're too blind to see the way the world really works." He spits on the ground. "It's not me who's going to get them killed. It's me who's trying to save them. World War Two. When Hitler heard the Americans made landing he upped extermination at the camps. Is that the American's fault?" He smirks, "That's not what history says. I do what is necessary for my people to live free." He turns away from Pietro. "Yeah I think that's a good idea. Don't want to stand around and argue with a wall all day. Come on Tiberius, I'll buy you a cheeseburger." The dog jumps around excitedly. Apparently he recognizes this word.

Pietro doesn't even attempt a reply. Why talk to someone who won't listen? Twisting history to justify horror, yes, that's how things are done. Bruce is following in history's footsteps quite well, but the speedster knows there's no talking sense to some people. So he continues his walk, dropping his coffee cup in a trash bin. Then he pulls out his cell phone and makes a call.

~ Fin ~

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