Justine Hammer
The Crimson Cowl
Portrayed By Geena Taylor
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age 29
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Crimson Cowl
Place of Birth Unrevealed
Current Location New York
Occupation Villain
Known Relatives Justin Hammer (father)
Significant Other None
Identity Known
Known Abilities Teleportation, hovering, prehensile cape
First Appearance Thunderbolts #3 (1997)

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Growing up Justine was raised by her influential father Justin Hammer who ran Hammer Industries, an industry which headed many design and manufacturing firms. Underneath that mask it dealt in highly advanced armaments to villains of the super world in order to bring other business beneath the function of his own, and keep himself on top.

Justine continually had to prove herself to her father and in the end nothing came of her attempts and it did not take her long to pick up where her father left off, but Justine banded with groups of super-villains in order to bring her plans to the forefront and gain influence not only in the world, but for her father. To do this she created the persona of the Crimson Cowl using the technological advancements she had access to with Hammer Industries, creating the prehensile red cloak.

Crimson Cowl and her group were hired by HYDRA to try and take out a their employers competition, once arriving at the warehouse though they were confronted by Black Widow, as well as the Thunderbolts who had heard a new team was operating under their own former name. Justin (as the Crimson Cowl) appeared during that battle, teleporting her team away before complete defeat.

For the same employer Cowl and her team were guarding high tech weaponry for HYDRA again, and the Thunderbolts appeared, this time engaging in a fight with the formed Masters of Evil and the Crimson Cowl, though it seemed to have been a win at one point, Masters again failed their employer when Techno got a hold of the high tech weaponry and Crimson Cowl teleported her team out in a blaze of brilliant light.

The Masters of Evil were currently holding base in Mount Charteris just outside of Burton Canyon. This base was once many villains’ hideouts as well as a temporarily used SHIELD facility, but Justine had erased it from their databases upon rooting her team there and claiming it as their own.

Multiple encounters were had against the Thunderbolts which lead Cowl to try and recruit them once into her team, blackmailing them to be revealed out of hiding if they did not oblige her offer. Of course, the Thunderbolts did not join her despite her tempting offer, and continued to try and thwart her plans.

When the Masters of Evil went to the Western Currency Facility where they could obtain all the goods needed to create their own money, the Thunderbolts were there. Another fight ensued and when Cowl tried to teleport her team and the good away she was stopped by Jolt, with an electric surge to her cloak that overloaded the circuits. Both sides seemed to need aid in this battle as at one point the Masters seemed to be winning but Dreadknight showed up to aid the T-bolts, and Klaw aided in helping the Masters escape.

Under a new leader, Avenger Hawkeye, the Thunderbolts had a vow to try and take down Justine and her Masters, in turn she set up a trap for them in a small town in Nebraska; a weather modulator that created a hurricane over the town. Once the T-bolts were in Cowl teleported herself and her team out, leaving the T-bolts there with the townspeople, also capturing Citizen V while she was trying to stop the weather modulator.

With that small test out of the way and returning to her base on Charteris, Cowl activated her larger scale plan, the weather modulators that were set off all over the world. Moonstone came then (as the only current survivor) of the weather modulator in Nebraska, telling the Cowl how her offer was far better than the T-bolts and trying to manipulate the Cowl into letting her join their side. Justine did not buy into this at kept Moonstone shackled in a cell. Meanwhile Justine commenced demanding ransom from the world’s leaders to stop the weather formed destruction.

Moonstone came back to Justine showing that the other T-bolts had infiltrated her control pod wearing the disguises of a few of her other teammates and in doing so gained a bit of Justine’s trust when they were hauled off and their plans to stop her were dead ended. Trust was given far too easily and Moonstone, in her closeness, destroyed the control unit of the weather modulators forcing Cowl to once more have to escape, but leaving a scapegoat in her cloak – The captured Citizen V, Dallas Riordan.

In Justine’s fathers passing she inherited his fortune and moved to an estate in Symkaria, awaiting another moment to move on her next plan. When Dallas finally had revealed she was never the Cowl, and in fact Citizen V, Cowls cloak appeared and teleported Dallas to Justine’s new base where it was revealed that the Cowl desired a war between the V Battalion and the Thunderbolts to end her enemies. Dallas escaped and in their fight the Cowl threw Dallas over a railing and let her plummet into the river.

Justine’s father had a plan, and when she received the disk she would be able to activate a toxin that was implanted on anyone who came in contact with Justin or his facilities, the mutant known as Plant-Man was the trigger to activate this toxin and with the disk and his arrival it would all start to go into action. Some of her teammates, learning of this toxin that even they had been subjected to, sided with the Thunderbolts.

The Thunderbolts came to Symkaria and informed Silver Sable of the crimes going on in her country by the Cowl and was assisted in their arrival to her Justine’s home. When Silver Sable told Justine she was there to arrested her, a fight ensued between The Masters of Evil against the Wild Pack and the Thunderbolts. Cowl teleported Sable away in her cloak and returned in time for the Thunderbolts to be defeated and imprisoned in her estate. This seemed to be a plan and a good enough distraction, making it able for Plant-Man to neutralize the toxin and save everyone. Skein came in, in time to use her cloth manipulative powers to turn Justine’s cloak against her, ending the fight. Shortly after her home was raided by Dum-Dum Dugan and SHIELD agents, taking her into custody.

Several months Justine spent inside of a cell, pacing its quarters while thought ruled her mind for amusements sake – keeping her sane. Most of it was along the lines of revenge and how to bring such places as SHIELD under the heel of her boot, that and heroes that find it necessary to bring the best laid plans to waste; like those Thunderbolts. Mail to her was few and far between, but one letter she found rather interesting. The writing was a code of some sort, but what was defined off of it had her tearing apart the envelope and searching the glued seams.

Pressed between was a bit of that red cloak, someone had taken a part of it at some point, and knew to send her what she needed to get free. Her location of teleport on exit was to New York, Mutant Town specifically to investigate the address this letter had come from. Abandoned – but soon enough she will find out who freed her and why, patience was something she had learned just recently.


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