Kaden "Wildfire" Miller
Kaden Miller
Portrayed By Thomas Dekker (but with bright orangey/red hair)
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 5, 1992
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Wildfire, K-Man
Place of Birth Compton, California
Current Location New York City, NY
Occupation n/a
Known Relatives n/a
Significant Other n/a
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Fire Generation and Control, Fire/Heat resistance
First Appearance ???

Kaden, aka Mr. Grumpypants.


Kaden Miller doesn't know it, but he is the reincarnation of a Fire Spirit. At any given time there are 5 element spirits around (anyone can app any of the other four), a Water Spirit, a Earth Spirit, a Fire Spirit, an Air Spirit, and a Spirit Spirit. The Water, Earth, Fire, and Air spirits can control their one element and create it with much intensity. The Spirit Spirit binds the 5 together and knows who each person truly is upon finding them, they also can control all 4 elements. A spirit can go their entire life without meeting another of the 4 spirits. Eventually though, they will realize what they are. Being a Fire Spirit, Kaden has to learn much control over his power and temper or else he could cause great destruction.

When Kaden was 6 years old, his mother gave him over to the state, not wanting the burden of being a single mother anymore. Kaden never met his father, but he remembers his mother telling him that she just couldn't handle a kid in her life anymore and that her son was holding her back from being free. So at the age of 6, The State of California had custody of him. He was sent to live in a foster shelter many other kids in Compton. It was a shelter for problem kids, and they didn't treat the kids very well. They were prone to sever punishment if they were in trouble, such as no meals, getting locked in a closet for hours or beatings. Since Kaden was prone to outbursts and with his temper, he was always getting in trouble.

Kaden's attitude never improved, it only got worse over the years, becoming more and more defiant. It lead to more beatings and eventually them putting him on medications to subdue his attitude. Some days he would be so drugged up he couldn't do anything else but sit there, not aware of what was going on at all. When the drugs wore off his temper would be even greater, and he would get into more physical fights. The facility had a hard time trying to control him. One night after a particular fight he had with another kid, the faculty tried to drag him away to sedate him, but Kaden fought back, not wanting to be in that state. He ended up punching out two of the staff members and making a run for it. When he got caught he was locked in the closet for two days with out food, but it didn't do anything to dampen his spirit. When they released him, he got into another physical fight with the faculty. Unfortunately for Kaden, two members held him back while a third considered to beat the crap out of him. In order to 'calm' the student, the faculty member tried to frighten him by pulling out a knife and threatening Kaden, running it along his face, leaving small cuts. Then, without cutting, the staff member ran the blade down Kaden's chest and to his stomach, instilling fear in him worked. Kaden started kicking and struggling, yelling for help. A few of the students came over just in time to Kaden twist his body hard to escape to have the knife accidentally stab him in the stomach. The three staff members stopped tormenting Kaden and backed up, not meaning to seriously injure him, just try to teach him some respect. Kaden coughed out some blood and fell onto the floor clutching his stomach. Shortly after Kaden died.

The four students and the staff members looked shocked, and then the four students turned on the faculty members. Kaden wasn't popular, but they killed a fellow student. Before anything could happen, the Fire Spirit came to life, and Kaden erupted into flames, intense heat and fire quickly filling the building. The seven people around his body never stood a chance and were all killed. The faculty went up into flames, and was burned to the ground. The only deaths being the seven around him, the rest of the students, teachers, and faculty members got out safely. When the scene was investigated, they found Kaden naked with everything burned around him. He didn't know what happened, but the pinned the fire on him and sent him to Juvenile Hall.

At Juvenile Hall he was still every so much the violent delinquent he was at the facility. Getting in to trouble for fighting constantly. He felt guilty for killing seven people, even if was an accident, it was still his fault. To control his power, they put a nullification collar on him. They thought it suppressed his powers, but then Kaden didn't know how to use his power yet. He was unhappy, and one night tried to kill himself by sliting his wrists. Despite the collar, he still woke up the next morning with his wounds healed, but his sheets covered in blood. The Fire Spirit couldn’t be suppressed with the collar.

After about 6 months of being there, Kaden's temper got the best of him again, and he got into another violent fight. Two of the other inmate beat Kaden so badly that he suffered fatal injuries. The guards didn't stop it, getting a rise out of seeing the hot tempered youth get what they viewed as 'coming to him'. They left him there in a bloody mess with broken ribs, a concussion, a broken hand, and a collapsed lung from being punctured. He was rushed to the infirmary where he was pronounced dead on arrival, but the same thing happened again. When he died his body erupted into flame again burring down a section of the detention center and claiming another two lives.

Since the inhibitor collar wasn't working the state of California contacted Xavier’s to pass the child off on them, hoping that they could control the Kaden and his powers. Xavier's accepted and now has custody over Kaden. Even though Kaden is 16, he only has a 7th grade learning level, being quite behind in school. He carries a lot of guilt about the 9 people he's killed, but tries to push it away through anger. He's on 5 different medications for his anger issues, but none seem to help to well. It's the nature of the uncontrollable fire spirit.

Theme Song

VNV Nation - Illusion


Fire Generation/Control - Fire Generation/Control - Kaden can create fires of immense intensity. He can heat up his flames hot enough to melt glass and metals. His flame will start off at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, and he can raise it up to a temperature to 10000 degrees Fahrenheit.


February 3, 2010 Ethan gets an offer to live with friends, just when he needs it. Leaving
February 5, 2010 Drew approaches Kaden and Ethan with some news while Kaden and Ethan get to know each other more. First Impressions
February 8, 2010 Kaden pays Xane a visit at work. Food and the Future


  • "I said it!"


  • Kaden has trouble controlling his temper.
  • Kaden doesn't really trust anyone.
  • Kaden has 'mother issues'.


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