Kael "Gale" Langford
Kael Langford
Portrayed By Josh Hutcherson
Gender Male
Date of Birth 7-31
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Gale, Typhoon
Place of Birth Dallas, TX
Current Location NYC
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Family
Significant Other Max Farlane
Identity Secret, to the public
Known Abilities Aerokinesis
First Appearance Courtyard Meeting

Ever been caught in a windstorm? Well, here's a taste…


Growing up, Kael was a good kid. Well, as good a kid as any when you're growing up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. He got into his fair share of trouble. Pulling pranks on his parents and schoolmates. Laughing it up with his little group of friends. Even joking around about cooties, while secretly admiring childishly some of the girls that he was making fun of.

His parents weren't strict. They knew that he needed room to experience life as it is. With it's trips, folleys, and potholes. Literally and figuratively. His town wasn't the best in the world, nor were some of the neighbors. But that didn't stop them from voicing their opinions… loudly to the kids that were crossing the street or playing in the middle of it. He heard things that kids shouldn't have heard. Things along the lines of politics, how the cops of the nearby city were the scum of the earth.

There was one thing that caught Kael's attention on his way home from school one day, it was an old geezer talking about the end of the street where Kael lived. It was in a cul d'sac where mostly all the kids lived. It was nice for them as they had their friends right across the street or right next to them. But the elderly gentlemen started to talk down about the kids there. Normally Kael would've just walked down the street an tell his parents about what he heard. But this time was different.

It was a few weeks after his thirteenth birthday. It was nearing the start of the school year, so their parents were starting to drag them to stores to buy them clothes and supplies for the coming year. It was also a lovely fall day as the winds started to pick up. Kael's hair started to look like it were tipped pure white as a good gust of wind blasted down the street; the total opposite way that the wind was blowing before. The gust slammed into the old man, knocking him over onto the porch; his cane slamming into the porch knocked Kael out of his little trance before the little teen started to sprint home; where he hid in his room the rest of the day.

He kept that little incident hidden from his parents, but he couldn't keep it hidden from long. Strees does not bode well on a young teenager, and it builds and builds inside of him. It took Kael an entire year to tell his parents about that incident, and his father wasn't a happy man. He backhanded Kael, and yelled at him to go apologize to the man. His mother pleading at his father to not do this as it was late at night, but his father was adamant to have his son live up to it as he shoved Kael out onto the sidewalk that headed away from the house.

He didn't go to the old man's house, in fact he walked off into a field where he and his friends had a small hut that they made out of scrap wood that they had haphazardly built. He hid away in that till morning, curled up in a ball as he woke up to the sound of his mother's voice calling out for him. Then chimed in the voices of his friends. But the one that rang out the most was the voice of his father. The one who actually hurt him, and he fell silent once more. He was found by his friends, who brought his mother over. Once those caring arms wrapped around him; he just let it all out. All those tears that were held up within him were let lose onto his mother's shirt.

Two years after that night, Kael had grown more aggressive towards his father. Not obeying his orders to do chores was the first thing, then he started to talk back a few months later. He'd shown a preference for asking his mother for anything, and even if his mother told him to ask his father; he'd just lie and say that he said yes. Which got him into trouble on a good many occasions.

It was on the first day of spring that he came home, the clouds growing darker as the teenager just walked slowly; letting the wind push him along the sidewalk. Using his own personal training to cause the wind to loosely curl around him, just so he wouldn't lose touch with it. It was when he got home that things grew worse, the rain started to fall and reports of an incoming thunderstorm came over the radio. Kael was at the kitchen, watching the lightning crackle over the clouds. Through the trees that lined one side of his house.

Bedtime soon came, and the boy fell asleep to the sound of the rain on his roof and the thunder of the outside. It wasn't too far into his sleep that his eyes shot open at a extremely bright flash and then the cracking sound of a tree falling. The moonlight shining through his window was being eclipsed by the falling tree, and the boy scrambled to get out of his bed as the tree crashed through the wall and window. Survival instinces kicked in and a rather powerful gust of wind blasted out from the boy; knocking the tree off it's course and back out of the room; though taking most of the wall with it as it slammed into the ground.

The noise woke up his parents and they came storming into the room. Seeing the scared child on his bed; looking frantically at the window as the white faded from his hair, his father leaped to the conclusion that it was Kael's fault and stormed into the room and proceeded to let his son know that it was wrong to do that. By means of physical violence. Kael got a blood lip, a black eye and a bruise on his cheek before his hair flared white and his father was slammed against the wall and pinned there by the very air around the house. The door slammed shut and wouldn't budge as his mother tried to get in.

The walls' sheet rock were beginning to strip off and slap into things around the room before the winds just suddenly stopped and Kael fall down onto his bed; out like a light. The very next day, as the insurance company was looking at the damages, the family was given a visit by a woman from the Xavier's Institute. Telling his parents that Kael needed to be schooled for proper control of his powers. His father was all to ready to agree, and his mother reluctantly let her son go. After he got everything situated with his school, he was on his way to New York City.


** March 11 Kael is taken to the med bay my Magneto and fixed up. Then Scott comes in. Men argue. Kael says things, then passes out. A Very Long Day
March 11 Kael, while out with Chezlie, getting some new games; run across Daisuke. A fight ensues, and it ends up with Kael nearly bleeding to death. The Sounds of the Changed
March 10 After Rashmi is put into the medbay after her runin in with Jordan. Kael rushes down there to see if she's alright. Then girls start to argue. A Little Meltdown
March 7 ** Finding Addision in the forest, Kael asks Kenta if he can help the adults with what's going on. They say No. The Voices in his Head


Kael has the power to control the very wind. He can fly, in hi slater years he will be any way.


  • "… What's aerokinetic mean…"


  • Kael, even though he's 16, is gay.
  • He's always trying to think of ways to use his powers.
  • He's really shy around adults that he doesn't know.
  • He loves apple juice, but doesn't like apples that much to eat.
  • If something is on Kael's mind enough, he's prone to blurting it out. Or acting very out of the ordinary causing people to ask.
  • He has little confidence in the control of his powers. But with the confidence from his teachers, and friends hopefully, his confidence is growing.
  • The more wind that Kael controls, the more his hair turns white. At first, it's like he tipped his hair white. Then it looks like he streaked it. When it goes fully white, he's using up all the wind he can muster.
  • There isn't anything more relaxing to Kael at the moment than flying around. If he ever needs to wind down and you can't find him. Look up. Or find Max.

Theme Song

Theme Song #1: Happy Up Here by Röyksopp - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51Bpx63wkbA
Theme Song #2: Joe Satrinai - Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdz4MTAo7j0
Theme Song #3: Sick Puppies - You're Going Down - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2bohKixLt8


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