Kaji "Fenrir" Aldewolf
Kaji Aldewolf
Portrayed By Drew Fuller
Gender Male
Date of Birth 5/10/1989
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Kaji, Fenrir
Place of Birth California
Current Location New York
Occupation Body Guard/Avenger
Known Relatives Family in Maryland
Significant Other None

Welcome to the page of Kaji Aldewolf, a body guard for the eccentric Tony Stark and a budding Avenger.


Kaji’s childhood was about as normal as any other kids was. Though his parents were a bit eccentric, they weren't like normal parents but they did teach him right from wrong, how to handle money, all the things parents do for their children. But they were different in the way that they were more involved than what normal parents would be into their child's lives. They were as close to Kaji as they could be as parents, and as friendly with him as best friends would be.

He had a great childhood, he got to see places that most kids wouldn't see when they were young. Within the first 9 years of his life, he traveled most of the states with his parents, mostly in part of their job and the rest in part of the summer travels. Though both of his parents found steady jobs in Maryland before his 10th birthday, and he had started to take up Tae Kwon Doe, something he had first started before they moved. Luckily there was a dojo nearby.

When Kaji turned 10, that’s when puberty started and that’s when his power started to manifest. At first it was just the wolf side of him becoming more prevalent; there was a small voice in his head. The wolf side that he knew was there, whispering at him to get back at the kids in school who picked on him. His parents taught him better, and it allowed him to suppress the whispers; letting him deal with things on his own.

Gradually, the whispers grew louder and it was like there was a person standing next to him; talking in a normal tone of voice. He could ignore it for the most part, but with random bullies in his school; there was some anger at them. The voice in his head; fueling that anger. Though he could keep his calm, taking from his classes and he could also use his class to vent that anger in a more constructive way.

What he could suppress while he was awake, he couldn't suppress while he slept. He woke up with claw marks in his clothes, holes forming in his blankets and sheets and he could hang his head in shame that he couldn't control it.
For months, he put off telling his parents about it. And for months, it started to get worse little by little. The claw marks in his shirt turned into gashes in his clothes, claw marks starting to appear in the wood works. It was then that he actually watched a small scrap on his chest heal before his eyes. Though it was extremely minor, and he thought that he was dreaming it.

It wasn't until his parents came to him about the noises that they hear in his room at night. Snarls and growls followed by the names of kids in his school. That he had to tell them about what was going on with him. The silence that followed after was unbearable for a ten year old kid, but the relief of his parents accepting it afterwards was astounding.
It was with the help of his parents, and the teaching of his classes of his martial arts, he was able to keep his cool throughout elementary school. Even though his parents weren't mutants, they knew how to control things. Like their anger. Kaji had never seen his parents get mad, at anything. Not even him. At most, he got was a stern talking to whenever he did something bad. And even as a little kid, he knew not to test his parents as he was happy when they were. But he wasn't when they weren't. It was simple math for a ten year old. Happy parents meant a happy kid.

When he reached middle school was when he had another challenge come forth, and it wasn't only girls. It was another aspect of his mutation, he started to physically change during the night and even during school. He first started when he walked passed the girl's locker room on the way to the gym, and a gaggle of girls basically sent a wave of flirts at him. Him not ever experiencing that before was a shock to his system, and he stashed away into the boy's locker room to calm his heart down and cool down his flustered face. His skin started to be covered in an obsidian shroud of fur and eh made his way, quite fast, into the bathrooms in the back of the room.

His first change wasn't a full one, it was only an arm. But it was painful enough for him to not want to do that again, or go through it. It left him short of breath, and rather sweaty trying to control it and make it recede.

The two years of middle school went by painfully slow in time and literally in Kaji's case. It was in the summer between his seventh and eighth grade years, that he experiened his first full change. It was that instance that actually brought Kaji to the point of passing out and blacking out in his room. He woke a few hours later to his parents, watching over him in their living room; with him laying on their couch with a cold compress on his forehead.

A month after that, he was looking out his window; idly glancing back at the clock to wait for his mother to drive him to his martial arts class, it was his day to be tested to go from his current belt to the next level; a blue belt. All the time in his head, he was listening to the wolf constantly talk to him. Badger him. Degrade him. He could at most only half listen to him as he was inside of his own head. His own voice telling that to him. It was partially what drove him to go through with his classes.

With about an hour left until his training, he moved over to his bed. He started to meditate; to steel his nerves for the test that was going to happen. He'd done everything before hand, but he still needed to do the actual physical part of it. It was then that the wolf in him decided to try and have a bit of 'him' time. He didn't count on Kaji mentally shoving him into a corner and lawing down the law with his own body. Biding his time against his inner wolf was a smart move, it allowed him to grow stronger than the Wolf had been thinking.

After being granted his next level belt, he hadn't heard yell nor whisper of the being inside of him. His mind was his own, and his powers were as well. Though control was still something that he needed to learn, greatly.

High School. What /fun/ Kaji had during those four years. Coupled with his achievement of getting his black belt between his Sophomore and Junior years of high school. He gained control over his shifting; able to switch between his normal form and an anthro wolf form mostly at will. There were still personal moments where the shifts were unable to be controlled. Which led to some rather embarrassing moments between parents and child.

While his grades weren't spectacular, he did graduated with a 3.4 GPA. Which wasn't much to him really, as he didn't have much to show for it. Well, not openly really. During his junior year, his parents bought him a motorcycle. It wasn't one of the fancy kinds. Something for Point A to Point B, and it allowed him to get a job that he could go to on the weekends, and after school when he was scheduled.

It was a short time after he had graduated, that he decided to take off from his parents' safe haven into the city. He knew he couldn't really be free from them, as every teenager wants no matter how well they get along with their parents, until he left the actual state. And he heard that the college up in NYC was rather good. So his sights were set for there.

A year in the city had done him some good, he got settled down into the college; taking night classes and he also set himself some goals. Letting the teachings of his martial arts to be able to control his mutation. Something that he grew to have as a natural part of himself.


In the past half a year, Kaji's met a good bunch of people including Tony Stark. He's become his body guard and ultimately one of his trusted friends. Past that, he's gotten into the Avengers, as a trainee for the moment. He's also training under Taskmaster! But during all of that, he's had mental issues as well! With the wolf he's locked away for 8 years has decided that he's had enough.


  • "A Teddy wolf, eh? Can't say I've been called that ever."
  • "The name is Fenrir."
  • "Goddamit, Tony."
  • "I have a wolf in my head whom I argue with. Get over it."


Kaji's powers are simple actually. The basic shifting from his human form to an anthro wolf form. Enhanced strength in both forms, but moreso in the anthro form. His senses are enhanced as well, though only certain ones. He also has a general healing factor that's in both forms.


  • Amazing thing!
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  • Amazing thing!


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