Kalindi Athreya
Kalindi Athreya
Portrayed By Afshan Azad
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 12th, 1992
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Kali
Place of Birth Delhi, India
Current Location New York
Occupation Demonic Trader
Known Relatives Naresh Athreya, Amaravati Athreya
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Gold manipulation
First Appearance Original character

Do you want to make a deal?


Originally from India, Kalindi (or Kali, for short) lived a life free of any kind of work or responsibility, mostly since she only lived with her parents for the time that she was very young. Her own story is not what is most interesting at this point in her life, though, but that of her father, Naresh's.

Naresh spent a lot of his time studying magic and the occult, trying to find a way to break into the supernatural, to give him even more power than what he was afforded from being born into a well-off family. The man worked very hard to gain this valuable knowledge and he eventually desired to become the Sorceror Supreme. Unfortunately, he didn't have much affinity for magic, and thus ended spending as much time as he could afford researching ways to get around this.

The quickest way that he was able to find was through demonic intervention from a creature that inhabited an demonic domain. Naresh's lust for power at this point was so great that he was willing to trade away the life of his eldest child for the hope to get this power. The demon that came through the dimensional barrier to complete this deal, giving Naresh his gifts and taking his daughter, was Umbalificos.

Naresh asked to be able to gain any power that he laid eyes on, and knowing what was soon to be in store for the man, the demon acquiesced. Umbalificos had seen that Naresh's wife was watching the ceremony, and once she realized that Naresh had sacrificed their daughter to this demon, she took a knife to her husband's eyes, blinding him. He still lives to this day, unable to use his demonic gifts.

Umbalificos brought the young Kalindi, his prize from the deal with Naresh, back to his own dimension, which the demon ruled over. Not being the kind of creature that wastes precious resources, Umbalificos kept the girl alive in the harsh world, protecting her from danger. Imagining a use for her as a channel for his dark deals on Earth, the demon asked the five-year-old child what her favourite thing in the world was.

"Gold," said the child without much thought. She had always admired her mother's gold jewellery, sometimes borrowing it without permission. So Umbalificos bestowed upon her the power over gold, as well as a piece of the demon's own soul so that she would be able to make deals and speak in his name. The demon trained Kalindi to become more like him, to best serve him upon her return to Earth. In this time, Umbalificos became fond of the child, considering her to be a daughter of his own. After all, this child slowly became unlike anything she ever was before, and this new self was born of the demon's soul. Truly, she was his daughter.

For eleven years, Umbalificos kept Kalindi with him, teaching her many of the skills that she would need to know for when and where she would be returned to Earth, including how to use her powers, some hand to hand combat skills and how to speak the English language, because she would be relocated in New York, since that seemed to be one of the biggest centers of mystical and infernal activities.

Before she was dropped off in her new location, Umbalificos taught Kalindi one last thing: a simple spoken spell to temporarily summon the demon to her location in case of extreme danger. Because his powers are weak outside of his own domain, he would only have the strength to teleport the girl to safety, and she was advised to only use this spell if she absolutely needed it.

Umbalificos dropped Kalindi in New York, having advised some of his few servants in the area to pool supplies in order to support and serve the girl. Because Kalindi required a large volume of gold, this was naturally a strain to their finances (despite some of them being quite well off), but they had no choice but to listen to their master.


-Kalindi has met Eddie in Central Park. This ended in a fight.
-Due to an accident of timing, Kalindi joined a fray against a woman in red at the Statue of Liberty.
-Kali met with Obsidian at the Salem Center, and traded a future obsidian sculpture for new clothes.


  • "Is it worth your money? Is it worth your memories? Is it worth your soul? This is a negotiation."
  • "I am not known for my sense of humour."


  • Kalindi enjoys watching plays and viewing art of all kinds: It is something that she was deprived of having during her childhood.
  • Kali is a vegetarian.
  • Lying, according to Kalindi, is one of the worst things a person can do.


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