Kastor "Kas/Finesse" Fotopoulos
Kastor Fotopoulos
Portrayed By Sean Maher
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 1, 1986
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Kas, Finesse
Place of Birth Iraklios, Crete
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Accountant
Known Relatives Polydeukes (Paul) Fotopoulos (Brother), Parents
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Low-level, HIGHLY trained telekinesis
First Appearance (in wiki) Asking for Aid

The only idiot I want in my life is my brother. You… however… are worthless.


A pair of well-known chefs lived in the city of Iraklios, on the isle of Crete. They weren't formally trained, simply good at the craft they chose. They led a happy, quiet life. But all good quiet must come to an end, and did, when Gioia realized that she was pregnant. Though Miklos was surprised, he was extatic.

As it turned out, she was carrying twins. Gioia decided to give the boys a pair of mythic names, in hopes that they would live up to the proportions. Kastor, the elder and hopefully wiser, and Polydeukes, the younger and hopefully friendlier. As it turned out, the names were chosen wisely.

The boys grew up roudily, as boys are known to do. Despite the differences in personality, the boys were exceptionally close. Gioia and Miklos came to the decision that they would do what they could to move to America, where the boys would have more opportunity in the future.

When the boys were about eight years old, having completed their equivalent of third grade, the dream of Gioia and Miklos came to be reality. The family moved to New York, opening a traditional Greek restaurant. The business went well, giving the family a decent income, and providing for the boys quite well.

The family continued, at least every other year, to visit their home and family back in Iraklios. The boys grew, Kastor or "Kas" the one with better grades, but less athletic, and Polydeukes or "Paul" as the more popular and more athletic. But things really began to change for the boys shortly after their fourteenth birthday…

While visiting Crete, the boys took a day to visit the coastline. They were running and roughhousing a little too close to the edge of a cliff. Paul, being his normal showboating self, was trying to prove himself by walking as close as he physically could. Kas, on the other hand, simply shook his head, letting him. Kas had turned away for a moment, when suddenly he felt complete and utter fear, but he knew the fear wasn't his. He turned around just in time to see Paul falling off the edge of the cliff.

Rushing towards the edge, he held his arm out towards his brother, only to feel a pull inside his head and see his brother stop. Paul was ten feet away, and hanging in the air. Kas could feel his body weight. That rush of fear increased until suddenly, all that weight that was Paul disappeared as Kas's arm flung upward. Paul's body shot up towards the sky, and Kas's followed. After about twenty feet, though, Kas stopped, shouting his confusion. All the strange feeling in his mind vanished and he fell to the ground. He fell over, landing face first on a hard rock, cutting a line across his face.

After waking up, he saw Paul sitting with him, holding their heads together, closely. He felt relief flood through him and knew it was his brother, happy that he was alive. When Paul pulled back, he had a bloody line on his face identical to the one on his own. They never spoke to their parents of what happened that day, other than that they both were extremely clumsy.

The knowledge that there was something different about them spurred Kas on to study as much as he could about strange phenomena. He began pressing and feeling these things in his mind, trying to force the feeling he had that day and learned, over time, that he could move objects and himself with his mind alone. His brother could do similar things, but it wasn't quite the same. However, they would do their best to practice and learn whenever they could get away without being worried about.

Upon graduation, Kas was salutatorian while Paul was MVP for the football team. Both chose to go to college. Kas, himself, chose to stay in the academics with a major in Accounting. Paul went for sports. They maintained themselves well, still breaking away long enough to work on their own natural abilities, which was easier with them living together.

However, the two have now graduated with their Bachelor's Degrees. What they're going to do with the rest of their lives remains to be seen. Kas, himself, is going into the workforce, for now, while deciding if he wants to go back for his Master's.



June 15, 2009 Kas is one of many with the Watcher's eye upon him. Everyday Life
June 15, 2009 Kas, Paul, and Kage take down an AIM facility. Brotherhood Meets AIM
June 24, 2009 Finesse and some others work together to get the powers returned. Power Swap Again


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing.


Telekinesis - Kas's primary ability is to use his mind to create physical force and physical planes. Kas can generate enough mental strength to move about 1.5 tons of material at about fifty miles per hour for short bursts. If he tries to lift or move anything heavier, he will begin getting headaches. The more he pushes, the worse they become until he simply passes out. Kas, however, has had much practice at doing small, intricate work with his powers. While he doesn't have immense strength of mind like some, he does have a good deal of finesse (thus his name). He could easily cross-stitch a pattern onto a piece of fabric with a needle and thread and make a nice little scene, if he chose. He doesn't think in terms of brute force, but in applications with lower levels of power. He does not have to SEE what he's manipulating, as he can feel it with his mind. Thus, he could potentially, affect the internal parts of things… or people.


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