2012-06-13: Kaylee 1 Syrup 0

Players: Amy and Cale

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Summary: Amy and Cale go out to an IHOP.

Date: June 13, 2012

Log Title: Kaylee: 1 - Syrup: 0.

Rating: PG


International House of Pancakes with its signature white building and blue roof is among one of the more suburban areas of Queens. Open 24 hours for all pancake lovers, IHOP has plenty of tables and booths for its customers.

Out of all the restaurants in the city, all the unique places, the Black siblings have ended up at an IHOP. Strangely, though Cale likes to eat all sorts of interesting foods, being in an IHOP for the first time since everything happened is pretty comforting. Some things, after all, never change. Of course… /Kaylee/ has changed a lot lately, and this is her first public outing as Kaylee instead of Cale; she's still relatively nervous, sitting eating her pancakes little bit by little. Very carefully.

"Why are you wearing such nice clothes to an IHOP? It's going to get all syruppy and everything will be pretty much doomed," says Amy, peering over towards her 'sister'. The young woman slices out a chunk of pancake with a curious expression and then shrugs, "That's why I'm wearing this old thing." Amy's tanktop isn't ugly, or even unfashionable, just not very detailed and a fine sacrifice in a war against syrup.

"Bluh!" Kaylee sticks her tongue out, then wraps it around a piece of pancake on the fork and pulls it off, eating it. She looks down at her black skirt and pink shirt; shaking her head. "It's not like I have anything old or crappy /to/ wear," she grumbles. "I guess I could've worn something /else/ but…" Thbbt.

"I suppose that's true. Next on the shopping list: get you some kind of thrift clothes that look nice, but you don't feel bad ruining," says Amy, nodding her head at that, "Though maybe you're better at the whole pancake thing than me. I can never help but get syrup all over me."

"It's kinda… easy now," Kaylee grins, licking the fork clean of syrup with her elongated tongue. Not quite so obvious that people will notice immediately, but still slightly odd looking. "You should come with me, then! I mean. If you're okay with that. I dunno." She pauses, "I kind of. You know. Told Nick the other day. Also. I mean. Ran into him," she pauses, drumming her fingers on the tabletop nervously. "I don't think it went well. I don't think. You know. He hates me. But it freaked him out. I know he said he was from a small town… I dunno. I'm kinda worried about it. Anyway."

"Well, yeah, that would freak out lots of people from small towns, but you know you've got a good thing going on if he doesn't hate you and is willing to go that far," says Amy, before she blinks a few times and brings up a napkin to her nose as it starts bleeding. In a more nasal voice, she says, "Anyways, yeah, I'm perfectly okay coming with you shopping. Why wouldn't I be? I'm the coolest sister in the friggin' world."

"Yeah! Well I mean, yeah. It could be a lot worse! I just… I didn't mean to freak him out that bad. Maybe I should have just told him, instead of just walking in on him like that… I mean, I didn't know he was gonna be there, either, though," shrugs the teen, picking up a piece of bacon and munching on it idly. "You ARE!" she scratches her cheek for a moment, eyeing the bleeding with a little (but not too much) concern. "But, what does that make me then?" she smiles faintly. "What about you, though? Are you doing okay? I mean… with the…" she nods at the napkin. "'n, You like Xavier's so far?"

"Oh, it just makes you the best younger sibling whose pronouns are yet up in the air," says Amy, waving off Cale's question, and pinching her nose, "Man, I should stop with the bleeding. And I'm doing okay, yeah, I mean… I just didn't expect it, that's all, I thought you were, well, gay. Like really gay. As for Xavier's… yeah, it's been alright so far."

Kaylee laughs, "Well I mean… I kind of… am… It's just there's the other thing too…" she furrows her brow. "It's just like, I was always, I dunno. A little jealous. You got all the things that I wanted! I mean, I got cool things too but…" she smiles apologetically, "It was kinda silly, I guess. 'n it's hard to describe that sorta feeling…" she munches down another bite of pancakes, nearly spilling a drop of syrup on her clothes. She catches it at the last second. "Eek."

"What, you're jealous that I'm so pretty and stuff? I think we're just a naturally pretty people. We're both pretty, kiddo, people just find my prettiness more acceptable than yours," says Amy, shaking her head, "On account of my vagina." The girl then gestures towards Kaylee and says, "There, there, see? Syrup, it is a harsh mistress."

"Pff, I didn't spill it! My syrup control and spill prevention is /excellent./ I've been practicing." Also, Kaylee definitely cheats, what with the whole tongue thing and all. "Anyway, kinda, well. That! I mean," she shrugs a little, "Yeah well… maybe do something about that… eventually…" her face burns a bright red at her sister's comment.

"Your syrup control is terrible, you just had a lickey break there," says Amy, before noting, "Get it, lickey rather than lucky? 'cause you have a crazy tongue? I crack myself up." She seems quite satisfied at that, but doesn't actually laugh, "And what, you want to… get a vagina installed? Kiddo, that's a ways off, I'm guessing, if it ever happens at all."

"Bleh! It sounds so stupid when you say it like that," Kaylee sighs, resting her elbow on the table and propping up her chin while she pushes the remains of her pancakes around on the plate, getting them thoroughly drenched in syrup. "Like it's just, I dunno, an appliance or something. Body parts aren't appliances!" She pauses, registering the /first/ thing Amy said last. "Yeah, I get it," she snerks, rolling her eyes a little. "You need the sunglasses. Like the guy. On the TV show. You know."

"Body parts are like appliances. Your eyes are like the security cameras of your skulls, and your butt is like the chair of your pelvis, and your teeth are like the blender of your face. See?" says Amy, cutting off more pancake now that the bleeding has subsided, "And yeah, I do. I can pretend, see?" She motions as if taking off sunglasses, even folding the arm of the non-glasses back and says, "YEEEEEEEEEEEAH!" People look. She doesn't seem to care.

"No-no-no! Your body is a part of who you are, not just, erm, things!" Kaylee shakes her head, "What if someone just replaced your butt with metal plates or something? Or your eyes with, I dunno, those zoomy robotic eyes?" she eats her last bite of pancake, looking towards the toast. "You'd care. It'd make you freak out a bunch that you looked stupid or freaky or ugly."

"Okay, first of all, my butt is probably the greatest feat of natural evolutionary engineering, so yeah, replacing it with a flat metal plate would be a serious downgrade. This ass? Perfect. /Perfect/," says Amy, pointing at Kaylee on the last word for emphasis, "And if those eyes looked exactly like mine, I think that would be pretty awesome."

"No, they don't look like yours! They look like binoculars. Like. Camera lenses. And they make little whirring noises!" Kaylee rolls her eyes, "You're totally missing the point! Ugh. Fine! Whatever. You win. You always win. Yes. I want to have a vagina installed…" she sticks her tongue out at her sister. "And breasts. Don't forget that." Her face, is at this point, bright red and she's just barely squeaking out words, but she's smiling; thankfully the restaurant is rather empty. Of course, they have played this 'embarass Cale till he can't talk' game before, just, not under current circumstances…

"Breasts, yeah. Breasts are okay, though sometimes on warm days, I wish that I had some air conditioning in my shirt, know what I mean?" says Amy, nodding her head and taking a sip from her coke. "And yes, I do always win. That's me. A winner. Who always wins. But might I add, you are a rather congenial second place." She reaches across the table to boop Kaylee on the nose.

Cale squeaks as she is booped; blinking. "Well, I'm glad I have the winner who always wins on MY side then! And I don't really mind being second place so much," she smiles happily, yawning. "Why don't you just get a shirt-fan installed then? We could just wire it up in there. It'd be easy."

"Because I don't want a fan next to my boobs ready to grind them up into gross boob meat piles?" says Amy, raising her eyebrow at Cale, "And while it might cool things down, it wouldn't look cool. It'd ruin my cool-girl image."

"Pfft!" Kaylee objects, "Just a little one. Like a computer fan. You could hide it… maybe…" she glances down at Amy's shirt, which is pretty tight. "Or maybe not. Whatevs," she handwaves it. "I guesso. Maybe," she looks down at the table, shrugging a little. "Anyway. Are we done? I'm done. We should probably like. Go ahead and get out of here. Before they close. Or something."

"Yeah, no, it's not going to work, kiddo. I know you want to build some kind of breast air conditioner, but it's not going to work well," says Amy, wagging a finger at Kaylee, "And yeah, I'm close to done. We can get out of here. And do IHOPs really close? Really?"

"Probably not," admits Kaylee, digging around in her messenger bag for some money - which she brought along because she does not yet own that other thing that girls tend to carry around yet. Also because it carries stuff. Rummagerummage. "That ought to cover it. Hurry up and finish though. I don't wanna get caught on the subway at night with a bunch of weirdos 'cause we're late," she says, standing up and smoothing out her clothes. After Amy finishes, the two head out and back to the mansion.

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