2010-02-03: Keep Smiling


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Summary: Robyn and Jono have an angst free conversation *gasp!*

Date: February 3, 2010

Keep Smiling

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Jono's Room

A bed, night stand, dresser, and desk all war for space here with a very large music collection. Shelves and boxes leave a clear space in the middle of the room to allow access to closet and bathroom. Even so, the closet has more in way of music cds than clothing. Not that this isn't a neat room. The bed is made, albeit not as neatly as it could be, and there's no sign of clutter. It's just full. The sterio system is a decent one, but not an expensive kind. The speakers for it aren't even connected yet, and a pair of good headphones rest in easy reach. There is a computer on the desk, and neat piles of school work. Someone here helps out with the professors. The bathroom is missing certain amenities, but that's not too much of a surprise, is it?

You knock and there is no immediate reply. Jonothon hasn't been seen since the day before, and no one saw him leaving school grounds, so this is a logical place to check, right? Anyway, the second knock gets a response. There's a fumbling at the handle and a badly sleep mussed, psy-fire wrapped, Jono is there. There are rents in the shirt he wears. The black material hides that it's covered in blood too, but his pale skin shows the mess. The psy-fire leeks out holes in the chest area, and his shoulder is a couple strings barely holding on. A right mess he is.
Dragging fingers back through his hair, he «….» at you. Sleepy!

Robyn had been wanting to talk to Jono, after all the man had done more for him than he initally realized and he wanted to come and express that. He hadn't seen him yesterday so this morning he figured he'd go looking instead of waiting. He skipped his morning time in the art room and after searching around a bit, he came to Jono's room. Now the man stands in front of him and Robyn notices that he looks….less than good. He looks horrible. "Are you okay?" Are the first words out of his mouth in stead of good morning or sorry to disturb you. It just kind of comes out.

Is he what? Oh, right. «I'm fine.» There's the motion of a hand as he steps back into the room, giving you permission to enter. Even Jonothon's mental voice is muzzy. «Pushed myself hard yesterday is all. Had to sleep it off. Sorry.» Come on in! He heads towards the closet and peels out of that ruined shirt. Gives an even better idea of his injuries, and yet there's only a mess, no wounds. «What's up?» The room might interest you in that it's filled with music. There's also a guitar case tucked in an out of the way spot.

Robyn looks at Jono and nods, he thinks Jono looks like shit but he's not going to say that outloud. "I just wanted to thank you, for everything, you were right." Robyn says as he can't help but look around Jono's room as he enters. All the CD's do peek his interest, after all his father is a musican and music is bred into him a bit. "You were right about things changing and waiting it out, things have gotten better. I'm glad you dragged me back here otherwise I would have missed all the good things that happened."

«Heh.» That he was right. Looking back a moment, those eyes are laughing. Changing the black wrap he wears releases the psy-fire, but it doesn't last. Soon he's all wrapped up again and the ruined stuff goes in the hamper in the bathroom. «I'm glad you're feeling better.» That's what's important to Jonothon. His room doesn't have much beyond music and clothes in it truth be told, but that's how he's happy. «Can you imagine if you hadn't come back? You'd still be worrying at it all and would have missed your boy returning.» It would have been far worse. «Really, I only know because I didn't go back and made a mess of it all.» Experience is a good teacher.

Robyn can't help but walk over and look at what CD's Jono has, there's also the curiosity of someone's music tastes. "That's a part of it, Jordan, getting to be with him again, but it's everything. I wouldn't have been able to see Dallas over come his insecurities and be himself again, or see Rashmi be happy and hell, even Lucas opened up a bit. Though I'm a bit worried about Mikhail, but he was also so happy when he found out he could get rid of the tattoo. It's just the little things I would have missed, and…thanks. I really do owe you Jono. You're a good guy." He says turning to smile at him.

Jonothon pulls on another t-shirt and is thus mostly dressed again, but that doesn't mean he's cleaned up. That can happen after you leave. Idly scratching at that shoulder, he plops on his unmade bed and watches you look around. The collection is rock based, of course, but there's a wide variety in it just the same. Jono's a rock-n-roll boy if ever there was one, but that doesn't mean he's immune to the angst stuff. Oh yes, a lot of that too. «You don't owe me anything.» The man assures. «All you needed was a smack to the back of the head.» Teasing a little. «You're a smart one. Once you settled down everything fell into place. I think you'd have figured it out on your own eventually.»
«Mikhail's someone I'm worried about too. He attacked Lucas. Going to have to do something about that.» This doesn't please the man though.

Robyn points at one of the Rush CD's and smiles. "My Dad likes to play covers of Rush but he can't sing it, at all. Well my father's not much of a singer, he plays guitar and bass mostly. He's in a small band, they do like weddings and small cover shows. Nothing great but he loves it. My parents always said, it wasn't about the money you made, it was about if you were happy doing it." Robyn's going off on a tanget, yes he misses them and with being gone for so long he's home sick. "I'm gonna be going home, but, just for the weekend. I'm not going to leave here. I can't, not when my powers are so dependant on other people. And with Mikhail…I'm trying to be there for him. I think he's trying to be something he's not and that's….never good."

Jonothon doesn't interrupt you. Seeing you happy is both strange and nice. So he watches you as you talk about your father and that being happy is what matters. «Is that a smile I see?» Teased after a moment. «Are you allowed to do that? I'm like your da. Lousy singer.. least when I could sing, so I got stuck on guitar. That at least I was good at.» Glad you are staying, he's reminded of something. «You know, I think I can help with your powers.» He's been reading up on the students he deals with a lot. «Be careful of Mikhail. I'm not sure he understands a few important social rules. Be mindful of it and help?»

"Mikhail…he's learning from Television and doesn't understand it's fake. Maybe I'll see if he wants to come home with me sometime, see what it's like in a non-television style family." Robyn says with a chuckle. "And I do smile a lot actually, I'm usually happy. I think that's why everything hit me so hard, I'm not used to…being so worried and scared. I wasn't popular at my old school, I got made fun of and beat on, but I never cared about that. Here, it's different. I have friends like I've never had before and just when everything felt like it was crashing down, I crashed down with it. And I'd like to hear you play guitar sometime. I play the cello, not as…rock and roll but I like it." He then looks at Jono with a confused look. "Am I allowed to do what?"

«I'm teasing you.» A roll of eyes for you looking confused. Guess we keep the teasing to a minimum. Jonothon then looks down at his socks and pulls them off. It's a wonder he got out of his boots yesterday. «I hope you don't have to be so worried and scared again.» But if he had lungs, he wouldn't be holding his breath. The guitar? «Sure, we can sometime. Not right now though. Too tired to get fingers to work right. ..Are you avoiding the power issue?» There's that half smile again.

Robyn shakes his head and smiles. "What? Sorry, I think it's just, I'm getting lost in my thoughts." He doesn't mind getting teased just sometimes he might not fully get it. "I didn't mean right now but yeah, powers. How do you think you can help? I'd love to get this psychic vampirism thing under control but I think, like vampirism suggests, I'm going to have a dependancy on others with the way my powers are."

Jonothon offers you a hand. «Lost is fine.» Really, and honest. He's not angry. Not even that you woke him up. «Use your power on me.» The man believes you can't do him much harm. If Emplate couldn't.. «I've more power than I could ever begin to use, and it's all psionic. Was reading your file and seemed like it might be perfect for you. Ironic really. I can help Owen because his Bat form can't hurt me, and I can help you because you can drain me. In fact you'd be helping me if you do it. Don't show it, but I have to go down to the Danger Room every day and vent so that I'm not a danger to others.»

Robyn reaches out and takes Jono's hand, and since he hasn't seen Addison this morning, he needs the recharge. Jono would feel it draining but no ill effects and Robyn feels it powering him up, so to speak. "Wow, it's like with Addison. You both have this psi-energy that's different than others. It's like bottled water verses tap water I guess, it feels more pure." He keeps his hand on Jono's until he's had is 'fill' before breaking skin contact. "Thanks, so now I have both you and Addison I can find, and if you need me to drain some of the extra off of you, I'd be happy to help."

See? Wasn't that easy? Jonothon doesn't look any different in the aftermath. Still kind of sleepy. It's nice for him, that lack of pressure inside. «Dunno about pure, but I have to go with it.» The marks on his wrist remind him all the time that he's a tasty treat. «Same goes for you. Find me if you need it.» And he can use the drain in return. «Addison's been so busy lately it must be rough on you. On top of everything else.»

Robyn nods. "Yeah, I hope he can finally get some rest now that this is all over. I like Addison, he's a good teacher." He's not as freaked out by him as some of the other students are. "I'll try not to wake you up again but you'll definately see me doing that more often." He says with a smile. "When I first got here I didn't know about Addision or you, that there were people I could drain from and they weren't effected so the other students would get mad if it happened on accident. I don't like draining people cause it gives them headaches…or worse."

Jonothon nods about Addison. «Me too. He's been pushing himself way too hard the last two weeks.» Sleep and food. The guy really needs it. «Psh.» About not waking him. «I'm normally awake long before now. Yesterday drained me but good.» You speak of when you got here and he nods again. «I can so see that.» People being upset. Never mind he wasn't even here when you arrived. «It could be worse, Robyn, and I'm glad it's not. You've got the kind of power that I've seen kill people. Headaches are something I'm not too worried about. We're lucky you're as good a person as you are.»

"I don't think I can kill anyone, but I put a nurse in a coma for a few days." Robyn says and there's a bit of guilt but he knows he can't linger on that and let it eat at him. It was an accident and she's okay, that's what he has to focus on. He blushes at the compliment. "I'm just me, that's really all. I don't know about a good person but I try to be understanding of others as everyones different and yeah..all that kind of stuff."

A coma at the worst. Jonothon hopes you never experience the kind of person who would kill with your power. «Like I said, you're a good person.» He sounds amused at it too. Rising from the bed, tossing his socks towards the bathroom (Only one makes it), the man starts making his bed. «I need a shower, and I don't doubt you've a class to be at.» A gentle nudge that he needs some alone time. «Thanks for waking me though. I'd have skipped a ton of stuff otherwise.» And have been upset that he did. «You keep smiling, Robyn. We need that around here.»

Robyn smiles and nods, chuckling nervously. Just kind of feels weird to be complimented by Jono but he's gonna try his best. "I'm just me, that's what I'll stick. But. I like being happier than miserable." Which is kind of strange giving his 'emo' appearance that he's really not that angsty of a kid. "Yeah, have to get breakfast then go to class. Thanks again Jono. You're a good person too." He doesn't know what might have happened to Jono before he came here but the Jono he knows now, that's what he sees. He gives a wave before giving him his alone time.

«Shoo.» For calling him a good person. Jonothon even makes the hand motions for it, but he is giving his eye-smile as he does so. You know? He likes being happier too. It's been a long time since he was happy, and a very strange feeling. «Call if you need me. I've got my phone now.» And if you don't have the number, he gives it to you quick. «Text me. I can't talk on the bloody thing.» After that he goes to wash off that mess.

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