Keith "Maelstrom" Flinn
Keith Flinn
Portrayed By Joseph Sayers
Gender Male
Date of Birth 09/29/1988
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Maelstrom, 'Wind Man',
Place of Birth Private Boat, International Waters
Current Location New York City
Occupation Good Question…
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Identity Secretish
Known Abilities Wind Manipulation, Serial Immortality, Electrical Immunity, Lightning
First Appearance Don't be a Dick

Don't worry about it! He'll be fine and back to life in the morning. We're messed up like that!


Keith’s always been a rich kid. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he spit it out in favor of the nearest piece of candy he shouldn’t have had. His parents, Martin Flinn and Elisa Flinn are a stock broker and heart surgeon respectively. Combined with the money their families had built up over the years, and they were very well off. Rich in fact. To the point where they had a mansion. Only problem is that they didn’t have too much time with their son. Named Keith after his uncle, the young man was raised mostly by nannies and the butler. Sure, they talked with him after school and went to his little league games but they weren’t a big figure in his life.

While he was growing up, Keith had every toy and gadget he could ever want. What he didn’t have way many friends to play with. Aside from the occasional distant relative of kid of one of his parents’ associates, Keith was a loner. He got bored and fast. It was then that the butler introduced him to sky diving. The adrenaline rush had Keith hooked right then and there. From that point on he dove into whatever ‘extreme sport’ he could find much to his parents’ chagrin. Combining it with his love of the outdoors and he spent very little time indoors. He’d often get into trouble for skipping classes. Eventually he got kicked out of school and had to be tutored privately.

When Keith turned sixteen, he got his pilot’s license. His course of action was to go up for a dive. In his haste, he packed his parachute incorrectly. No one noticed. Once he handed off controls to the butler, Keith was out the door. The dive was enjoyable until it became time to pull the chute. Keith lost his entire pack…back up chute too. Plummeting to his doom, the teen really thought he was done for. That is until he suddenly stopped. It was almost as if he were floating on the wind itself. After a few moments, he realized he was. The Wind Spirit had awakened. Keith enjoyed a nice flight before faking a crash into a tree and acting like he lost his pack up there. Of course, there was much confusion when he took his helmet off. Formerly brown hair was suddenly very white. Deciding to just go with it, Keith proceeded on his way home. He and the butler were greeted by the family lawyer. She didn’t have good news.

While he was out skydiving, his parents went on a drive. Their car crashed in the city and both died. Keith was understandably devastated by this but he covered it with a smile until behind closed doors. Even though he was convinced to go into college and occasionally deal with keeping the money managed properly, Keith started focusing even more on self gratification. Whether it be through his usual extreme sports or playing with his powers, Keith settled for keeping himself happy.

Shortly after graduating college, Keith went on a bit of a tour through Canada simply because he’d never been. He’d heard rumors of some kind of monster roaming around and wanted to find it but never did. Now, he’s headed back to New York City to prep for his next activity.


Air/wind Generation/Control - Keith has the ability to control air itself. He can make anything from a light breeze to hurricane force winds with ease. Because he’s the spirit of wind, there’s no limit to it. He can fly, listen in on things from long distances, create winds that can cut as well as any blade. He’s also able to move air in any direction and change the composition of air. Keith is also always aware of what’s in the air and can remove what he wants from it (dust, pollen, garbage, etc.). His powers are dependant on his emotional state. While calm his powers are under control but should he become angry or upset, they may get out of control.



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