Keld Jonalh
Keld Jonalh
Portrayed By Michael Radon
Gender Male
Date of Birth 34 Kentak, 9121pI
Age 22(?)
Zodiac Sign The Tower
Aliases Kazhurr
Place of Birth Abro City, Dakkam Prime
Current Location Terra
Occupation Warrior/Bodyguard/Troubleshooter
Affiliation S.W.O.R.D., Avengers
Known Relatives Fathers: Jord Jonalh, deceased; Abro Jonahl, deceased; DonorMother: Janjia D'Jonalh, deceased; no direct siblings known.
Significant Other ???
Known Abilities strong/fast/durable special-forces soldier, single-power-at-a-time metapower
First Appearance The Man Who Fell To Earth

The REAL Man Who Fell To Earth


Keld is a Dakkamite Elect Warrior.

Keld was born in the same manner as many other Dakkamite warriors: decanted from a birth-pod some time after all three of his parents had died in combat. He is the genetic offspring of two male warriors using a donor-egg from a compatible female warrior, a common procedure especially among active members of the Dakkamite armed forces. Keld never met any of his parents, though he was given access to their combat records and personal history logs, as was customary. They also left him personal messages of encouragement, another custom for warriors going to off-world combat zones.
He was raised in a public home, like the majority of the children of warriors, and though he showed talent as a service-laborer, as a story-actor, and as a child-teacher, he was most happy when training as a Warrior, and his choice to join the military was approved.

After a distinguished first tour of duty he applied to join the Elect, was accepted as a candidate, and underwent rigorous training.
As with all the Warriors, he did not form any close friendships, but he did form the Bonds of Warriors Honor within each of his ten-person squadrons, and those Bonds were extremely intimate.
The closest Terran analogue is the adoption bond of Roman Imperial culture, when a promising youth might be adopted into the Household of a powerful family, being gifted with a new name and identity, and as a part of their household, would willingly die for the honor of the house. This survives in a degenerate form in the "made man" concept of the Mafia. Dakkamite Warrior Bond is essentially a contractual family.

After his training was completed, the rumor came of something heretofore unknown. When the scientist Hektu and his wife Soja formed the mistaken idea that the Dakkamite sun was about to nova, they sent their infant son Wundarr to earth in a suspension-pod. They were arrested before they could escape themselves, and imprisoned for their cravenness in attempting to save themselves without alerting the Elite Leaders of the supposed impending catastrophe. The dishonor of their actions remains an example to all Dakkamites. Wundarr's pod eventually crashed on the Earth, many years later, and the grown-but-still-child-minded Wundarr revealed something that the Dakkamites had never seen before: something in the Earth's sun catalyzed super-powers in the exile.
The Dakkamites are a self-evolving race, using careful and well-tested genetic modifications to enhance their species to be on a par with other warrior races in their part of the galaxy, yet the powers Wundarr exhibited were much more advanced than any they had seen before, and the Elite Leaders determined to attempt to replicate this power-boost in a platoon of their most loyal, best warriors, perhaps hoping that this might help them in the endless wars with their neighboring systems.

Keld Jonalh was one of the Elect platoon which was placed in suspension pods, then placed in close orbit around the Earth's sun.
However, the platoon disappeared from their monitoring after a solar flare, and the Elite Leaders, pressed by battle elsewhere, decided that the experiment was a costly failure.

In time, one of the Elect ranking officers awoke to find the other members of his platoon missing, went to Earth, met Wundarr, was given the name Quantum, acted the part of a villain, and eventually returned to space. In time, he discovered (or will discover) the majority of his platoon imprisoned in the Stranger's space-laboratory-slash-zoo.

Keld was not among their number. He was still in hibersleep, absorbing the solar energy, when he was accidentally swallowed by an Acanti (space-whale, cf. X-Men, Broodwar, etc.) juvenile, which was mostly interested in eating the asteroid to which Keld's suspension pod had been affixed. When the space-whale reported to its mother that something was upsetting its stomach, the mother found what it had done in swallowing Keld (a sentient), and the Acanti-Pod (all twenty of them acting in literal concert) placed the Dakkamite in suspended animation by wrapping him in the Acanti Starsong. This protected the young Acanti as well as his semi-conscious guest. A few years later when they returned to the vicinity of Proxima Centauri, the Acanti pod made a quick detour to return the suspension-pod to the solar orbit where it had been found (covered with space-ambergris and containing a rather changed Keld) then left for deep-space again.

The suspension pod, without an engine and without the asteroid's mass to hold it in orbit, fell into the sun, but Keld woke up as it did so, and in the tremendous solar flux, all his powers fully activated.

The intensity of the solar coronal energy flux rendered Keld profoundly invulnerable, expanding his senses to the point that he was able to sense the life-matrix of the Earth, and he was able to move there at something slightly over the speed of light.

Away from the empowering solar energy, his power levels dropped off quite rapidly and he abruptly fell from orbit, unconsciously steering himself towards the general location of the only other Dakkamite energy signature he could sense. Crash-landing was not intentional, but crossing to the dark side of the planet, he was suddenly deprived of access to much of the power he was using. Forced from nearly godlike levels of power to merely superhuman, he lost control of his flight and struck the ground.

He was left in an impact crater, unconscious, naked, but otherwise uninjured.


Dakkamite Body -Without drawing on his supra-powers, Keld is a well-engineered, well-trained Elect Dakkamite soldier.


Mar 1 Keld is distracted from training by Pietro, who has opinions on Keld's lack of a social life How to Win Friends?
Mar 15 Keld is meditating on the StarSong, when something responds to it, indicating changes to come… sometime. Of course the Watcher sees this. Shifting Paradigms
Mar 15 Keld is assisting the police in an attempt to capture metahuman muggers, when Corrin shows up as a mugging victim. Finding the Innocent
Mar 16 Keld finds Corrin taking inventory in the Avenger's Mansion kitchen, and Pietro shows up to help be underfoot. Taking Inventory
Mar 16 Keld returns from the garden to find the Vision has come by. Corrin is thwarted again in offering a meal. A Brief Vision
Mar 25 Fate throws Keld and Nathan together at lunchtime. Table For Two. Off-Duty Hero And Ex-Demon?
Mar 25 Kazhurr is summoned to assist Corrin who is being detained after Misha helped him stop a bank robber. I Met A Man Who Wasn't There

Theme Song


  • "Kanz, zukelt-zof-ap beksletzi."
  • "schmegt! fa-ai bok Galakt boszk maf zeuq-ta ap"

Translations of Quotes


  • Keld is actually about 50 Terran years old. He's just lived a very sheltered life. Sorta.
  • Keld's chosen supranym is actually the nickname he earned in his first squadron.


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