Kelsey "Captain Britain/Lionheart" Kirkland
Kelsey Kirkland
Portrayed By Uma Thurman
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age ??
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Captain Britain, Lionheart
Place of Birth London
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation Hero
Known Relatives Martin (son), Jenny (daughter), Richard Leigh (ex-husband), Mother
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Strength, Force Fields, Stamina, Flight, Agility, Reflexes
First Appearance Dimension Watch

Well, if it's going to be a fight, an amulet won't do much good. I choose the sword!


Many parts of Kelsey's background don't matter. Most of the things she did in her early life have been passed over and forgotten. Why? Because of regular life. Things that just don't matter fade away. Needless to say, she grew up and got married. However, her marriage was less than perfect. Kelsey and her husband both worked, but… the love wasn't that strong. But they still tried, giving birth to two children over the years. However, a few years ago, things went crazy.

The kids were at the grandparents when Kelsey and her husband actually had some time alone. A pair of robbers chose their house to break into. She stood up to them, but with them having weaponry and she having nothing, she couldn't do much. Her milquetoast of a husband wouldn't say anything, just let them do what they wanted, including having their way with his wife. Her refusal and attack led to them running a knife across half of her face, leaving her scarred for life.

Afterwards, Kelsey re-evaluated her life and chose not to continue with her husband. She was granted custody of her children, along with her husband's mother for the occasional weekend. Continuing on her life, things went normally. She grew used to the stares people gave her, eventually becoming withdrawn and reclusive, preferring to live inside and just order what she needed.

One afternoon, she chose to take both of her children out for ice cream. While out there, a huge battle broke out between the Avengers and the Wrecking Crew. The ice cream shop that Kelsey and her children were in was destroyed. Carrying her children out the back way before the place collapsed, Kelsey found that she was trapped. Before her was Thunderball of the Wrecking Crew. Behind her was an unconscious Captain America and Wasp.

Knowing that she had to do something, Kelsey picked up Captain America's shield and stood between Thunderball and the heroes. The shield itself was unharmed,but the sheer force of the blows shattered most of the bones in Kelsey's body, leaving her dead during the trip to medical personnel.

The Avengers chose to honor Kelsey as a hero, building a statue at the mansion of the brave woman holding the shield aloft. A British woman acting selflessly to protect the fallen heroes. And that was where her story should have ended…

However, Kelsey awoke standing in a ring of standing stones. Above her were the faces of Brian and Meggan Braddock. Because of her selfless sacrifice, Kelsey was offered the chance to return to life as Captain Britain, to protect their lands and the rest of the world. The choice always given was between the sword and the amulet. However, Kelsey didn't know what the two meant and chose the sword. Nobody who had ever chosen the sword before had become Captain Britain. Kelsey was the first. However, with the choice came Brian's warning, that should she ever let her children know that she's alive, she would lose everything, including them. However, it's unknown if he would actually enforce this. However, to take with one hand and give with the other, the scar was removed from her face.

The children and Kelsey's mother were taken in by the Avengers to be provided for, because of their mother's sacrifice.

Returning to life, Captain Britain joined the Avengers and helped them with their battles. However, unlike her own predecessor, she was much more violent and willing to harm those that deserved it. She was simply a woman with the power to make things right. After a little time with them, she left in order to learn more about herself and to try to find Braddock to ask him to remove the curse preventing her from seeing her children without the mask.

She's chosen to return to the fray now, fighting under a new name, Lionheart. While she still represents her company, she doesn't feel that Captain Britain should be her name, as Brian Braddock is still too well loved.


March 05 Kelsey returns to find an abandoned mansion (at the moment). Meeting with Teddy they discover more about the invaders. Dimension Watch
March 12 Kelsey meets with a few other Avengers to try to learn more about Winter Soldier. What's in a Name?
March 31, 2009 Kelsey, along with many other people, helps save the world. Freedom





All of Kelsey's powers are linked to the Omniversal Matrix that gives all of the Captain Britain Corps their powers. Though, like some others, she doesn't have to stay in Britain to retain her power, as it's been granted world-wide.


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