Kenta "Darkstar" Gilpatrick
Kenta Gilpatrick
Portrayed By Hyde
Gender Male
Date of Birth 6/25
Age 22/32 (eternal 22/32)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Darkstar
Place of Birth Some where in Japan
Current Location New York City
Occupation Music Teacher
Known Relatives Armande Gilpatrick (Son - 7), Liam Gilpatrick (Father), Lily Gilpatrick (Mother)
Significant Other Daphne Ovid (Deceased)
Identity Known to some Government officials
Known Abilities Dark Force Generation, Nightvision, Resistance to Cold
First Appearance ???

I'm the one, everybody's waiting for, Scream for me! A romantic modern hero…


Kenta was an accidental birth. A Japanese businessman hired a teen-aged prostitute who became pregnant. 9-moths later, Kenta was born and his mother gave him up for adoption. The adoption agency gave him the temporary name of Kenta. Kenta stayed with the agency for a year until a young Irish-American couple from New York City wanted to adopt since the wife couldn’t have children, and thus Kenta had a family.

The Gilpatrick’s raised Kenta s their own child and Kenta never even thought anything of it. He didn’t care that he was adopted and his parents are his parents. He considers himself American even though he’s Japanese, since he doesn’t remember anything about the country and doesn’t even know the language. His parents spoiled him as a child since he was their only son and considered him a blessing.

At the age of 10 Kenta started taking guitar lessons and at 11 he also would take voice lessons. He always loved music and the love followed him through to high school. His freshman year of high school one of the seniors heard him playing in the music room and told his band mates. They were looking for a singer and second guitarist. Even though Kenta was younger, they couldn’t help but acknowledge his talent. Steve, William, and Candy invited Kenta to join the Screaming Ninja Flips. To this day the band is still together and they are his best friends.

The years flew by for Kenta and he was always living in the fast lane, drinking and smoking became two of his vices. Parties, sex, rock n’ roll, the only thing Kenta stayed away from was drugs. He wasn’t a bad kid, he didn’t get into trouble, but he just lived life in the fast lane. He was popular in school and was known along with the band.

All through out High School, Kenta planned on going to Julliard College, even his teachers pushed him to go. He was about to apply when his life changed. One night when on the subway with his parents, everything in the car just went black. The absolute darkness stayed for about 2 minutes and then faded. At the next stop everyone exited the car freaked out. That night at home, Kenta confessed to his parents that it was him. He could feel it was him, he didn’t know how, but it was.

Shortly after Xavier’s got in contact with Kenta and his family and explained. Kenta and his parents decided it was best for him to go there and learn to control his powers. He was to finish up his high school education at his school, but unfortunately he never got the chance to apply for Julliard now that he knew he had other trials ahead.

As a Student at Xavier’s, Kenta met the girl of is dreams, Daphne Ovid. What started as a simple attempt to get her in bed, turned to love and the two were together for quite some time. They eventually moved out of Xavier's, got their own place and Kenta even started to go to college with a scholarship to Juilliard. Then, in September of 2007 the aliens came and attacked New York City. Kenta was one of five people abducted and the experienced changed him forever. Here are his logs of what happened:

((OOC Note: Unfortunately all other characters mentioned in these logs are no longer around on the game.))

When Kenta and the other arrived back home, in this dimension, they realized that only a month had gone by where it was ten years for them. It seemed nothing had changed where they had changed so drastically. Kenta had trouble handling the change, seeing all his friends the same age. He left his band and just distanced himself. His fiance, Daphne, had trouble managing as well, and after a lot of arguments combined with Daphne joining SHIELD, their relationship was falling apart. Kenta took the drastic move and left Daphne, taking their son with him. After all, she wasn't mentally stable to be a single mother. A few months later Kenta got a letter from the government, Daphne Ovid had died in while serving. It hit him hard as he always loved her and always thought that one day things would right themselves.

Now as a single father, Kenta's had to get his life back together and with the help of his parents and Xavier's, he's gotten a job and his own place in the city. He lives in Greenwich Village and now works as a music teacher at Xavier's. The years have gone on and Kenta's done a decent job of getting back on his feet.

Theme Song

Hello by Hyde
Superhero from Lupin III


Dark Force Generation- Kenta is a conduit to the Darkforce dimension, almost a living portal. He can generate and manipulate the energies. He can put 25 tons of pressure behind his strongest blast. His shields can withstand 25 tons of pressure. His Genetics have been altered so the energy constantly flows through his body. Kenta can form solid objects out of Dark Force as well. His eyes are now completely black and that is actually Dark Force, and on his arms, chest, legs, (basically neck down) he has Dark Force Markings on his skin that are permanently there.


March 6, 2010 Kenta runs into Jono at the Reservoir with interesting results. Whatever Happened To Jono?
March 7, 2010 Addison keeps getting mystery messages telepathically, Kenta comes to talk to him about finding the others, Kael wants to help. The Voices In His Head


  • "I said it!"


  • Kenta has a seven year old son named Armande who was born on January 18, 2004
  • Kenta loves music and is extremely talented in singing and guitar.
  • Kenta is a widower.
  • Kenta was displaced in time losing ten years of his life.
  • Kenta has the number '41067' on his left forearm.
  • Kenta was once in a local NYC band named 'Screaming Ninja Flips'


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