Kevin "Morph" Sydney
Kevin Sydney
Portrayed By ??
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 30
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Morph
Place of Birth New Vineyard, Maine
Current Location New York City
Occupation Lost Puppy
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Molecular Instability and Flight
First Appearance ???

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With pasty skin and no nose to speak of, Kevin was an obvious Mutant from the start. But, growing up in a small town in Maine, he was able to avoid the kind of fear and scrutiny thrown at many city-bound Mutants. He also had loving parents who didn't want to see him harmed in any way. His mother was especially encouraging of him, and initially it was for her that he developed his happy-go-lucky attitude. Being able to change his outer appearance came naturally to him at an early age, and though he wasn't able to do anything intricate at first, he still used what he could to put a smile on hers and his father's face.

Eventually, his mother was diagnosed with cancer and died when he was thirteen. It was an emotional uppercut for him, followed by an emotional right-hook from his father. The man's reaction to his wife's death was a sudden change in personality. Rather than feel better by his son's fun-loving antics, he became irritated by them, insisting life was no longer a game. Kevin's father tried pushing seriousness onto him but it seemed to have an opposite effect. Rather than fall in line, he acted out, developing more control over his powers by pushing them and his father's patience to the limit.

Four years of wild behavior eventually gave way to what should have been the freedom college would offer. Kevin was eager to go if just to get out from under his father's roof. Unfortunately, this wasn't the end of his old man's insistence that he do something more serious with himself. For what it was worth, the man did seem genuinely concerned that his son would need some form of stability. So to appease him, Kevin took on a Computer Engineering major. With his above-average intellect, he actually excelled at it, and gained a Master's Degree in his early twenties. But it was obvious that this wasn't his real passion.

Entertaining was something Kevin enjoyed, and in between classes he would spend time at a local community theater making himself a part of the cast. He avoided blatantly showing off with his powers but definitely used them as an edge to getting roles here and there. His versatility made him well-known in the off-off-off-Broadway circuit, but he never seemed to go further towards the more famous stages. He was still partially hampered by his father's influence.

At age twenty-five, Kevin moved to New York to take up a simple IT job in an office building. It was mediocre at best and led him to spend much of his free time hanging out wherever he could. The various theaters in New York were far more insistent on credentials than the ones he'd known, so initially he kept clear of them. But that performance bug would not stop biting, and eventually he started auditioning at the small-time theaters for bit parts. Using his powers to enhance his chances, he gained many roles and that filled the void of boredom he felt trying to fit into a meteocre lifestyle.

Things took an interesting turn one day, when out of nowhere, a version of himself literally landed in his lap. Dressed in fashion similar to comicbook heroes, this version of Kevin claimed to be from something called the Exiles, a team randomly shifted about the realities to right rifts and maintain the stability of existence. "Morph," as he called himself, was alone and had no idea what he was there for. So for much of the time the two talked about each other's lives and put on two-man productions of their favorite scenes from various media. It seemed to do both of them some good, though Morph remained concerned for his teammates and his reason for being in this reality.

The Exiles Morph stayed there for weeks before another sudden jump occurred. He and Kevin were MS3TKing a new movie, and much to the relief of the audience they both disappeared. Another attempt had been made by the notorious Mojo to reclaim his star, but the two Kevins in close proximity caused a problem with the technology. Morph would eventually have his path set straight by the Timebroker, but Kevin ended up being dumped in a reality he was never a part of in the first place. Initially he tried going places he knew by memory: His home and his job. When he found out neither existed for him, and considered the knowledge his Exiles counterpart gave him about reality-jumping, he decided to track down information about himself in this world. Kevin was devastated to find out that he was dead, and with no other link to this reality, wandered New York's streets homeless in the form of various strays for several days.

Eventually he wandered to the theater stoop of Hilary St. Thomas, a British director who had been in the states for some years now. Remembering his passion for performing, he decided to audition just to cheer himself up. Somehow, he landed a small comedic role in one of Hilary's productions and that opportunity would end up changing his current lot in life. During what he thought was a private rehearsal, Kevin inadverdently revealed his powers to Hilary when the director happened by his dressing room. One good look at the omnimorph, and Hilary knew he had to commit the man to the craft he called a hobby.

Kevin was heavily encouraged to make acting more of a priority in his life, and with nothing else to do, he became a prodigy and asset to the off-off-Broadway show. He and Hilary became good friends though he never really told him where he came from, just that he was homeless and lifeless. Kevin spent much of his time working with Hilary to perfect his acting ability and whenever the director had a production, he had a spot in it. This work initially earned Kevin the money to afford a small place to live, and after a number of years he saved up enough to buy a new identity as "Sydney Kevin Jones," so he could resume his place in the workforce.

There were moments when he thought about branching out into film or screen performing, but subtle discouragement has kept him prettymuch where he can be used to keep Hilary's productions successful. Five years after suddenly appearing in this reality, he is keeping a content appearance while stage acting and searching for another job in his spare time. But it doesn't take a genius to notice that there is a bit of restlessness within the energetic omnimorph.


Molecular Instability - The brunt of Kevin's power is his unstable molecular structure. Combined with the force of his will, this gives him the ability to assume a large variety of shapes, including solids, liquids and gases. In addition, he can use his shape-changing to to come up with a variety of sounds, making him able to imitate vocal patterns, animal calls, and even sound effects. And to complete the surface-level authenticity of his appearance, he can also control his color. All this can be combined in various ways to come up with some elaborate creations, but his standard appearance remains the most unique: Pale, hairless and smooth, much like a Doppleganger from classic editions of the Dungeons & Dragons monster manuals.

This instability gives him a pseudo healing factor in that he isn't as easily damaged as your average person. Since he can deform his shape, what would normally be physical injury is usually just a disfigurement he has to reform. He can even be dismembered, and so long as the parts are returned to him in a half hour's time they can be reattached or reabsorbed into his person. But reattachment of limbs is not at all necessary since he can regenerate loss in a matter of moments. The more loss, the more time it takes, and if he's continuously suffering loss, eventually the mental strain will take its toll and he'll go unconscious. Such a mental toll would also cause him to revert to a very base form as a puddle of liquid.

Logical Physical Capabilities - A key subset of his molecular instability. Being able to change forms doesn't just give Kevin the look of what he's imitating—To a certain extent, he also gains the physical strengths and weaknesses of that person or thing. If he turned into an elephant, for example, he would have little trouble lifting a tree trunk with his nose. In contrast, if he became a beer can, he could be easily crushed against a sports jock's head. This means his abilities and hinderances vary depending on what he is at the time. At the same time, if he has never assumed a certain form before, there is no guarantee that he'll be able to perform smoothly while in it.

General forms like humans are simple enough, though when it comes to imitating their personalities and knowledge, without previously knowledge himself he would be easily discovered. And while assuming the shape of a weight-lifter would give him the same lifting capabilities, not knowing how to do a clean-and-jerk means he probably wouldn't get a barbell too far off the ground. The same applies to animal forms: If he's never been that form before, chances are he'll take some time to adjust to the weight distribution as well as form of travel.

Flight - Clearly, by generating wings and other flight-enabling devices, Kevin is capable of gaining lift and travelling through the air. One thing he doesn't seem to grasp, though, is that by using thought to manipulate his molecules, he can achieve flight without the use of body augmentation. It happens subconsciously when he's imitating things and characters that normally would not be able to fly (an oversized bird with miniscule wings, for example), but it's not something he's aware of or has put any thought towards.

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