Kevin "Kev" Michael Parker-Mayfair
Portrayed By Alex Evans
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 21, 1996
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Kev
Place of Birth Miami, FL
Current Location Westchester, NY
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Reverend Bradley Shay (birth father), Jericho Parker-Mayfair (genetic/adopted "father"), Christopher Parker-Mayfair (adopted father), Jordan Mayfair (uncle, Jericho's brother), Edward Parker-Mayfair (adopted brother), Jared Stone (genetic brother)
Significant Other None
Identity ??
Known Abilities Spacial Sense, Super Senses, Super Reflexes, Enhanced Regeneration
First Appearance How to Save a Life

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Only child of the Reverend and Mrs. Bradley Shay, Kevin lead a very sheltered life. He was treated more like a resource than a child, but he was still mostly happy. If this was because he knew nothing else, well… That was alright too. His parents were thrilled by the arrival of their son, though he was a little on the frail side and spent much of the first three years of his life with either colds, ear infections, or stomach bugs.He was left in the care of nannies unless being paraded in front of the masses of his father's congregation. He was given a very conservative education, attending a private school until he was twelve years old.

That was when his mutation first manifested.

His nanny, an older Cuban woman who had been his nanny since he was three, had been slowing down. No longer was she able to chase him down when he was allowed to play catch with the few "friends" who were considered appropriate for the son of the leader of one of the largest churches in the country. It was while playing in the small area set aside in the yard of the church compound for kids to play in that Tia Aletha collapsed. Concerned, Kevin reached out for her, unaware that she'd just had a heart attack.

At first, Kevin wasn't sure what he'd done. He just knew that there was something wrong inside of the woman that had basically raised him and that he reached out to fix it. When he was done, Tia Aletha was in better health than she had been in years. He didn't tell his parents at first, being confused about what happened, but couldn't keep his gift a secret forever. Especially not when he could use it to cure his mother's schizophrenia.

For years, Angela Shay had been treated for increasingly severe paranoid schizophrenia. She would be functional while under treatment, but would slowly revert back to her old habits and be worse than ever. Kevin only sporadically knew his mother due to her illness, his experiences with her ranging from gentle and loving when she's following her treatment to down right terrifying when she's off of it. As a result, he clung to Tia Aletha, running to the elderly Cuban woman anytime he needed comfort. It was shortly after he healed his nanny that his mother slipped away from her treatment for a final time and the boy fixed the chemical imbalance that caused her mental problems.

That was the moment that his father found out about what he could do and turned his own son into a resource instead of a child.

Isolated even more than he had been before, Kevin was molded into the perfect symbol, the perfect little faith healer. With his mother out of the picture, locked away in a mental institution even though she's been cured of her illness, and Tia Aletha sent away, there was no one to provide a buffer between him and his father's plans to use his little muttie son to make his church a fortune.

The loss of his mother was nothing new to Kevin, though he felt the loss of the occasionally loving woman, it was the absence of his nanny that hit him the hardest. Bereft of the woman he'd always run to when he needed love, comfort, and companionship, Kevin fell into depression for a time. Yes, his father was now paying more attention to him, but it just couldn't make up for the loss of the woman who'd been more mother than just caretaker. He was pulled out of classes with the other kids on the church compound and given into the care of tutors. He was lonely, but well cared for; his depression eased when given a small black tabby kitten for a playmate.

The next two years passed in much this way, with Kevin only being paraded out when Reverend Shay had someone who'd donated enough to the church to qualify being healed. His father told him that the only ones that deserved the benefits of his gift were good people. Shortly after his fourteenth birthday, he discovered exactly the lifestyle that many of the people he'd healed lived: They weren't the "good people" his father always told him. He discovered that his father had been lying to him and having him heal drug dealers, warlords, and so many other criminals that the boy's faith was shaken. If these were the "good people" that deserved to be healed, then what did that make the rest of the world?

In his own childish way, Kevin made a choice about the world: It needed to start over and his kitten and tutor were the first two casualties.

He used his gift to create viruses, to twist their DNA until it wouldn't support life, to kill instead of heal. His father called in some favors and got help from SHIELD in the form of Dr. Jericho Parker-Mayfair. Jeri helped him see that killing everyone wasn't the will of God, that he needed to stop. He turned his power on himself, trying remove his ability to use the gift he'd been given. He was never quite sure what happened after he turned his power inward, but when he woke again, the world had changed.

Or maybe it was just him.

He no longer had the gift of healing, that ability having vanished when Jeri used his own power to heal the damage he'd done to himself. His father decided to cut his losses and destroyed the compound that Kevin had called home for most of his life, intending to kill his own son. For the second time in five minutes, Jeri saved him. The mutant doctor seemed to think more about what's good for him than anyone else had in years, and with his healing now gone, his father had no use for him anymore.

Kevin took Jeri up on his offer of finding a new family. One that would appreciate him as a person instead of as a tool. Arrangements were made and he moved in with Jericho and his husband Christopher, a household as radically different from the home he had known before as was possible. Now he's attending school where both of his new fathers work, a school for special kids like him, and learning to use his new abilities.


On a level with most house cats, Kevin's senses are far better than those of a normal human's. He is able to hear on the upper registers of sound beyond the range that even most dogs can hear. He is able to see in near darkness, though the less light there is available, the more the world fades into gray scale. His sense of smell is easily 30 times that of a human's, enabling him to distinguish the various ingredients in food, or identify the individual components of cologne. His sense of taste is more muted than that of normal humans. He can only taste about 65% as much as most people can, but his sense of smell somewhat makes up for it. He can be overwhelmed and disoriented by both loud or high pitched sounds and strong smells.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Kevin is a genetic copy of Jericho.
  • Kevin was an Omega level mutant before he turned his power on himself and attempted suicide.
  • Kevin collects rubber duckies. His collection currently contains 10 duckies, including 3 duplicates.


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