2011-04-04: Kick To The Face



Summary: Anita becomes the latest victim of Kick.

Date: April 4, 2011

Log Title: Kick To The Face

Rating: PG-13]

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.
Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory.

Gathered around a park bench are five guys dressed in matching black jackets, red shirts sporting "Magneto Was Right" on the front and black pants. They are easily recognized as members of the New Mutant Order that have been hanging around Mutant Town and now with Dingo on their side they feel invinsible. "Did you hear about that MGH lab that got raided the other night?" One says. "Man, let's be happy that it didn't happen to us but then whose brave enough to mess with The Dingo. Man, I wish I was cool as that guy." The one talking gets smacked upside the head by his friend who scowls. "Dude, we are just as cool as him, and as powerful. I want to fucking do something, not sit around and wait for fucking orders."

Another day out walking without her dogs, Anita strolls through the park. She doesn't really appear to have a particular destination in mind, instead just out for a breath of fresh air and maybe a little socialization. With all of her most recently met friends either busy or unable to get away to hang out, and her old friends either asleep or working, she finds herself alone. Dressed in dark jeans, biker boots, and a royal purple sweater, she slows slightly when she passes the five guys talking about Dingo and taking orders. Dark eyes rove over the men for a moment, almost as though she's sizing them up and weighing their worth before ever speaking to them. Apparently, she comes to a favorable conclusion about them, because she smiles. It might not exactly be a warm smile, but it's not one of those obviously fake, 'below my notice' smiles that she gives to some people.

The leader of the group, Kyle, stares right back at Anita and when she smiles he gives the same kinda smile back. He gets off the bench and gives a nod to his friends and walks over to her. "Hey there, I couldn't help but notice you were checking me and my friends out, so you out just walking your puppies?" He says as there is kind of an air of over confidence about him.

Anita's smile turns a little wry as she chuckles softly, "Oh, something like that." She slips her hands into her hip pockets, coming to a stop as the man approaches her, "Just out getting a little fresh air, really." And, honestly, it's the truth. She hunches her shoulders slightly agains the chill in the air before straightening her shoulders again and giving him another 'sizing up' look, "What brings you to the park on this fine spring day?"

"Not to much." Kyle says with his grin. "Just making sure the park is safe for lovely ladies like yourself to feel free to walk in. You know we don't have it easy here in Mutant Town and the New Mutant Order is always around to make sure the neighborhood is safe from thugs and hooligans." He says look Anita up and down as if sizing her up in return.

The woman's smile takes on a faintly, ever so slight, cool tone and she hmms, "New Mutant Order… And what makes you think I'm a mutant, really? I don't look any different than a human." Which is one reason why she's able to work somewhere like Sapphire's. She falls silent for a moment before shrugging, "Not that I'm denying being a mutant, it's just not something that can be assumed about everyone just because they're walking around down here."

"Did I say you were a mutant? But you did just give yourself away." Kyle says with a grin. "Though I'm proud to admit I'm a mutant and wear my colours proudly. How about yourself Ms… I don't believe I got your name. I'm Kyle." He says offering a hand. "I just said I protect this neighborhood, my friends and I, so lovely ladies can walk without worry. One of those trees over there was planted for someone who wasn't a mutant so I know not everyone here is one."

"Anita." The dancer takes the offered hand for a moment before releasing it again, chuckling softly at having given herself away as a mutant, "Oh, I know I did. I was just pointing it out." She releases his hand and fluffs her hair a little, looking over at the trees and nodding, "I think I remember a little about something happening out here." Though she's had other things to focus on since then, so it's a vague memory.

"Yeah, the cops shot a mutant cause she was getting gangbanged." Kyle says with disqust. "Because to them we're always the enemy. We're never gonna be protected by the police fairly that's why me and my boys, the New Mutant Order, have to take things in our own hands. We do what we can to protect those that live here, if they like it or not." He says before smiling at Anita. "So what about you Anita, what's you're take on all this? You the type to protect those you care about?"

Anita's nose wrinkles a little at the story and she shakes her head, "Honestly, I don't understand the police sometimes. It's not like all of us are out to try to take over the world or anything. I know there are lots of mutants that just want to live normal lives like anyone else." She shifts her weight, cocking one hip a little, "Personally, I don't have any bigger plan than just to earn a living and have a good time." She straightens a little at the challenging question, "Oh, I'll protect my own, honey. I'm not going to just let someone come along and hurt someone I care about just because they're not 'normal'." Then again, what's normal for a stripper?

Kyle grins at Anita's last statement and it's not the most comforting of grins, it's almost sharklike. "That's what I like to hear…honey." He says before his hand comes out his pocket holding a black and red inhaler and he goes to spray quite a bit right into Anita's face. "Here's to having a good time sweetheart."

The appearance of the inhaler has Anita frowning a little and opening her mouth to say something. Then it's sprayed in her face and she gasps automatically, coughing in reaction, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She backs away, glaring at Kyle and waving a hand in front of her face to try to clear the air of whatever it is that he just puffed at her, "Oh, God…" She closes her eyes for a moment before looking back at him, "What did you just give me." She gives a little shudder as the drug starts to take effect.

"Welcome to the New Mutant Order Anita." Kyle says with a big grin on his face. "I figured we needed to up the female representation and you were talking about how you like a good time and protecting your own. This will just help ya sweetheart." He says watching to see what happens. "Besides, I think I kinda like you." He says tossing the inhaler in the air, catching it and then taking a puff of his own.

Anita's eyes drift half closed and she puts her hands to her head for a moment before folding them over her chest, "Yeah, I like to have a good time. I just gave up using drugs to do it years ago…" Her eyes dart up to find a bird that's been very quietly sitting in a tree since there are people so close and then back to Kyle, "You like me, huh…" She chuckles a little, shaking her head, "Well normally I'd say that drugging a woman isn't the way to get her to like you…" She watches the inhaler as he puffs off of it and takes a deep breath.

"Well Anita, here ya go." Kyle says handing her a business card that has his name and a phone number on it. "You ever need me for anything, give me a call." He says as he starts to walk off leaving her to feel the effects and the power that Kick can give. He snaps his fingers and the other members of the NMO walk off, laughing and chuckling among themselves.

Anita takes the card, frowning faintly and closing her eyes, "You're an ass, you know that, Kyle?" She doesn't throw the card away, though. Not yet, anyway. She stands and watches them leave, again glancing up at the silent bird and frowning faintly as she murmers softly to herself. Or maybe to the bird who is now looking at her as curiously as she's looking at it.

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