2009-03-10: Kidnapped



Summary: This is the scene of how Daisuke got replaced.

Date: February 24, 2009

Log Title Kidnapped

Rating: PG

New York City

Tuesday, February 24, 2009:

It was already dark out when Daisuke got out from his volunteer job at Fortune Theatre. Being hungry he decided to head over to a small Japanese place for dinner when he heard someone call his name. The voice was one that Daisuke had heard a thousand times, his brother Shuya. Immediately a sorrowful anger filled him and he turned around to see his dead brother running towards him with grin he always used to wear. “Daisuke, wait up!” Daisuke blinked as he saw his brother and took a deep breath, it was a trick he wasn’t falling for again. “You’re dead. Stop messing with my head.” Daisuke said with a bit of anger in his voice as he looks at the man who looks like his brother with pure hatred.
The man known as Shuya walked right up to Daisuke and put a hand on his face and Dai felt an odd sort of sensation in his mind. “You’re right, I am dead. Well shit.” Shyua said with an odd sort of smile on his face.
“Who are you?” Daisuke asked, still with tears in his eyes, but with an angry edge to his voice.
“I’m Shuya this is my brother Daisuke.” Shuya said with a wicked sort of grin as Other-Daisuke walked up behind this world’s Daisuke and wraps his arms around him. “Hello me.” Other-Dai says with a chuckle, and it dawns on Dai, they’re speaking Japanese and so is he.
Dai’s eyes went wide as he realized what’s going on, with the attacks on the news and everything. “No, I’m not letting you take over.” He says and lets a scream out at Other-Shuya, which sent him flying backwards.
“You shouldn’t have done that to my brother.” Other-Daisuke snarled out as he sent a harsh punch to Daisuke’s back. Dai arches in pain as Shuya got up from being blast backwards and wiped some blood away from his nose. “Dai, Dai, Dai, you shouldn’t have pissed off my brother.” Shuya said with a smile and the next thing Daisuke knew, he couldn’t breath. There was a low thrum that came from the Other-Daisuke as he used his sonics to form a solid object that wedges itself in Daisuke’s throat, thus making it impossible for him to scream and breath. It’s the only way to have sonics be effect to another sonics user. Also Other-Daisuke has been trained to use his powers in more lethal ways than Daiuske.


Daisuke doesn’t know how much later he woke up, but when he woke up to darkness. It took a while to realize he was blindfolded, tied up, a dirty rag shoved in his mouth and tapped closed and only in his boxers. With his weakness detection and sonic scream the Other-world brothers decided it was best if he couldn’t speak or see. He could hear the two talking about how Other-Daisuke was going to replace him and infiltrate Xavier’s because of his weakness detection and the fact that Daisuke is close with this worlds ‘Enhancer’. Eventually Daisuke felt himself be grabbed and this painful sensation run through his mind as Shuya started to read all of Daisuke’s memories and share them with Other-Daisuke.
What Shuya does is not a pleasant sensation and caused Daisuke quite a bit of discomfort as he absorbed all his memories and shared them with his brother. Other-Daisuke was at least to Shuya doing this with him. It took Shuya almost a day to transmit Dai’s memories so Other-Daisuke would know what his counter part was like so he could successfully infiltrate Xavier’s. Between Other-Daisuke’s weakness detection and closeness with this world’s Enhancer, he was a perfect candidate.
After his memories were read, Daisuke was mentally exhausted but he could hear his other-self complaining about what a wuss and pansy he was. He couldn’t see it coming but his other-self delivered a few harsh punches and kicks to him before putting on Daisuke’s clothes and leaving to go to Xavier’s, shortly after, Manhattan was sealed off.
Over the next few days, Daisuke was kept tied up securely, blindfolded and gagged, unless on the rare occasion he was offered food and water. He didn’t know how many days passed or how often he was fed but it wasn’t often and the food often tasted gross, but he was hungry. He even felt a gun pressed against his head a few times as a warning not to use his powers when the fed him.
Over time he grew tired, weak and hungry. He cried to himself several times which led to getting punched or kicked for being a wuss and sometimes he was beat on while helpless just because his Other-Self and Shuya just felt like it. Sometimes he heard a female voice but he was never able to recognize it.
Daisuke was the complete opposite from his alternate Brother and Self, where Daisuke was nice, caring and sensitive they


He heard of the impending attack on Xavier’s and tried to escape but no matter how much he struggled against the ropes he couldn’t break free from them, leaving his wrists and ankles raw and bloody. The last thing Daisuke heard though was that the attack was over and they no longer needed Daisuke and that meant only one thing, he was disposable.

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