2012-11-19: Kidnapping A Senator



Summary: Maxwell kidnaps a NY Senator to keep his front.

Date: November 19, 2012

Log Title: Kidnapping A Senator

Rating: R

Upstate New York

Late evening and Max sits behind the wheel of a black Mustang watching the house of his intended target through his nightvision binoculars. He'd been pouring over the information the church had given him and spent a few days watching her movements and behavioral patterns. Determining the best place to make the abduction is at her home where the security is at it's lightest. He's scouted the home as well as he can, taking note of any external cameras or posted security personel. Waiting for her to return to the home and give him his opportunity.

There isn't much security around the home save for one camera and a standard ADP security system. It's just another home in a fairly well to do neighborhood in upstate New York, outside of Albany. The house is set back from the road, shielded by trees and shrubs to get a sense of privacy. From observing Senator Gillibrand, Maxwell would have learned she has two children, a daughter in her early teens and a young boy, as well as her husband. The typical family of two kids and a dog.

Maxwell knows the family is going to be trouble, the church hadn't really told him how to handle this. Just what they wanted done. He's done breaking and entering before but Kidnapping was an entirely new thing, especially in this case. Checking his watch he climbs from the car and pulls a wrapped bundle from the back seat of the car, popping the trunk but leaving it mostly shut as he takes up a position in the bushes about a half block from the house on the route she takes to come home from work and waits for her car. Best to grab her before she reachs the house and keep the family out of this.

It's a bit later than usual and with the time change it's already getting dark out. Almost an hour late, Gillibrand comes down the road in her black beamer, but she's not alone, her older daughter is in the car with her. Today just happened to be the day she picked her daughter up after school from basketball practice.

Maxwell winces as he spots the girl, he'd hoped to do this with minimal fuss or drama. But it's still minimal witnesses. Pulling the ski mask down he unwraps the package and tosses it towards the road. Yanking a cord the package extends and slides in front of the car's tires. Spike strips 'liberated' from the NYPD the last time one of them tried to catch the Hooligan. He waits for the car to run over the strips and blow it's tires before yanking it back into the brush and waiting for her to leave the car to see what's wrong.

With a loud 'pop!' the tires are blown out the car and it swerves to regain control. Spinning about ninety degrees, the car stops a few feet shy of hitting one of the trees in the side of the road. "Mom, what was that?!" The teen girl cries out before the Senator tells her to stay in the car and she steps out to look at the tires. "I'm sure everything is going to be okay, if anything happens run home or call your father." She turns towards where the masked man is. "I'll give you what you want, just leave my daughter alone."

Maxwell emerges from the brush revealing his full costume. He wears a tight bodysuit styled to look like scales, a fake tail swinging behind him. His gloves are clawed and other claws sticking from his boots. Purple hair sticks out from under the mask. In the dark he could easily pass as a mutant. Aiming a tazer at the woman he motions for her to move towards where his car is hidden, his voice coming out in a dry hiss. "You're comming with me Missssss Gillibrand.. leave your ssssscell phone on the car and keep the brat quiet and no one will get hurt."

"Carrie, run." Is all Gillibrand says as she slowly pulls her cellphone out of her pocket and places on the car seat. "I'm doing what I can to get mutants out of this mess, I don't agree with it." She says trying to talk some sense into the mutant. "Leave my daughter alone and I'll go with you."

"Mom!" Carrie says and the ground starts to rumble a bit and Gillibrand looks over to her daughter. "Carrie, stop it!"

Maxwell blinks, the Church's information didn't say anything about this! Dropping a smoke grenade he uses the cloud as cover to vault the hood of the car and grab the woman. Tossing her over one shoulder and sprinting for his car hopefully before the teenage mutant can get her powers focused on him.

It's now apparent why Senator is pro-Mutant rights, her daughter is one and she's trying to use her government influence to protect her. She doesn't put up a fight as she's grabbed instead just yells to her daughter. "Run! Take my phone and run! Your father will know who to call!" The teen girl gets out of the car and stares at Maxwell for a while and with another rumble the ground shakes before she grabs her Mom's phone and runs towards the house.

Maxwell shakes his head and this entire act is tieing a knot in his gut. This isn't right.. but it's necessary to bring the church down. Throwing open the trunk reveals that he's padded the inside and modified it to pipe in fresh air. He might have to do this but he's not going to be inhuman about it. Placing the woman in the trunk he hisses out "Ssssstay quiet and Sssstay sssstill if you care about your family! My people are watching.." With that he closes the trunk and hops into the car. Pulling out quickly but not fast enough to call attention to himself. Pulling off the mask and wig after he's clear of the house but before anyone can see him. Taking the fastest way out of the city and heading north.

Maxwell pulls his phone from a pocket, dialing the number he has for Father Rissmen once he's clear of the city. Speaking simply "Mission Accomplished, heading to the drop point. ETA Five Hours."

"That's good to hear, the replacement for Gillibrand should be dropped off shortly and tomorrow there will be an annoucement on the news of her support of the anti-mutant laws, and she'll be showing that support by having her daughter enlisted in the Relocation camp. See you soon, and good job." Rissman says to Frank before hanging up the phone with him.

Maxwell winces visibly and tosses the phone against the far door when the call ends. "Sonuva Bitch!… I am REALLY gonna enjoy wringing that man's neck soon.." He'd best get word to Rashmi when he gets back to expect the new arrival.

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