2010-03-22: Kids...


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Summary: James is a jerk and pays for it.

Date: 03-22-2010

Log Title Kids…

Rating: PG-13

Xaviers Kitchen

Late afternoon, and the Kitchen door swings slowly open. Pausing to lean against the doorway and catch her breath, Rashmi, lets her eyes fall closed for a few instants. Still a fair bit shorter on blood than your average donor, she's swaddled herself up in her wingtr gear, plus a thick knit shawl thrown over her shoulders. Pushing off the doorway, she makes her way inside, dropping into the first chair she can locate.

There's a quick scoot or a chair, a flash of fur, and a hard landing at the end of the table. It's James. "RASHMI!" He grabs the table with both hands as if he's about to fling it to the side, his mouth, a full smile of teeth and points. "I've been looking all over for you," he says as his ears radar forward, "I couldn't find you anywhere! Sickbay. Girls's locker room. Art room. Girl's locker room. Where'd you go? How are you? What happened?" Judging by the speed and clip of his speech, James has been in the energy drinks again.

The lure of food and the sound of activity attracts the attention of a certain blind student. Tara navigates her way around the hallway until she finds herself in the kitchen. As always there's a slight increase of atmospheric pressure that surrounds her. It's nothing major but those sensitive to that kind of thing could sense the change. "I thought I heard Rashmi in here," she says, announcing her presence.

"I'm *fine,* James," Rashmi replies, amusement touching her slightly thready voice. "…Well okay not really… but a lot better anyway. Just lost blood, and there's a whole lot of weird things to worry about with mutants… So I just decided to let Dr. Williams deal with *real* problems…. And I was just visiting Skyler. Trying to help him feel a little better, you know? It's… hard for him, since he *looks* like Mr. Sinister, now… really hard." Part of her doesn't want to mention it, but it's James, and he seems to *need* the straight line. "…You mentioned the Girls' Locker Room twice—hi Tara."

While the man is here to acquire food, it's not for himself. Jonothon can't eat, but here is he, again, rounding up some things for those still trapped in the medical bay. Dressed down today in a baggy, black, hooded sweatshirt that has the Xavier's logo on it, and tattered jeans (Duh, black), he's clearly having a day off. Pretty much everything. Didn't even brush his hair today either, and the dark mass sticks in several directions. Just stopping after a bit, the Brit stares at James. Wait, did he just say.. yeah. Sigh. Stomping over, Jono reaches up and grabs one of James' ears. It of course brings a prickling to the skin of those around him as he pulls James down to fix an eye on him. Yeah, down here. Come on. «So.. girls' locker room?» Really, it's hard to mask the laughter he feels. «Rashmi, Tara.» Greeting as he holds that Hyena ear.

James snaps his head around in quick movements. Here…There…Girl…Rashmi…Jono..Dizzy! Owwwooowwwooowww! "No touch-e the rug," James says as he slaps at Jono's hands, "Help…!" One eye turns to look at the man, then away, "Okay..not reallllly." At least not the 'second time.' He sighs and tries to pull his head back, "Hey! I just got dry cleaned. I wrinkle easily." He sticks out his lower jaw and makes an unhappy face!

Tara tilts her head once James gets within range of her unusual sense, trying to puzzle out what it is she's sensing. Finally she lets out a girlish squeal and announces, "Puppy!" and nimbly bounds across the kitchen intending to take James up in her arms and give him a great big cuddle.

Rashmi quietly scoots her chair to one side, just in case the need to avoid a flying Tara is real. "James," she says with a small chuckle, "that's Tara. Our team's new blind gymnast. Tara… Just to warn, James is a hyena, not a puppy, and his codename-thingy is Tooth for a reason." Not that she actively tries to prevent a glomping, or even looks the slightest bit annoyed at the girl's antics. Glancing to Jono, the girl raises her eyebrows, eyes rolling ceilingward briefly. "…Hi Jono."

«Bloody arse.» Jonothon says fondly of James as he lets him go to get cuddled by Tara. «One day you'll be honest and no one will believe you.» For the Brit doesn't believe James now. «Wrinkle him up, Tara.» Leaving the Hyena to be assaulted, Jono turns his attention to Rashmi. «Gel.» Hello, Rashmi, «My jacket?» The man's eyes are dancing with laughter, no matter he was chiding James. «You feeling better today?» If she's up and around she must be, but he asks anyway.

James gives Jono a face, mind listening to part of his words…Tara? He considers that name for a moment. Wasn't there something about some… Suddenly some stranger makes a bee-line for his personage, "Gah!" He leaps towards a table topa thankfully vacant oneand cries out, "What the hell is 'that?'" He gives Tara the look an 8-year-old girl gives to a bug in a jar. His new destination takes a very scenic route past Rashmi's conversation, the hyena honestly interested int he details. At the time. James listens to Rashmi's description and starts laughing. Hard. "She's a wha….?" More laughing, "Oh, and people say I've a sense of humor." More laughing, voices, "Blind gymnast. Heee! 'What's my score?' 'I dunno, this is a cat show. Olympics were last week!'"

Tara can't help but show off a bit as she vaults over a chair, flips about a bit and lands on the same table as James, ending the routine with a hug. It's clear why she's blind, though. The pupils of her ice-blue eyes are just as white as the whites are. "Hyena, whatever," she says dismissivly. HUG! And then a giggle at Jame's joke. "Hee. I think I'm going to like you."

"Hanging on your doorknob," Rashmi replies, sliding her chair back to give the occupants of the table a little more room. "I found my shawl just before fixing up Skyler some naan, so I left it there on my way down. Long walk… Longer walk back." Indeed, the redhead looks more than a little worn out for the exercise. "But I'm doing better. Dr. Williams wants me stuffed full of red meat and stuff, so it's probably only a couple days or so before I'm fine again."

Wrinkling his nose back at James, Jonothon pulls a chair over and sits near Rashmi. It looks like it's safer over here. The vaulting people are giving him a headache. «Thanks.» To Rashmi about where his jacket it. No one should bother it there. Eyeing the pair on the table, he adds, «Need me to get anything for you? So you can further your rest?» A pause before he motions, «Oy.. off the table, children. Before you break it.» Not that he does more than a hand wave to encourage that. Tired today.

James fuzzes out, hackles raising, "Baaaad touch, Baaaad touch!" He tries to put his hand on Tara's head in an effort to pry her off. He pops off the table when he's able and gives Rashmi a look, "Teammate…can I…See you in my office. Right now?!" James takes a few steps away and waits. Apparently his office is the table next door. "Oh, wait, I'll come to you." *thump* He settles on the chair, "Are we government funded? Is it a quota thing? You know…seperate byt equal? I mean….first Jade. Now Marshall and Tara?" He raises an ear, "Oh wait! 2 on 'our' team. Northstar's publicity tour…Riiiiight. It's so he looks like he's giving disadvantage kids a fair shake?" He crosses his arms and looks at the blind girl, "Special T there has some talent…but I'm not farting around with the Special Olympics. No Sir!"

Tara begrudgingly lets James go, especially when threatened by an immanent table collapse. She hops down from the table as well, and finds a seat for herself. "Hah! You /wish/ you were in the Special Olympics, and the only disadvantage our team has is having /you/ on it, fuzzybutt."

Apparently, the exact wrong rant to have at Rashmi. Narrowing her eyes, she glances at Jono. "…If you could sort of disregard what I'm about to say? That'd be wonderful, Jono…" Eyes return to the hyena, righteous indignation behind the exhaustion and faint chill. "James. You're one of my best friends. I like you. So, that said?" She reaches up, flicking the hyens *sharply* on the nose. "Talk like that again, ever, and it gets back to me? I'll tell the Headmaster all about what happened the *last* time you snuck into the girls' locker room, and *why* everyone was screaming about a pop-bottle lid. Am. I. Clear."

«No, he certainly qualifies for the 'special' category.» His rueful tone says Jonothon teasing. Then Rashmi is asking and he arches eyebrows at the teen. «I am deaf until you tell me it's okay to hear again.» Yes, Rashmi gets special considerations. Doesn't bother putting fingers in ears though. No, he really wants to hear this. Jono slouches in his chair, draping an arm over the table. There's a grin for the nose flick.

James is about to say something to Tara when he's teammate turns Angry. Must be Jono again…siiiiigh. He turns his head to see what's going on when his nose is bapped! "Hey!" he says as his ears go sideways, "I was…" He shuts up, attention fully gotten. He shrinks in his seat as the berating continues, arms crossing. The expression? Priceless. He won't meet Rashmi's eyes, finding a nice spot to watch some distance away. "…Fine." He sets his jaw, "Okay. No special T or Special M."

Tara listens on with with a certain air of amusement. There's no way she's going to interrupt Rashmi at this point.

Rashmi's stern expression melts away, as she leans forward to hug the hyena's neck. "I really appreciate it, James… thank you. Besides. They're on our team, right? So that means we've got to at least be comfortable working together. So. Give them a chance. Besides which, I'm *pretty* sure by now Tara can hold her own nicely. Just…. I *hate* hearing that affirmative action crap, okay? That's kind of part of the reason my parents came halfway across the world to live here, y'know?" Pausing, she blinks, falling back in her chair and looking at Jono. "…Oh. Um. Sorry Jono. I'm done saying stuff you don't need to hear…"

An amused shrug and Jonothon gives Rashmi a smile. «Want me to fetch you a rolled newspaper?» So not worried about it. Does look to James in the aftermath though. «This truly an issue with their lack of hearing and sight, or is there something else, James?» Not expecting a real answer here. Has seen to many dodged questions to believe he gets anything. «How are people treating you, Tara? Beyond the idiot here..» Jerks a thumb to James to show what idiot he means. «Don't have to ask how you're doing. The smiles and energy are wearing me out.» A good thing, but oy!

James sighs. "Yeah…team…right," he grumbles, "Used to be the Goon Squad now we're the Gimp Sq…!" His own hands garb at his muzzle, sealing it shut. Shutting up. Now! He stays quiet as Jono speaks, eyes full of evil and spite for the other man, "No…I just don't thik the Paragons need Blinky and Whutt? on the…" Hands back on his muzzle. Yeah, he's going to remain silent after that last one.

Tara scowls and gets to her feet, her face turned so, at the very least, it /looks/ like she's looking at the Hyena. Without a sound, she raises a hand lifting James off his feet and slamming him into the ceiling of the kitchen. "Let me make this very clear to you, fuzzbutt," she says, her normally light and happy tone taking on a dangerously harsh edge. "I know /exactly/ what you're thinking. You're thinking, 'Oh, a blind girl isn't going to be any use in a fight! When it comes down to it I can't rely on her because she can't see what's going on!'" She thrusts her hand up, putting more pressure on James. "I've had to put up with this kind of bullshit all my life, and you're not the first to think that way. I was on a world class gymnastics team. I was the only blind girl there. I /never/ let my teammates down." She continues, pushing even harder, which would make it rather hard for James to breathe at this point. "So let me lay down the line. The only reason why I wouldn't have your back is because your stupid

Tara says, "So let me lay down the line. The only reason why I wouldn't have your back is because your stupid attitude gets in the way of having /mine./ Got it?" And without waiting for a response, she just lets go, letting James fall to the floor."

Rashmi squeaks in surprise as James is torn out of her hands, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. "Um…. Well…. That sort of cancels out my next question…. Um, Tara…. You *did* get told it's against the rules for us to use our powers on each other, right? Someone could *really* get hurt that way. So… um…. put him down, please? ….Er, gently?"

Jonothon has so many cruel things he can say, but all he does is smile in a tolerant manner at James. «You need to lay off the energy drinks, mate.» Teens these days. All they drink is that crap. And then Tara is using her powers on James. «Oy!» He jumps to his feet, his own TK reaching for the girl even as he does physically. Psy-fire bursts into being and the tendrils shoot out to wrap around Tara. «Enough.» The word is both angry and firm. Yes, Jono shocks himself by doing this, but it's too late now. He holds steady and glowers at her. «No using powers on the other students.»
His own gives the girl a little shove before letting her go. The psy-fire doesn't vanish though, and they coil around the Brit like snakes. «You just earned yourself some detention. I'll get back to you when I find something nasty for you to do.» A pause and he motions to James, «I know he's an arse, but you just stooped to his level. Apologize to him.»

James gets thrown around! An experience that comes as quite a shock to the larger being. He falls towards the floor with a gently landing! Landing 'mostly' on his feet. Thanks to Tara, of course. When he recovers, he shakes off the 'trauma' and points a finger at new girl. Respect for Rashmi (and some earned for his team mate) he's not about to let this go unchallenged, "I aint' your dog, girly. Yo wanna come…in..and…" He takes a sniff, ears pointing out the hallway before going flat. And with that, he doesn't say a thing more. Instead he falls very quiet, takes a seat and turns away from the door.

Having been released from the medbay, yay magic machines making surgery recovery quicker, is Robyn. He's still bandaged and healing but at least he's not stuck down there. The other reason for an early release is, there's too many people down there and since he can rest in his room, he was told to relax up there. So even though the kitchen isn't his room there is food here. He is distracted as a Hyena is thrown against the ceiling, and dropped. "Uh…everything okay?"

"Better than they were a couple minutes ago," Rashmi says wearily, rubbing at her temple. "….Hi Robyn." Blowing out a heavy sigh, she tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, raising her head to look from Tara to James. "…All right. We'll settle this like civilized people. Jono… d'you think you could okay a little Danger Room time for us on Sunday? Just the obstacle course, I mean. …The competition one."

"Boys," Tara says with a certain amount of exasperation, turning to Jono. "Sometimes you've got to stoop to their level to get their attention, you know." Now that she has it she turns back to the Hyena and says, "James, I apologize for treating you like a ping-pong ball, and if you wanna duke it out, I'm sure the faculty will be more than happy to set something up for us." She, then leans close and stage whispers, "And remember… I don't have to touch you to give you a wedgie." Leaning back she takes a chair in hand and primly sits down in it. "Jono, I fully accept any punishment you wish to give."

Jonothon is hardly pleased with Tara's attitude. «No, you don't.» Have to stoop to their level. «Tara, here's the thing. You want to flaunt your powers like this, you'll be doing it from home. This goes on your record.» It's a threat he hates doing, but sometimes the kids need it spelled out for them. Strike one. «Tara..» For the threats. He then gives Rashmi his attention, for all that he lifts a hand in greeting to Robyn. «We could now if you wanted.» The danger room. «If not, then I'll clear an hour for you on Sunday.» The Brit is wearing a black, hooded Xavier's sweat shirt and very battered jeans. Not his normal fair, for all it's black.

James keeps low to the table, as if he's trying to hide. Not moving a muscle. But, a nervous twitch starts in his foot. And within a second or 5, his whole foot and leg begin to bounce. Tara gets to close, and there's a strange reaction. Instead of the expected, James shuts his eyes and jerks his head away. Strange indeed, "Fine, yeah, saturday. Fine. Whatever." He looks off to the left, body going stiff.

"I don't think I want to ask." Robyn says as he can tell something went on but he figures it's for the best not to know. He goes to move next to Rashmi and raises his eyebrows at her. "Whose stressing you out this time Rash?" As if the answer isn't obvious. It's kind of like the pink elephant in the room, Robyn doesn't want to mention what he just saw happen. Nope, he doesn't need to know!

"Mmmn… No… I think it'd be better to leave it till Sunday," Rashmi replies. "Try and at least *fake* it being friendly, y'know? ….Just team stuff," she replies to Robyn's question, shaking her head. "Nothing major to worry about, really." Frowning at herself, she touches James' rapidly-bouncing knee, trying to meet his eyes.

Tara folds her arms and grumps at the only grown up in the room. He just doesn't understand! But she knows better than to argue with him. To Rashmi, she just flashes a grin and says, "No, I think we'll be all good after this Sunday. I don't mind having to prove myself. It'll give me a chance to show off." Again.

A nod about Sunday, and the psy-fire finally disappears. Those tendrils, which are new since Sinister, are the last to fade away. The lash around a little before the air lightens. Jonothon's already mussed hair drops around his head. Well, this didn't turn out well. Standing by the table, totally not impressed by Tara's grump, he finds his attention drawn to James. The question he asks is a private one to the Hyena, «Mate? What's wrong?» Beyond the obvious anyway. Right now he could use some of that patience Rashmi is capable of.

James jerks a little, as if he were about to be hit. He glances over at Rashmi, "What?" He keeps his eyes off the group in general, "Nothing." That's to Jono as the hyena's singular answers abound. Other than that, he keeps quiet, leg trying to move out from under his teammate's touch.

"Oh James, thanks by the way." Robyn says pulling over a chair to sit down. "For trying to get me out of there and stuff, sorry I was a stubborn ass and had jump off though." He says with a sheepish smile before looking over at the fridge. "Umm….Cam or Mr. Parker-Mayfair didn't cook anything and leave leftovers did they?"

"I don't know," Rashmi replies absently to Robyn's question, tilting her head at her teammate. "I think there's still some of my curry in the fridge, though, you can have it. Dr. Williams is making me eat mostly red meat for awhile, anyway." At James' sharp question, she gives a little half-shrug, her other arm still somewhat sore. "Just the usual," she says gently. "You know how I get when my friends are acting weird… … …Actually, James… D'you mind if I talk t'you alone for awhile? Like out in the gardens or something?"

Tara turns to Robyn and asks, inquisitively, "Who're Cam or Mr. Parker-Mayfair?"

Kind of grumpy now, his hair showing it as it moves, Jonothon pulls his chair back to the table and sinks into it. So many times he feels like an outsider in this group of friends, but there's nothing to be done about that. It's just an age thing. Doesn't say anything, just sits. Would leave, but he doesn't want to encourage Tara and James doing anything while there isn't an adult around.

James nods, his other leg now starting that infernal bounce, "Umhm." The muscles in his jaw tighten, the sound audible to anyone close by, almost like stretched leather. Suddenly, James has no desire to finish the other three cans of No Fear waiting for him, responding to Robyn with an "It'zzzzzz cooool" as the hyena forgets he already responded. Or did he? Wait…someone it talking again! His head SNAPS at Rashmi, "Yes! Awesome! Let us go…right now!"

Robyn looks between Rashmi and James and nods. "I guess I'll see you guys later, thanks Rashmi." But Robyn really isn't in the mood for curry right now. He'll push himself up and look for food in a bit. "Mr. Parker-Mayfair is the culinary teacher here, Cam is a student who can just cook really well." Robyn looks to Jono and smiles. "I need to bug you again."

Rashmi's worried look only grows more so, as James practically barks his eagerness. "Um… okay…" Shaking her head, she levers herself out of her chair and letting her hand hover an inch or so off Jono's shoulder; a fair compromise, between the tactile redhead's habits, and the Brit's recent dislike of uninitiated contact. "Thanks again for the jacket yesterday… talk to you later, okay? Tara… we'll see you at practice if not before." Robyn, simply gets a silent hug, and a murmured "yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of fractured team dynamics…" pitched for his ears alone. "Come on, James… it'll be nice to be outside again."

Tara looks thoughtful for a moment, considering what Robyn has told her. "I wonder if the knobs to the ovens here have Braille on them," she muses out loud.

Addressed, Jonothon looks to Robyn with a grumpily curious expression. Sorry, hit a down there. That happens a lot with the man. «What?» That's a little sharper than he means, and an apologetic look is given to the teen. Sorry, Robyn. Sitting up straighter in his chair, the man turns to face the other. «Yes?» That isn't at all irritable. Did mean it when he gave that open offer to help. Rashmi's near touch has psy-fire wrapping around Jono again, and the air grows heavy. Siiiigh. All at himself and not at Rashmi, «Of course.» Talk later. After that though he stuffs his power back in its box as he waits for Robyn to tell.

If James is one thing, it's an animal. And animals have great hearing. If he heard anything, he doesn't say. Instead he gets up quickly, and without a second word, heads out the door making a rather large, clear circle around Robyn.

Robyn watches them go and his eyes linger on the door way for a bit before sighing. "No, I was just wondering if I could use you for psychic energy again Jono." He says sounding a big disheartened. "If it's too much with the touching thing, I'll find Addison." He looks to Tara and then shrugs. "I…don't know?" He then looks back at Jono and watches him for a bit. "Jono…you're always looking at us making sure we're okay but…are you okay?" He doesn't think he is.

Tara watches Rashmi and James go, scowling. "Well, /that/ went along just peachily." As for Jono, it's hard for her to tell his mood. She can't see his facial expressions, and she's not used to picking out mood from psychic speech, so she leaves Robyn and Jono at it. She gets to her feet and walks over to the oven, hovers a hand over the appliance for a moment, trying to fine tune her spatial sense to locate the knobs, and when she finally finds them, she touches them with her fingers. "Nope." Oh, well.

Oookay. Jonothon watches that wide circle, looking between the two. What was that about? Doesn't mention it though, for Robyn is asking. Oh! Clearly there's no issue about this, and he actually calms a little for it. «I need to get used to this bollocks anyway.» Meaning the touching things. The more he does, the faster he beats this. With this in mind, the Brit simply offers Robyn a hand over the table. «You're no bother about this.» Not like he doesn't have more energy than he could ever possibly use. Tara is watched as she walks off. The question though.. that's tougher to deal with. Psy-fire forms up and unconsciously Jono pushes at the table. It's not too bad, but there's shifting and trembling. That a good answer? «Yeah.» He's fine. Mostly. «This isn't the first time for me.» Finishes with a shrug as power is once more stuffed back and away. Not that this helps much.

Robyn takes Jono's hand and starts to drain. "I hope Rashmi and James are okay, I wonder why he seemed…I dunno." Robyn says as he's probably just being paranoid that James seemed to be avoiding him a bit. "Jono…please, you've been here for me and the other kids so much, I don't think of you as a teacher, you're a friend to me." Letting go of Jono's hand once he done. "If you need any help, or a friend, please Jono. You really mean a lot to me." Robyn confesses not caring if he's sappy in front of Tara. "Sorry Tara, just…sorry you had to see a bad side of James. He really is a good guy."

Tara turns around to give Robyn a grin. "Oh, it doesn't bother me. He's just like my younger brother. He always gave me crap for being blind. Usually because I could wrestle him to the ground and make him say 'unkle.'" She turns and wanders over to the fridge and pops it open. She sends out her senses into the fridge to try to find something, and not long afterwards, pulls out a can of soda. "I'm going to give him a run for the money come Sunday, and that'll be the end of it." She sounds so sure of it. She contemplates the can of soda before holding it out to the guys who can see. "Um. What kind of soda is this?"

Jonothon doesn't know about James, so he doesn't answer. There's only a shake of the head. «I'm glad you think of me as a friend, but I'm fine.» It's more of that he feels Robyn, not to mention the other students, can't handle their own issues, much less his. There's so much to deal with, and he has no one he feels he can talk to about it. Not merely recent stuff, but the Department H reprogramming too. Then again, Jono always has had trouble with speaking of such things. «I appreciate the offer though.» He looks over for Tara asking and says, «Cola.» One of the staples at the school. «Go easy on him?» Asking of James. «There's something wrong, and he takes it out on others this way.» Doesn't know what, just that there is. And of course psy-fire still floats around. Being stubborn today.

Robyn gives Jono a long and doubtful look before sighing. "It's a two way street Jono, just to let you know." And he leaves it at tat. He honestly doesn't believe Jono's been fine. He seems to get short with people easier than normal but then that could just be Robyn. "Yeah it's a Pepsi." He says getting up with a wince as he holds his side. "Let's see what's for dinner." He says going to the fridge, and he's in luck. Mr. Parker-Mayfair's left over sausage lasagna.

Tara purses her lips when Jono asks her to go easy on her teammate, as she navigates around Robyn to sit down at one of the chairs. She pops the can open and sniffs at it. Yup. Pepsi. After a sip she nods to the man. "Okay. Yeah. I guess I did kind of put it on kind of strong, there." A pause. "If he's a jerk again can I at least give him that wedgie?"

All the man can do is shrug. Knowing that this won't be the last of it, Jonothon says privately to Robyn, «Sometimes things are too horrible to share. You have too many problems of your own.» Not that the contact seems any different than Jono's normal speech. And for Tara? He shakes his head. Then realizes she probably can't tell that. «No.» Can't give him a wedgie. «Not by means of your powers at any rate. If you can manage the old fashioned way? Power to you.» Because James often deserves such things. «In as much as I understand the urge of why you did what you did, you have to not give in to that, Tara. That was about the worst way to prove yourself. All you did was prove /you/ were a jerk.»

Robyn looks over at Jono and frowns and he tries to respond mentally back to just Jono, not sure if it works or not. « Yeah, but sometimes things are to horrible to deal with yourself. I know I have problems but you do too, and you need friends like we need you. » And then Robyn will drop it at that. He's just worried about him. He cuts a piece of lasagna and puts it in the microwave and waits. "James…people either love him or hate him it seems."

Tara's jaw clenches at Jono's last statement. "Yeah, okay. I get it. I'm a jerk. Next time I'll make sure to let him just walk all over me." She forces her jaw to unclench enough to take another sip of Pepsi.

It works well enough, but there's no reply about it. Robyn is right, however. Jonothon does need someone. Problem is that he doesn't feel there is anyone. The only friends he currently has are all far too young to burden with his issues, and he's avoiding the psych doctor as well. So for now he deals as best he's able. Rather like he's always done. All this dumped on him too. Motioning a sigh he can't actually make, he eyes Tara. «Yeah, that's a great attitude.» Sarcasm there. «Standing up for yourself doesn't mean you have to toss around a guy who can't defend himself.» No, he doesn't think her any more disabled than he is.

Robyn gets his dinner out of the microwave and just listens to the two of them. "I think I'm gonna eat this up in my room, I need to lie down for a bit. Sore." Robyn says as he's still healing and his arm probably should be in a sling but it's Robyn, he's not known for being the smartest when it comes to his own well being. "Jono, remember, I'm here for you just as you are for me. I can be an ear if you need it." which he thinks Jono does. "Tara, just…really, James is a good guy. Don't judge him too harshly on what he did tonight." But Robyn doesn't know what he did. "See you two later." He says as he exits as a slow pace with his dinner.

"See you," Tara says, half heartedly waving at Robyn as he leaves before sitting and stewing for a bit. After a sip she finally says, "So. What should I have done?"

«Cheers, mate.» No, not accepting that offer just now. Then again, it'd take a lot for him to accept it. Jonothon instead turns his attention to Tara. «Ignoring him would have been easiest. He was trying for attention and you gave it to him. Proving yourself during team practice would have been the best. Showing him that you can ace circles around him would have been far more difficult for him to handle than tossing him around. Think.» He taps his head, regardless of the fact she might not be able to see it. «Don't merely react. You could have done this in a manner where everyone would have known he got his ass handed to him, and there wouldn't have been a mark on your record. It's too late for that now.»

Tara doesn't honestly seem all that bothered by having a mark. She knew she was going to get one as soon as she did what she did, and she just accepted the fact that actions have consequences. Another sip of Pepsi before she asks, "Okay, so now that the damage is done, what should I do now?"

«You don't do it again. To James, or anyone else.» Jonothon does really think it's as simple as that. «The only way you can make up for it is to show that you can be trusted. Right now, you can't be. There's no easy fix, and never will be.» Never mind how forgiving this school actually is. That lack of concern bothers the man, but what can he do? Tara will forge her own path, for good or ill.

"Fine," Tara says her voice beginning to get choked with emotion, getting up out of her chair and sets the soda can down. "I see how it is. I'm the bad girl around here. Nobody likes me and everybody seems to think I'm going to go out and start murdering people with my powers. Well I'm /sorry/ I thought I finally found a place where I fit in," she says stamping her foot, angry and confused, tears beginning to trickle down her cheeks. "But I just can't do or say anything right around here." And before Jono could see her fall into a full blown crying fit she flees from the kitchen to find somewhere to be by herself for a while.

«….» Kids. Tara flees and Jonothon facepalms. Know what? He is SO going to his room and hiding for a while. Leaving the empty kitchen behind, he does just that.

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