2010-08-22: Kids These Days


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Summary: Scott finally has a student who doesn't hate him, think he's an idiot, or wants to kill him.

Date: August 22, 2010

Log Title: Kids These Days

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Scott Summer's Office

Almost time for new school, Scott wanted to try something different this year. Getting student feedback and input on the curriculum. New year, new direction, and Scott's been getting in contact with his squad members, the Corsairs. Wearing a polo shirt decorated with the X-Logo, and a pair of khaki pants, Scott waits for the first person on his list, a new student for this year. Jill Pervinca, fifteen years old. The office is decorated with dark woods, antique desk appoints the middle of the office, and large bookshelves tower over Scott as he sits in front of them. An assortment of drinks, non-alcoholic of course, sits next to the desk.

A knock sounds tentatively on the door to Scott's office and, without waiting for a reply, the door creaks open slightly and a shiny blue face peeks into the room through the crack. "Mr. Summers?" asks the blue thing in a tiny voice. It's a girl, actually, blue and slightly transparent but dressed in jeans and a pink t-shirt decorated with a silk-screened design like a spraypainted tag. This would naturally be Jill, as the photo attached to her student profile would make clear. "You… wanted to see me?" She seems nervous, like even a friendly meeting might have some ulterior motive.

Scott stands up and looks to Jill as she comes in. "Sure, come in, Jill, have something to drink." He offers, before sitting back down. "How's your summer been?" He asks, not being one for just idle silence. He tries to emphasize that he is not in a disciplinarian mode right now, so Jill isn't in trouble.

Slowly that message sinks in as the girl sidesteps through the door without fully opening it. The immediate fear seems to leave her, but she still looks ill at ease. The blue girl eases herself into a seat in front of the desk and tentatively picks up a plastic bottle of green tea. "Umm, good, actually," she answers, sounding a little surprised at the admission. "I don't think I got the chance yet to say, you know, thank you and everything. For letting me come here." She takes a drink of the tea which trickles down the inside of her transparent throat and disappears beneath the collar of her t-shirt.

Scott gives a small smile. He looks to the girl and nods. "We're always glad to have new faces around here. Anyway, have you given any thought to what classes you want to apply for in the fall?" He's not exactly sure what she is interested in academically, but is definitely interested to get to know his new student. The red lenses of his glasses look over to the computer screen to review her past grades, perhaps she is more gifted than her mutation?

The girl's grades up to this point are respectable but not exceptional, a smattering of Bs and Cs with the occasional A. She wasn't able to finish her freshman year at her old high school due to 'medical reasons', a sly notation on her transcript for the onset of her mutation, but a few placement exams show her as ready for sophomore year. "Umm," Jill begins again, letting her eyes wander the room briefly. It takes a moment for her attention to come back to the headmaster. "Well," she tries again and fidgets a little. "I guess the standard stuff, and maybe keep studying French, but I heard there are music classes too?"

Scott gives a nod. "Music classes, drama classes, advanced physics classes. Almost any kind of class." Scott informs the young student. "I teach auto mechanics, geometry, and…defensive driving." He doesn't go more into exactly why he teaches that class, but he does. "What kind of music were you looking to learn? Instrumental? Voice?"

One of Jill's dark blue eyebrows rises at the mention of defensive driving. Is that like Driver's Ed? "I guess I might be in your geometry class sometime, then." She cradles the plastic bottle of tea in her lap, careful not to let it spill. "And not learn exactly. More like continue. It's been a little while since I had any formal lessons and I sorta fell back to just playing around for fun when I wanted to, so I don't know. Maybe it would be best to start from the beginning?" It takes her a further moment to realize she never actually answered the question. "Umm, instrumental, I mean. The violin. I brought mine from home!"

Scott gives a nod. "We don't have enough for a full symphony, but there is someone who teaches strings." The Headmaster looks to the computer before looking back to Jill. "Now, as far as the Corsairs go, is there anything you feel like we need to address in practice that you need to focus on?" He's not exactly sure about her control or anything, as there haven't been mandatory DR classes during the summer.

The girl chews on her bottom lip for a moment of thought. She isn't the fastest thinker in the world, but if her grades are any indication she's at least reasonably intelligent. "I think… figuring out what my limits are?" she asks in a searching tone, like a job applicant trying to ask the right questions. "Or just, you know, what I'm even capable of. It was tough at first, right after it happened and I turned into this, so I'm happy just being a person again instead of a pool on the floor. But there's still a lot I don't know and I wouldn't even know where to start. The people down in the medical bay have been really helpful with microscopes and everything just to figure out what I'm made of. But I'm, uh…" Jill trails off, her gaze slipping down to her lap in mild embarrassment. "I'm not real creative. I've only been here a month and people ask me if I can do stuff I'd never even considered before."

Maintaining a cool demeanor, Scott types up a generalized version of Jill's concerns. "Most of them, are probably used to seeing someone like you and thinking how you can be used in the Danger Room. The ones that have been here the longest, and the ones determined to get on X-Men training are encouraged to think strategically." Taking a sip from a water glass, he finishes. "Considering that you are Sophomore, brand new to the school, I'd focus on getting used to yourself. And to help you out, I'll see what kind of one-on-one training I can give you, maybe even see if there is someone who can help you out, with similar powers."

"Ooh, okay," the blue kid says with dawning understanding. "They want to see how I could be helpful." Jill's expression brightens visibly at the idea of being useful and she gives the bottle of green tea an involuntary squeeze. Some of it dribbles onto the thighs of her jeans and unfortunately onto the chair and floor as well. "Ah, um, that'd be great, you know? One-on-one attention," she blurts quickly to divert attention while wiping surreptitiously at the spill with her bare hand which only serves to spread it around more. Maybe Scott won't notice. "I've been doing okay with it so far, I think. It's not as hard as it once was for me to actually have a body with arms and legs and stuff, and I don't even really have to think about it anymore to stay that way. I met a former student named July who seems kinda similar to me, except she's not blue. I don't know if we're exactly the same, though."

The Headmaster nods as a familiar name is mentioned. "I remember her, and she does have similar powers, but I have a feeling that you've got something different." He makes another note to compare training regimen with July's. He did notice the small spill, but is playing it off, no need to further embarrass her over it. There are some tissues she could use nearby the beverages. "Is there anything you want to bring to my attention?" This was the question he's dreading asking all the other Corsairs. Some of the students don't feel exactly safe with all the stuff that have been happening over the years. "Feel free to be blunt."

If Scott isn't going to call her on it, Jill is just going to pretend it didn't happen! This is what he gets for living in a house full of teenagers. "Uh, well…" The blue girl fidgets, despite the encouragement to be blunt. "Do we have to be superheroes? I mean, I don't have anything against it 'cause I can totally see the positive karma side of things, but it kinda scares me. Tara's all gung-ho about it but she got all burned and broke her ankle and Connor got hurt because… umm, I'm not exactly clear on the because there, but, uh, you see what I'm getting at, right?"

Scott gives a little bit of a chuckle. "No, you do not have to be superheroes, but a training regimen of defensive and offensive strategies is the cornerstone of the way we teach control and powers learning." The Headmaster has given that speech before. "So while you don't have to be a superhero, you do need to train." Scott starts to explain to Jill. "And then, there are students like Tara. We don't force you guys to be X-Men, but if you show the potential, and the drive to be, and want to, then we do what we can to help them."

Jill holds up her hands like she meant no offense by the question. The plastic bottle sloshes but thankfully does not spill again. "I mean, not that it'd necessarily be a bad thing, Mr. Summers. I can totally see how and why you, or anybody else here, would want to do what you do help people. I don't like seeing people get hurt either." She nods vigorously. "I'm totally up for training and stuff 'cause it just makes sense. And, well," she muses aloud thoughtfully. "I have kind of always wanted to learn a martial art or something. Who hasn't? So I'm up for all that." Her tone is cheerful and enthusiastic.

Cyclops nods, he didn't take any offense to the question. At least it wasn't like a former student, almost getting violent about the training. Ahh, Martial Arts, one thing that they can and do teach here. Cyclops gives a light nod. "We offer classes in martial arts. There'll be more information about it in the coming weeks." So, looks like she will be able to have her martial arts class, if she wants.

This pleases the blue slime-like teenager. Lapsing into a moment of silent thought, Jill purses her lips and chews on the inside of her cheek. "I guess the only other question I have right now is about the, uh, whatchacallit… It looks like a watch and makes it so I can look normal again." She holds up a hand and waves it sideways like she's brushing something away. "I'm not gonna ask how it works 'cause even if you told me, I don't think I'd get it. But it really works, right? Even on, like, cameras and stuff? And, uh, if I can't ever find a way to turn the blueness thing off, can I… umm… can I keep it?"

Scott gives a nod. "The image inducer." He says, having picked one up today, new student left it on the ground after breakfast. He takes it out and slides it on his wrist. "We hope that one day they wouldn't be necessary, but for now, they solve a problem." He clicks the secondary button and it hides him up. it changes his appearance, even making his glasses disappear. Fake blue eyes show on there now. He stands up now and moves over to Jill. "It covers up things that aren't in the program. So, even though the image doesn't wear glasses…" He takes his finger and flicks the lens, making the telltale sound.

Even though she already has one and has spent hours turning it on and off and just looking at herself in the mirror, it still brings a look of childish wonder to Jill's face to see an image inducer in action. "That is *so* cool," she breathes. She reaches up slowly as if to poke the headmaster in the eye as well, but restrains herself. "Ah, I don't wanna smudge them. I didn't know you had blue eyes." So does she, but that's hardly surprising. "You could make a fortune if you sold 'em," she observes chirpily, having also given that a fair bit of thought. Jill is, however, forced to admit, "But that'd probably cause a lot more problems than it'd solve. Bank robbers, or identity theft, or stuff like that."

"I don't. This is still set to make the user look like…" He turns the watch off and looks on the user tag. "Jerry Bannister, or at least what Jerry looked like before his mutation." He says, looking back up and putting the inducer on the desk. "My eyes are brown." He says still in good spirits. "And yes, if you need it, you can keep it." The parts about identity theft and such are true, but no one likes to think of what bad people can do with it.

All of these positive answers are having a profound effect on Jill's attitude to the whole meeting. She's not in trouble, will learn kung fu, and gets to keep probably the coolest piece of technology on the planet. She seems much more at ease, even though she's talking to the headmaster of the whole school here. "Oh, how funny. I thought if it covered your eyes or something, you wouldn't be able to see. Like paint. My eyes used to be blue anyway, so I just assumed they weren't being changed." She follows Cyclops' glance back to the image inducer on the desk, then back up to his eyes. Or his glasses, at least. She takes a sip of her tea and seems to be working up the courage to ask something. "Actually, about your eyes. I mean, if you don't mind me asking, but it seems like part of the whole 'Hello, my name is-' stuff around here. But do you really shoot lasers from 'em?" She hastily adds, "Because that is so awesome if you do."

Scott gets that question all the time, so he is quite used to it now. "It's not technically a laser, but it looks like lasers. There's no heat involved, just force. So, laser isn't far off." Cyclops looks to the image inducer again. "But that's why I wear these, it holds them back, and lets me see without destroying what I look at." He looks back to Jill, seeing if there is another question going to be headed his way. This student's spirit is certainly a breath of fresh air.

"That's… still pretty freaking cool. Like Superman's heat vision. Without the heat, I guess. But," she adds, lifting a forefinger as if making a point to herself. "Mental note to be careful and not knock 'em off by accident." The look of concentration returns to her features, trying to dredge up any other unanswered questions she might have. After a patient moment, she simply shrugs. "Between emails and the school's little handbook, most stuff's pretty much spelled out. And I can always email you if I need to know something, right?" In a nice reversal, she asks, "Is there anything you wanna ask me?"

"Thank you." Scott gives a nod. "Email, or even stop by the office. Both Headmistress Frost and I have open door policies." The reversal catches him off guard for a little bit. But he doesn't have any questions right now. "Not at the moment, but I know how to get in touch with you." He says, looking back to the student. "

"I guess just 'thank you', then." Jill gives a broad, slightly ingratiating smile showing off white teeth set in blue gums. Seems she only has that one color going for her. "I don't know what I'd be doing if I wasn't here. I was just stuck at home for months 'cause I couldn't go out. And, you know, now I'm here, I get bigger allowance than I used to and I even got a free phone out of it." She takes on a more serious tone. "And about the whole tuition thing, my nana… my legal guardian, that is, she says she'll pay as much as she can 'cause it really can't be cheap to run a place like this."

Scott nods. "Not a problem at all." As far as the tuition thing goes, Scott holds up a hand. "I'll call her, it may not be cheap to run this place, but we don't want her to go broke. But that's something you don't need to worry about." He gives a smaller smile back to Jill, he's one to tone things down a bit. "Now, go enjoy your summer. Someone's got to be doing something fun today."

Jill rises slowly from her chair, looking almost disappointed that she has to go. "Ooh that's right, I'd better see if I can get some people together and go do all the touristy stuff in the city before the semester starts. I'd kick myself if I didn't at least see the Statue of Liberty!" There are still a few dark splatters on her jeans and the seat's cushion may smell faintly of Arizona Green Tea for a while, but she didn't break anything, yell at the headmaster, or threaten to make him rue the day he crossed her. All in all, a success.

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