Kieran O’Toole
Portrayed By Ulrik Munther
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 4
Age 16
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Ki
Place of Birth Cincinnati,Ohio
Current Location Xavier Institute
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Micah O’Toole (father), Mary Fitzgerald O’Toole (mother), Sean O’Toole (brother), Timothy O’Toole (brother), Brian O’Toole (brother)
Significant Other Tyler Hayworth
Identity Public Identity
Known Abilities Electrical Generation, Electrical Absorption, Electromagnetic
First Appearance


Before the tale of Kieran can actually begin one must begin with the tale of his parents, Micah O’Toole and Mary Fitzgerald. They both grew up on the west side of Cincinnati, attending Elder High School and Seton High School respectively when it got to their High School. As was quite common with the schools, they met during an Elder football game during their Freshmen year, and then proceeded to date off and on for the next four years. After graduation they would split for their longest period, as Mary went off to study music and drama at the University of New York, and Micah went off to study Chemical Engineering at Case Western Reserve.

After graduating with a Masters, Micah moved back to Cincinnati to work for P&G as one of their Chemical Engineers. It wasn’t until their 10 year reunion that Mary and Micah ran into each other again as their friends all got together before hand. Once again it was love at first sight. Three years later they were married on February 8,1993 and almost exactly nine months later Kieran’s brother Sean was born. Just about two years later on August 4, 1995 Kieran Michael O’Toole was born. However, the family was not complete as Timothy was born in 1998 and then Brian in 2000.

After their marriage, Micah and Mary bought a home on the West side of Cincinnati in the suburbs, close enough that Micah was reasonably close to his work at P&G, but far enough to be out of the less desirable areas. As for Mary, she began teaching private lessons in music to children as a way to keep her skills. She would also direct several of the plays that Kieran’s school would put on as well as the Nativity play when they got older. In addition, she made sure that all of her children learned how to sing properly and play at least one instrument. Kieran focused mostly on learning to play the guitar, but also learned to play the piano a bit. His mother began teaching him about the technical aspects to writing music when he was about twelve.

While Mary did love her kids, she was insistent about the level of talent that she expected from them when it came to the music and drama. Often she would push the kids hard about it, far harder than she did her paying students. As for Micah, he expected academic excellence and excellence in general. He expected all of his children to not just try their best but to perform excellently. No matter who good he would play at sports or how well he might perform on a test, there was never a praise given to him. This was what was expected of him and his brothers. It was only if he didn’t excel that commentary was made, and this was often the case whenever it came to art, he cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, or on compositions where he was a B student, or even when he would have to sing after his voice changed, because it was a tenor and only a decent one, although his mother was more forgiving on that end.

Starting in the first grade, Kieran began playing soccer for his school team. He was quite good as he was quick on his feet and was just aggressive enough to push forward and not afraid of getting hurt going after the ball. This also meant that generally he played the frontline. Also because of his skill at soccer and his laid back nature, he became fairly popular with most of his classmates. There was an exception even in the first grade, and that was Anthony Scardino. The pair got along about as well as oil and fire. While they never came to actually blows, it was often close and they worked to outdo each other quite often.

When Kieran was fourteen he began school at Elder High School, just like his brother, his dad, and his granddad. He tried out and made the freshman team and was made the Captain by an almost unanimous vote, the only hold out being Anthony Scardino who voted against him. It was during his freshman year that his powers began developing.

At first he was just generating little static shocks that he was able to pass off as static electricity build up. However, as they began building to slightly stronger jolts, he began avoiding touching people except on the field, and even then he tried not to let his skin touch anyone else’s so that they couldn’t find out just how often they were beginning to occur. This didn’t go unnoticed by everyone and Anthony kept his eye on Kieran.

During his Sophmore year Kieran’s powers began growing even more. This was when he began manifesting the ability to alter the positive or negative charges of items to create magnetic attraction between things. Of course at first this would be completely unintentional attractions, things like making some small object stick to his skin or clothing, nothing majorly noticeable. However, he began working on controlling it. At first it was quite difficult but he managed to gain some control as long as he was calm. After a few months he was able to generate the fields that he wanted when he wanted and not just cutting it off.

However, it wasn’t just the magnetic power that began developing but the jolts of electricity that were growing as well, both in frequency and in strength; and it wasn’t going unnoticed by other kids. Anthony began whispering to some of the students that Kieran might be a mutant. Most of them just brushed this off as Anthony being bitter about losing out to Kieran against Sophmore year, as he’d made Sophmore class president instead of Anthony and it was known it was only age that kept Kieran from the varsity soccer team.

For the most part given the weakness of his powers, Kieran was able to hide what he was, something that wore on him a little bit. However, he didn’t want to bring condemnation on himself from other students, or make life any harder than it needed to be on his family.
One day as he was leaving his geometry class, there was a power surge just as he touched the door handle, and it went straight into him, about a gigawatt of electricity, which overwhelmed his normal control and caused his magnetic skills to engage and rip the handle from the door. In addition, it overloaded his brain and he temporarily collapsed and had to get taken to the Nurse’s office.

It was the next day that a representative from Xavier’s School arrived to talk to his family, the Nurse had recommended that Kieran stay home as he seemed sore from the event, and convinced his parents that it would be better and safer for Kieran to study at their school than with normal kids. They didn’t know what to say, and were quite shocked by the revelation that he was a mutant. After a short private discussion they agreed to send Kieran. They’d always attributed the shocks from Kieran to be caused by something to do with the dryness of the air. Oddly perhaps, there was no fighting from Kieran, or displays of regret about his having to move far from his family. He merely seemed to accept this and did his best to make his little brothers ok with him leaving. However, inside he was angry and sad and frustrated and hating pretty much everything. He didn’t really want to go but he had to just stay relaxed or it would upset his family and he tried his best to keep the peace with his brothers and not worry his parents.

Electrical Generation - Kieran’s primary power is the ability to generate an electrical current through his finger tips. Currently he’s able to produce a single burst of 500 megawatts at a time before he needs to recharge, the rate depending on the rate he’s absorbing electricity. However, he could use a lower voltage such as the power level of a taser for upwards of several minutes because it would replenish enough electrical energy to compensate for the output better.

Electrical Absorption- A subconscious power, Kieran has no control over this. The only way that he can absorb energy is either through the slow process of collecting ambient energy from the air through his skin, which would vary depending on the amount in the air ranging from a low 10-15 watts a second, to a higher level of 500 watts a second if there’s a large amount in the air. The other way that he can replenish his battery is direct contact with electricity. This means that if he gets struck by a bolt of lightning, a taster, or other things of that nature, his body will use it to replenish his supply, although a lightning bolt would make him a bit dizzy as it approaches the maximum he can absorb at once. If he got hit by the power equivalent to two lightning bolts at once, he’d be knocked out cold but unharmed, but at four it would overload his entire nervous system and put him in a coma and possibly kill him.

Electromagnetics- Kieran is able to generate an electromagnetic field. Currently he can only use it on things that allow for static electricity to attract them or metal objects that are conductive and then only if they weigh less than 100 pounds. His skill at manipulation of objects is mostly lifting, attracting, or repelling objects in straight lines. He has no fine control over how things move so it’s up, down, left right, forward or backward. If he’s lifting his maximum then the movements will be fairly slow, whereas something the size of a popcan he could hurl with magnetic force equal to a fastball being thrown by a professional baseball player. He can only lift one thing at a time currently.



Theme Music and Such

~Name ~Notes
Tyler Hayworth Sweet guy, sort of my boyfriend now and also my roommate. Oh! And an amazing artist!!!
Kevin Parker-Mayfair Such a nice guy, and friendly. The first person I met here at Xavier's.
Tara Kincaid Not really met her but she was at the mall and then at pool.
Cloud Rosen Not a bad guy to have around, even if he rushes in. Still a decent guy. Was part of my introduction to the Danger Room
Robyn Larkin Cool guy! He's very into Tim Burton and his art stuff is very reminiscent of Burton.
Jem Savalion Don't really care for her. She dresses kinda trampy and seems very antagonistic and like she needs to be the center of the universe.
Kael Longford Met him at the pool with his boyfriend, nice guy. Controls the winds which is pretty darn cool if you ask me.
Maximillian Farlane Captain Cool. Well at least he didn't start calling himself Captain Awesome. Nice guy who has a neat power, Ice.
Christian Campbell Met him in the city. Sweet kid, very very short though. His power is his legs so he could probably kick my ass and it would really hurt.


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